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28 Aug

Isabelle Drake’s Servant of the Undead. If you’re new to this serial, you can start with Part 1, “Do it.”

Part 16: “You’re beginning to understand how this relationship works.”

There were no human words for what he was feeling. He grunted in response, but his body betrayed him, and he found himself leaning toward her, seeking her strength and giving in to the power she had over him.

“You know, with only a bit of encouragement, she’ll be ready to go again too.”

Hayden shook his head, even though his dick was growing still larger in her palm. “No,” he said. “I’ve had enough.”

“You’ve had enough when I say you’ve had enough.” She let go of his shaft and reached around to grab his ass. “Maybe if I join you two, you’ll feel differently.” She caressed his flesh, sliding her hand between his ass cheeks. “I’d be happy to—”

“Take control. I know.” He tried to push her back but she used her strength to hold him.

“That’s right.” She nudged his chin with her nose. “You’re beginning to understand how our relationship works.”

He tried again to push her away and she grabbed his arms, spun them both around, lifted him, and set him on the edge of the sink. She tapped the door with her foot and it slid closed. 

“You and I are a matched set. A linked pair. Unless, of course…” she tipped her head toward the bedroom, “I decide to add her. Then we’ll be a trio. I like the sound of that. I’ve never had two servicing me at the same time.”

The hard edge of the sink cut into the back of Hayden’s thighs. “Leave Rachelle out of this,” he said, ignoring the pain in his legs as he shoved at her.

“She has a lot of spunk.” She held on to him and whispered into his ear. “I think I like her.”

Hayden stopped struggling. “You don’t know her.”

“And you do? Are you sure about that? I think we both learned a lot about her tonight. She’s…responsive.” Mattie let go of his arms and set her palms on his inner thighs, just inches from his jutting shaft. “I like responsive.”

Hayden’s dick hard and ready for fucking, and he knew if she wanted, she could demand it from him. And he would do it. He’d do whatever she wanted. He worked to keep the fearful dread out of his eyes when he lifted his face.

She moved her hands in and brushed her icy fingertips across his ball sac. An electric pulse shot up from his groin. The muscles of his torso twitched.

“I don’t need you again. Yet. But it’s good to know I’ve chosen well.” She glanced at his cock. “The others will be jealous.”


She grinned as she caressed the hard edges of his shaft. “The others in the tribe.”

The tribe. Images flickered in his mind. The sex rituals, the man tied to the tree, the undeads constant need for sex. Bile rose in Haydn’s throat, burning an evil path up from his gut.

“Don’t look like that. It’s good to make people jealous.” Mattie pressed a kiss to Hayden’s neck. “Sometimes, anyway. Especially some people. The ones who deserve it.”

Maybe that was true. But they weren’t talking about people.

She kissed his neck again, softer, letting her cold lips linger on his still-feverish flesh. Each press gave new life to the sexual pull she had over him. A pull Hayden did not want or understand.

“I have to get back to Rachelle,” he said, speaking softly. He leaned back and caught Mattie’s gaze. “Alone.”

She stilled, no longer the aggressor, but not yet ready to let him go. That same expression passed over her face, the one he’d seen outside when she pressed her hand to the window. The vulnerability was a surprise, a shock, but somehow it made sense. She must have been human once. What was she like then? Hayden shoved the question aside.

He set his hands on her waist and kissed her lightly on her cold mouth. “It’ll be better this way.” He didn’t really know what he meant by the comment, but it sounded right, and it kept her from reaching for him again.

“Better for who?” she asked, her voice small and thin and surprisingly unsure.

“For you. Me. Rachelle.” Again, he wasn’t sure what he meant, but as he spoke, he got the sense that it wasn’t the words she was after. It was the exchange. A conversation. For the first time since they’d met, he had the upper hand. If he kept it, he could get her to do what he wanted. He nodded toward the open window. “It’ll be good this way. You go back out the way you came. She won’t see you.”

He touched her face, pulling her toward him. He kissed her again, lightly, a whisper of lips, then gently turned her toward the window.

She let go of him, took one step back, then another toward the window. “I’m leaving because I want to,” she said, raking over his naked body with her careful study.

He nodded as he gradually slid off the sink. “I know,” he replied, rubbing the pain out of the backs of his legs.


It was Rachelle, the soft pad of her feet getting louder as she approached the closed bathroom door.

Mattie slid silently to the window, moving without taking her gaze from his bare skin.

Hayden turned on the faucet and spoke loudly over the rush of the water. “I’ll be right there.”

“You okay?” Rachelle called from the hallway. “Everything okay?” She was right on the other side of the door.

“I said I’ll be right there. Go back to bed where you belong.”

He heard her laugh, a husky warm sound. “Okay, all right. I get it,” she called, her voice growing distant as she headed back to the bedroom. “But you don’t have to be so bossy about it.”

“You like me bossy,” he yelled, forcing lightness into his voice.
Mattie was pushing the sash of the window all the way up. Once the opening was wide enough for her to climb through, she sat on the ledge and swung her legs over. She turned and looked at him from over her shoulder. “You’ll see me again soon. You know that, right?”

He nodded, staring into the swirling steam rising up from the sink. When he finally lifted his head, she was gone, out into the endless storm, and the window had been pulled shut. Except for the evil electricity coursing through him and the last vestiges of her scent, it was as though she’d never been there.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Best Friends Never, her newest release is the first in the Cherry Grove dark YA series.

Cover reveal: Cuckold Beach 3

27 Aug

How does a romance writer go about creating a “cheating” storyline that is both romantic and erotic?

Most mainstream romance romance readers shy away from “cheating” stories. This is with good reason; the idea of a married person having sex with someone other than their spouse goes against much of what we think of as romantic. Another thing about romance readers, they’re always on the lookout for something fresh and intriguing. Its the second point that promoted me to dip my pink-painted writer toes into the cuckold pond.

I’ve done a couple posts on this unique lifestyle. Cuckolding: What you may not know and Cuckolding: the femdom lifestyle. My desire in writing these stories was to embrace elements of the unusual practice while focusing on the romance. I wanted to assure the reader that the husband and wife are fully committed to one and other in all the ways that matter. It’s been an exciting challenge, creating these three stories and , needless to say, I’m excited to have them all together.

CB 3 Pink Lace final cover

Cuckold Beach 3: Pink Lace

Edward Dean knows his wife wants more than his usual brand of gentle lovemaking, so he seeks help from Winona, a woman who specializes in custom sexual experiences. He expects a tame lesson in seduction, a little something to spark Kelly’s interest, as he settles in front of newly installed video monitors and waits for the fun to begin.

When a powerfully built man appears onscreen, he does way more than “spark Kelly’s interest.” He unleashes her wildly sexual side—the one Edward quickly realizes he hasn’t been satisfying.

He’ll be damned if he lets Kelly get what she needs from a dominating stranger. Bolting from his seat, Edward takes his rightful place behind his bound wife…

Reader advisory: This was previously released as Cuckold by Request from Ellora’s Cave.

Cuckold Beach 3: Pink Lace available for preorder now, release date August 29.


About the Cuckold Beach stories: 
On a sizzling stretch of California beach, devoted husbands are dedicated to satisfying their wives’ deepest desires. They’ll do whatever it takes to bring intimacy and ecstasy to the women they love…even if it means giving their wives to other men.


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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Best Friends Never, her newest release is the first in the Cherry Grove dark YA series.

Forcing A Collision of Fantasy and Reality With Renee Rose

26 Aug

By Elizabeth SaFleur

Today we have a special treat for you my LadySmutters. USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose is here! And don’t squeal too loudly, but…a sexy snippet from Renee’s latest work in progress is within this interview. Oh, go ahead and squee…I did.

For those of you who don’t know Renee, well…she’s a self-professed naughty wordsmith who writes BDSM and spanking romance novels. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical, Sci-Fi and BDSM awards, and Spanking Romance Reviews’ Best Historical, Erotic, Ageplay and favorite author. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories in the U.S. and U.K., is often found on the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.

On to the goodies…

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: What draws you to write about the Domestic Discipline or 1950’s household lifestyle?
RENEE ROSE: I prefer non-con or dub-con, so domestic discipline offers perfect, delicious scenarios for punishments, humiliation or D/s scenes to wind my crank. I think there’s something about the “danger” of non-consent or dubious consent–the not knowing for sure when or if he’ll stop, etc. that heightens the turn-on.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Do you believe today’s world of women’s hyper-independence contributes to this desire for Domestic Discipline (or some form of it)? Or perhaps it’s just the fantasy of reading it that provides some relief?
RENEE ROSE:I definitely think it’s just about the submission fantasy. I think of D/s as a sexual orientation–something about ten percent of the population are born into. I think it would be there regardless of the current gender roles.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: You’re so prolific! What is your writing day like? How do you get so many books published? We want to drink whatever you’re drinking.
RENEE ROSE: For some reason, I always have this feeling I’m behind! I have all these books in mind and can’t seem to keep up with them. I feel like the little hamster in the wheel! I see clients out of my home and write in the in-between times–whenever I can. I bring my laptop with me everywhere so I can write during my daughter’s piano lesson or at Starbucks after dropping the kids at school and before an appointment.

(Ed Note: Okay, now I’m jealous. Being able to write anywhere? What a gift.)

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: You also write in so many genres—regency, contemporary, western, medieval, paranormal, renaissance, age play, domestic discipline, spanking, and Sci-fi. That is quite a list. Do you have a favorite? Do you just wake up and think, ‘hmm, today I want to write in X genre.’ Or do you have a set schedule?
RENEE ROSE: LOL. I think I do just wake up and think, “hmmm, today I think I’ll write a ___.”🙂 It’s whatever mood strikes me I guess. The common thread is always the D/s.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Is there a story you’re just dying to tell but haven’t been able to turn your attention to it yet?
RENEE ROSE: So many!!! I’m waiting to write a new shifter book (and I have another trio plotted) and I need to write the follow up to His Human Slave. There are several others yapping away to be written too!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR:  What had you write BDSM under a different name, Darling Adams?
RENEE ROSE:  I was at a stage in my career when I felt like I needed to reinvent myself. I was lucky in that I had some initial popularity right out of the gates, but then readers’ interest seemed to tail off. I think trying out a new name just helped me shift out of my “stuck” energy. I also had the idea at the time that I would make a clear delineation. Renee Rose would be for DD-style books and Darling Adams would be for BDSM. Of course there’s no such clear delineation anyway, so I don’t know what I was thinking!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: How much do you believe fantasy and reality collide in DD, BDSM, spanking and other kink novels? And is there a line you won’t cross? Or a line you think should be crossed more often?
RENEE ROSE: I have crossed many lines I didn’t think I would. When I started writing, I didn’t think I’d write ageplay. Or even BDSM (I found consent boring). I didn’t think I’d write rape-y scenes, but I just wrote my first one in His Human Slave. I guess I hope all my books force a collision of fantasy and reality. The reality is the emotions involved and the fantasy, of course is the actions/plot. I hope all the emotions come across as “real.” To me they certainly are.

(Ed note: His Human Slave is part of the Human Surrender anthology.)

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: What are you reading?
RENEE ROSE: I’ve been reading mainstream novels with a D/s edge, studying how far a mainstream author can go. My agent wants me to write a “non-kinky” version of my Bossman series so I just finished reading Kresley Cole’s Gamemaker series and Tessa Bailey’s Protecting What’s His. There’s a little ass-slapping and all kinds of dominate talk, without ever crossing into real D/s. They work for me–they still turn me on. Even though they don’t have my full fantasies playing out, I could imagine them there, between the pages. I’m hoping to do that with this new series.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Oh, I love the Gamemaker series! Anything else coming, writing-wise, for you?
RENEE ROSE: I’m sketching out the non-kinky mafia series right now. In the first book, the heroine is an art historian with bad taste in men. She’s left her last boyfriend and taken a temporary job at a mafia-owned casino as a maid. While cleaning the owner, Nico Tacone’s apartment, he shows up and assumes she’s a spy, subjecting her to a strip search.

Here’s a little snippet:
He reached out and ran his fingers swiftly along the collar of my housekeeping dress, like he was feeling for some hidden wire tap. I was pretty sure the guy was half out of his mind, maybe delirious with sleep deprivation. Maybe he’s just nuts. I froze, not wanting to set him off.

To my shock, he yanked down the zipper on the front of my dress, all the way to my waist.

A tiny mewl left my lips, but I didn’t dare move, didn’t protest. In a flash, the dress dropped at my feet and he shoved me aside to get it out from under my feet. He picked it up and ran his hands all over it, still searching, determined I must have hidden something.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re looking for, but I don’t have it,” I squeaked. “I was helping Shannon and then she got a call–”

“Save it,” he barked. “You’re too fucking perfect. What’s the con? What the fuck are you doing in here?”

I was confounded. Did I keep arguing the truth when it only pissed him off? I swallowed. No words reached my brain that sounded like the right ones to say.

He reached for my bra. It was a front hook and he was obviously quite experienced with women’s lingerie because it’s off faster than the dress. My breasts spring out with a bounce, and he glares at them, nostrils flaring, as if I was the one who bared them just to tempt him. He examines the bra, then tosses it on the floor and stares at me. His eyes dipped once more to my breasts and his expression grew even more furious.

I tried to step back but I ran into the toilet. “I’m not hiding anything. I’m just a maid. I got hired a few weeks ago. You can call Samuel.”

He dropped the bra and stepped closer. The hardened menace on his handsome face flattered him, only increasing his attractiveness to me. My body thrilled at the nearness of him, pussy dampening. Or maybe it was the fact that he just stripped me practically naked while he stood there fully clothed. If I hadn’t been so scared, it would be uber hot.
He palmed my backside, hot fingers sliding over the satiny fabric of my panties, checking for bugs. He slid a thumb under the gusset, running the fabric through his fingers. My belly fluttered.

Oh God. The back of his thumb brushed my dewy slit. I cringed in embarrassment. He just noticed how wet he made me. His head jerked up and he stared at me, in surprise nostrils flaring.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR:  Whew! Panting a little over here. We can’t wait until this book comes out! In the meantime, what is your favorite way to connect with readers?
RENEE ROSE: I have a private facebook group where we have weekly “Wanton Wednesday” meet ups to discuss issues related to kink, relationships, books, implements, sex, etc. I absolutely adore and look forward to those events. I also get a fair amount of reader emails–I love when readers write back to share their journey with D/s.

All the better for us!

Psst…Did you know Renee also wrote a wonderful short in the Hero to Obey series, which features our very own Alexa Day, too?


Favorite smexy scene you’ve written?  I loved the angry whipping scene in His Human Slave.
Billionaire, cowboy or military hero? (or other?)  Billionaire, but military hero’s a close second.
Going back in time or jumping forward to the future? Back in time (corporal punishment– yay!).
Story you wish someone would tell already! I’d love more books that empower kids to follow their own hearts
Favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving. I love to cook and who doesn’t adore gratitude?
Tea, coffee, wine or martini (or all of the above)?  Coffee, then wine.
Number one bucket list item?  New York Times bestseller!

LOVE LINKS – Stalk Renee here
Goodreads (Renee Rose)  (Darling Adams on Goodreads)

And if you’re seeking a little more D/s and domestic discipline in your life, read Renee Rose or my latest release, PERFECT, a DD erotic romance with just a touch of suspense. Sometimes the perfect man is the most forbidden.

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Who Wants a PERFECT Hot, Sexy Spanking?

25 Aug
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by Madeline Iva

Time for some research, folks! I’ve been thinking about Elizabeth SaFleur’s latest book PERFECT, which has a fair amount of suspense, but also focuses on some smexy spankings.

Here are things I know:

Our Lady Smut followers lurv spanking–or at least reading about it.

Many of my girlfriends shrug when it comes to spanking, don’t get it at all, or totally love it.  I’d say it’s about a third each.  These are women over thirty, who are comfortable with sex, with themselves, and with men.

There’s an assumption (when one looks at the internet at least) that a lot of men out there are dying to spank women — if not spank them, then slap their ass during sex.

This assumption–that being a man means you are driven to dominate women I think is just like the assumption that all men are secretly/not so secretly dying to have anal sex.  I don’t buy it.  It probably reflects more the general ass-hattery that crops up on the internet.  The asshats are a significant population, sure, but probably half the size of the majority of absolutely clueless and the much smaller slice of thoughtful relationships put together. It’s the thoughtful relationships that *I’m* talking about, btw.

In terms of men and women in relationships, I’m not sure that it’s really true all men across the board want to spank.  (I know of no males who want to be spanked, but maybe I’m just hanging out in the wrong social circles.) Based on a very, very small statistical sample of men who I know about–cause it’s not something one wants to ask strangers–I tend to get the idea that the men are more complicit partners when it comes to this kind of stuff–it’s the women who are leading the charge.  But if it makes her happy….

So for the people who shrug or don’t get it, here’s what I found out from my research:

  1. Spanking is a gateway erotic sex act.  It’s pretty basic, very safe, and yet involves some of the elements of more advanced BDSM: power, infantilization, hurting/caring dynamics, and trust issues. It’s kinky lite for the beginner, the uninitiated, the uninhibited.  It still requires communication with your partner–a key element to happiness in all sex.
  2. Spanking can release endorphins in the body, stimulate pressure points, and even cause vaginal orgasm.  Or not.  It depends on many factors–but with a “good” spanking–and there can be some skill involved here–and pain can melt into pleasure.
  3. Spanking pleasure is built as much upon the pleasurable nervousness of anticipation as it is upon the actual act.

Which brings me back to Elizabeth SaFleur’s book PERFECT which involves a domestic discipline relationship.  There’s a ruler with teeth marks in it in the book that I can’t get out of my mind.  I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what I’m talking about. <wink>

In contemplating domestic discipline, and why people might get off on it, I would argue that domestic discipline aims to amp up that anticipation factor.  The man (usually) sets up the rules of the house.  Violations are punished with spankings.  Rewards can be spankings too.  So the tension involves how the submissive decides to play with power.  Does the submissive want to strive to please her partner or violate the rules? Either way, she is in control of the anticipation; first while she contemplates being compliant or defiant, and afterwards when she takes action.  Then she gets to wait–and desire is all about the art of waiting.

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And here are some other blog posts to explore if you’re thinking about how to get started:

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Go git you to buy.

Go git you some…click to buy.

But don’t forget to check out Elizabeth SaFleur’s new book PERFECT— it’s going bazonkers over at Amazon right now–join the stampede.

Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes the perfect man is the one who’s most forbidden.

After her husband’s death, Isabella Santos fled Washington and its bruising memories. But estate matters force her to return and fate gives her a chance to connect with a man she’d always secretly longed to call Master—Mark, the brother of her late husband.Mark, retired from his black ops career, grabs the second chance Isabella’s sudden appearance in D.C. presents. He’s never forgiven his late brother’s neglect of Isabella, a woman he’s loved from afar for ten years. Now reunited, he’s determined to earn her heart and submission.As their forbidden love blooms, they forge a perfect domestic discipline life that provides a feeling of oneness and completion. But her family’s opposition and demons from her late husband’s life intervene. In the end, the only way to have the future they’ve dreamed of, is to come to terms with the past.

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Heading Toward Nirvana – The Art of the BJ

24 Aug

blowjob By Elizabeth Shore

I love the way he moves his hips, the sounds that he makes, the way his body tightens up and I know to take it down a notch and finally when his body jerks and I feel all that cum fill my mouth and hit the back of my throat. It’s awesome. – Anonymous from

I recently came across a fascinating post blogger Jill Hamilton wrote last year about giving blow jobs that – for her – bring her as close as possible to a religious experience. Jill’s article also included a piece of beautiful writing from Samantha Gillison who affirms that sex puts her on a path to the divine. Heavens! Clearly these ladies are having some mind-altering, sweaty-ass, beautifully filthy sex to which we all can aspire. So there’s that. But what I found myself fixated on was Gillison’s discovery on the joys of giving head, something she’d once viewed with trepidation – was she doing it right? was he enjoying it? – to something she now calls “profound, dirty pleasure.” Profound, dirty pleasure? Sign me up!

I’ll admit, I’m in complete agreement with Gillison. Yet when I decided to poke around the web to see what other women are saying about “heading” down south on their men, the results were mixed. Responses took a pretty hard line between the “love it” and “hate it” camps. Far less common were those who think it’s just “OK.” The quote I’ve highlighted above clearly comes from someone in the “love it” group of gals, and echoes the sentiment of fellow BJ devotees. When asked what they liked about it, much of what I came across from women went this like: “It’s hot to see your partner so turned on.” “A confidence builder when you know you’re rocking someone’s world.” “Gives me a sense of power.” “I know he loves it, so I love it, too.” Variants of that last comments were by far what I saw the most. In addition, some women cited love of their man’s smell and his taste, although views on the taste were, to no surprise, a bit of a mixed bag. (btw, for purposes of this post I’m tabling the whole “swallow or spit” discussion since I’ve covered it separately here).

Curiously, something I thought I’d see a lot of conversation on but didn’t is the whole issue surrounding trust and how hot it is when he surrenders it to you. Think about it. We all know the one physical advantage women have over men is our lack of balls. We gals face no danger of being felled to the ground with a single swift kick to the groin. But slam a heel into a guy’s testicles and he’s going down like a ton of bricks, collapsing into a fetal position and probably upchucking whatever he had for lunch. Yet he’s willing to take that chance when you give him head, dropping trou and literally exposing himself, being at his most vulnerable. It’s the ultimate trust, and hot damn is it ever a turn on. The deep connection, the shared experience…as one woman wrote in a chatroom: “It’s quite a turn on to be that intimate.”

Yet for all the warm and fuzzy, feel-good experiences of giving head, there are some women who just can’t won’t do it. Period. No matter how much they love their partner, no matter how much he may want it, they’re just not giving in. Of course, there are men of the same mindset as well, those for whom eating pussy is as appealing as eating poo. But to those oral avoiders I share this reminder: ’tis better to give than receive. Being the supplier of such intense, physical pleasure, unmatched by pretty much anything else – well, who wouldn’t want to? Sure, you can ride his pony until he howls to the moon, but intercourse is a different experience from oral. Don’t ya think?

Click on image to buy!

Click on image to buy!

We want to know! Yay or nay? Share your views in the comments section below. And if you’re looking for a hot read featuring the scorching combo of dominant sex and a powerful man, check out our own Elizabeth SaFleur’s new book Perfect, part of her Elite Doms of Washington series, whose release we’re celebrating this week. Click on the cover to buy!


D.C. Under Cover, After Dark

23 Aug
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By Alexa Day

We’re celebrating a new release this week! Perfect, the latest from my esteemed colleague, Elizabeth SaFleur, is a second chance romance with loads and loads of kinky heat.

Check it:

Sometimes the perfect man is the one who’s most forbidden.
After her husband’s death, Isabella Santos fled Washington and its bruising memories. But estate matters force her to return and fate gives her a chance to connect with a man she’d always secretly longed to call Master—Mark, the brother of her late husband.
Mark, retired from his black ops career, grabs the second chance Isabella’s sudden appearance in D.C. presents. He’s never forgiven his late brother’s neglect of Isabella, a woman he’s loved from afar for ten years. Now reunited, he’s determined to earn her heart and submission.
As their forbidden love blooms, they forge a perfect domestic discipline life that provides a feeling of oneness and completion. But her family’s opposition and demons from her late husband’s life intervene. In the end, the only way to have the future they’ve dreamed of is to come to terms with the past.

Perfect is part of a series, Elite Doms of Washington, which sets hot BDSM romance against an equally sexy backdrop. (Just as an aside, the first book, Lovely, is 99 cents as I write this. Just saying that.) I have to admit that the focal point of this smoking hot cover, as far as I’m concerned, is the Capitol dome in the background. The nation is watching! 

This revelation has not been easy for me. You all know that I love a hot shirtless dude as much as the next girl. On top of that, I was spawned in New York City, and my soul and spirit are only truly at home there. How could any other city ever be hotter?

But I think the nation’s capital might actually be a sexier place.

Somewhere, the Head New Yorker in Charge is raising her head, thinking of revoking my NYC Card. It’s okay. Bear with me.

First and foremost, Washington is powerful. I’m a new convert to the idea that power is an aphrodisiac. Not sure why it took me so long. Maybe I’ve spent too much time with dudes who are underachievers. This is not to say that Washington isn’t home to the occasional fellow who could be doing more with his life. But whatever your political leaning, whatever your cause, Washington has an influencer for that. A person who can get things done with a whisper to the right person at the right time. There’s definitely something hot about powerful men. They can transform their passions into real change. Conversations with them have lasting consequences. The woman who can turn his head … well, she might have a power of her own.

There’s something just as hot about powerful women. Their words and actions have impact, in a world where many of us have to educate people not to talk over us or suffer through mansplaining. But in bed — or on the way there — a powerful woman becomes the chooser. She’s used to getting whatever she wants, without apology or excuse. I am absolutely on board with that.

Secondly, Washington is all about secrets. New York, the home of my heart, isn’t the same way. New York is more about minding your business. Its motto might as well be “what the fuck are you looking at?” That’s really more about discretion — the presumption that, with few exceptions, people are not and should not be paying attention to what you are doing.

Washington favors secrecy. Hidden places. Secret groups. In a place as powerful as Washington is, control of one’s public face is key. A person might lose all that influence, everything that put him in the center of things, if anyone knew who he really was. Washington isn’t like New York (or Vegas, which also tempts me from time to time). All that affluence can still get you some very nice things, but no one has the freedom to let it all hang out, as it were. Nowhere is that safe. Home isn’t even that safe for some folks. That’s why it’s so important to have a secret getaway.

Risk. Trust. And the possibility of a fleeting glimpse at that special someone’s real identity. Does it get sexier?

Get down with the Elite Doms and let the world know.

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Fantasies and the Married Woman: A Guest Post by Karen Booth

22 Aug

by Karen Booth

Note from Kiersten: It’s theme week here at Lady Smut as we celebrate the release of Lady Smut blogger Elizabeth Sa Fleur’s novel Perfect, the newest installment in her Elite Doms of Washington series.

Click on image to buy!

Click on image to buy!

Isabella Santos married the wrong man. After her husband’s death, fate gives her a second chance to connect with her perfect Master—Mark Santos, the brother of her late husband.

To herald the arrival of Perfect, we’ll be talking this week about second chances, committed relationships, venturing into new (sexual) experiences, and lots of other tasty treats served up Lady Smut style. Author Karen Booth was game to join us this week and delve into the fantasies of married woman–because they’re married, not blind or dead. Welcome Karen!

If you read and believe Cosmo magazine, even we married women spend our day sitting around, mulling over our sexual fantasies, and then when nighttime comes, we just say, “Hey, honey. You know what I’ve always wanted to do?” And our partner says, “Hell yes. Let’s do THAT. Now.” And he takes off his clothes and has perfect abs and we do it in the front yard in front of the neighbors and start a sexual revolution in the suburbs.

Except I know for a fact that it doesn’t work like that.

A few years ago, I wrote an erotic novella called Love Plus One. It’s about a couple that decides to start pushing boundaries in the bedroom after nearly a decade of marriage. Olivia, the heroine, is frustrated as hell. Between kids and career and the house, sex has taken a back seat. Being a sex kitten, a wife, and a mom is hard—I don’t know that men realize what a difficult mental shift that can be. A little help, please. Sex with her husband, Brian, used to curl her toes. Now he’s hardly mussing up her hair.

I wrote the book in part, because I have lived this frustration. Lots of people have. Let me just put KIDS in all-caps because that’s where things really started to go south for me, as much as I love the (now not-so little) buggers. It’s next to impossible to feel sexy when you’re exhausted. The only thing you want happening in bed is sleep. Your body is mushy in new places. Your spouse has seen your body do amazing, impossibly unsexy, things. Things like breasts, which used to be strictly for fun, become utilitarian.

Making things new and exciting after that is not easy. We want to connect with our partner. Walls have been torn down. We have a new closeness. I know how to fix this! Talking! Now is the time to really tell the other person what you want, quite possibly the thing you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to admit. You love each other. You care about each other. This will totally work.

Yeah. Not so easy. Especially if you’re like me—shy.

But Karen, you write sexy books.

Yep, yep. I know. Still shy.

Unless I’m writing a book or over-sharing with my girlfriends after one too many cocktails, being verbal about sex does not come naturally to me at all. I’m a writer. Show, don’t tell. Show me what you want. I’m not talking. Much. Dems da rules.

I know for a fact that I’m not alone. And it’s not just women who have a hard time asking.

Which led me to the second reason I wrote this book. Brian has a fantasy he’s never shared, something he has kept locked up in his handsome head for years. He might never have shared it, but Olivia has forced the issue. That’s what we do, right? She wants him back in charge and she told him so. She wants to know what he wants. The answer? He wants to watch Olivia with another man.

Now, I wouldn’t describe Brian as shy, but there’s a real reason why he never brought it up and I think it’s one that a lot of us can relate to. What happens if you divulge your deepest, darkest fantasy and your spouse or partner is abhorred? Disgusted? And you have to look at them every morning over coffee for the rest of your life?

The other part of the equation is that he doesn’t quite understand why he has this fantasy. Luckily, Olivia has reached the point where she just wants to tear down walls left and right. You can only push a woman so far. They talk about it, and he eventually sorts out what it is about this scenario that is such a turn-on, and it’s not what Olivia thought.

Fantasies are like snowflakes. Most of us don’t know why we’re turned on by certain scenarios or situations, we only know that we are. It’s one thing to acknowledge these fantasies in the first place. Oh wait, I do want to do it with four guys at once. For example. It’s quite another thing to be vocal about it.

It’s tough to admit a fantasy, especially in the context of a relationship. At what point is it okay to bring it up? At the beginning, when you really like someone, you’re worried about looking bad or bringing about the end of your time with this amazing person you found. You know what she wanted? She wanted to do it with four guys. For example.

As things get more serious, well, they get more serious. There’s more on the line. You’re terrified you’re going to mess up. And then there’s just the practical side of things—after ten years, you’re telling me you want to try THAT? Where did you even learn about that? Have you been thinking about this the whole time we’ve been together?

It’s a Catch-22 unlike any other. The closer you get, the more time you spend together, the more you trust and (hopefully) love each other. It should get easier to share your deepest, darkest desires. But at that point, you love this person more than anything, and it feels risky. What if this is the one thing that crosses the line for them?

It’s scary stuff. And if it’s not scary for you, and you are the Sir Edmund Hillary of sexual exploration, that’s awesome. The rest of us are still figuring this out. The point is, the person we love most might not be as open as we need them to be. Or…they might be. So, maybe it’s best to take the leap, hope to hell that love gets us through it, and try to get what we want. The rewards might be pretty spectacular.

Click on image to buy!

Click on image to buy!

Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on ‘80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. She writes sexy contemporary big-city romance. Love Plus One is one of three erotic romances included in her new erotic bundle (not a euphemism), Hot Nights, Big City. Learn more at her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you, Karen, for joining our theme week here at Lady Smut! Be sure to check out Karen’s new novella Love Plus One in the erotic romance novel bundle Hot Nights, Big City.

Love Plus One
Eager to reclaim a passionate past, Brian Saunders whisks his wife, Olivia, off to Manhattan to pursue the fantasy he’s never revealed—he wants another man to pleasure her while he watches. Olivia never imagined her husband was concocting this scenario in his handsome head, nor did she imagine he’d choose Michael, their mutual, smoking hot friend, to help him out. Venturing into uncharted waters, Brian must contend with a heady mix of envy and arousal while Olivia surrenders to a man who’s fired up to have his chance with her. When three becomes two again, Brian’s only desire is to reclaim his stake on his wife and Olivia can’t wait to give him everything that’s his.

Follow Lady Smut. We’ll give you all the fantasies you can think of…and some you never would.



Servant of the Undead, erotic zombie horror free read

21 Aug

Isabelle Drake’s Servant of the Undead

If you’re new to this serial, you can start with Part 1, “Do it.”

Part 15: “You impress me.”

Mattie’s breath slipped inside him, an evil vapor that dazed his mind. He lifted his body and angled himself for a fierce, hard swing. He drove into Rachelle’s core, but unlike the first time, didn’t wait for her body to adjust to his cock. He hammered into her tight body with feral thrusts, pounding and grinding against her pelvis, feeling every curve of her cunt, even the slight tickle of the dark-brown hairs between her legs. The action of fucking was demanding, stealing the last shreds of control he had over his own body. His sense of time and place fell away and long hollow seconds stole his consciousness as his body swirled and tumbled into pitch-black darkness. The nothingness was both brilliant and terrifying. He hung there, in the abyss, teetering on consciousness.

servantBy the time the first wave of his orgasm grabbed him, Hayden had forgotten the woman beneath him. After the jerks of his cock subsided, and his awareness returned, he rolled off Rachelle and pressed his palm to her stomach. Her eyes were closed, her breathing jagged. He didn’t even know if she’d come.

He lifted himself, unbound her breasts. After he tossed the stockings to the floor, he pulled her to him and kissed her moist neck. A bead of sweat rolled down, leaving a trail between her breasts. The drop crossed over the red mark left behind by the binding. Outside the window, gusts of snow brushed the glass, swirling in circles under the yellow light of street lamps.

Beside him, Rachelle stirred. “You did, in fact, fuck me senseless.” She set her hands across his, laced her fingers through his and squeezed them lightly. “I’m not even sure I remember all of it.” She tilted her head and looked up at him from under her lashes. “Sounds crazy. Unbelievable. Doesn’t it?”

He lifted their laced hands. “You liked it?”

“Liked it? Shit. I don’t know.” She took her hands back, sat up, and looked out the window. “Maybe it’s the storm, but I—I—”

“Me too,” he cut her off intentionally. Whatever they’d just experienced he didn’t want to dissect, to analyze.

Both their bodies were covered in salty sweat, slick from Rachelle’s arousal and his cum. He pressed a kiss to her neck and slid away, climbed out of bed and threw the cover over her, shielding her naked body from view. Once he was satisfied that she was covered, he slipped down the hall and into the bathroom.

A burst of snow-filled wind swirled into the small room, carrying a bitter chill. The window was open and her scent filled the room. Hayden dropped his hand from the light switch, leaving the room dim and bracing as the sensual dread settled in the back of is mouth. Mattie pressed her cold, damp body against him, shoved him to the wall. Behind her, over her shoulder, he saw their reflection in the mirror above the sink. Ice and snow clung to her tangled hair, dripping onto the solid curves of her back and shoulders. The sections of her bare skin glowed. Between the strips of cloth, he spotted a wide column of black ink staring at the base of her spine and ending about halfway up her back.

Even after the show he’d put on for her, coming twice in less than an hour, his cock stirred when she pressed herself against him, grinding her pelvis against his. The damp strips of red wool rubbed across his nipples and they tightened into pointed peaks. How was it possible to be aroused yet again?

It wasn’t. None of this was.

“Well done, researcher.” She grabbed his cock and curved her fingers around his hardening shaft. “You impress me.”


Want more? The next part will be here next Sunday. Or, you can come over to the Servant of the Undead Wattpad page and read more for free right now. Unfamiliar with Wattpad? It’s an online community for readers and writers. Its filled with free fiction of all kinds. It’s easy to log in and get started; you can use your Facebook account.

Until next time, follow Lady Smut, we’re always here to inform, entertain, and keep you up to date.


Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Best Friends Never, her newest release is the first in the Cherry Grove dark YA series.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

20 Aug

SSRUSummer’s almost over! Time to revel in your lazy weekend fun (while you can) before the hustle and bustle of fall arrives.  To help you with that project, we’ve got some handy-dandy links to savor, snort at, and suck down like a minty mojito.  Enjoy!

From Madeline:

Some say porn is good for you.  Others say porn is destroying young men’s sexual health.

Reductress has had enough with men making jokes about rape.  Devotes website to making jokes about stupid men’s attitudes towards rape.

Margaret Fountaine: Victorian adventurer, butterfly collector, and collector of young male lovers.

Romance novellas from Nigerian women are challenging traditions.

When good intentions go wrong: A writer expresses her pain after trying to write POC protagonists and disappointing black critics.

Why we gasp and moan.

One woman aims for vindication against a crotch grabber.

From Smart Bitches Trashy Books: How Movie Beta Males Won Her Heart

From Women’s Health, Australia: This survey reveals the type of women men find most attractive.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Hankerin’ to be humiliated? Tips for talking to your partner.

If you’re college-bound kid is feeling homesick, help her out with a candle that smells like her home state.

Some interesting stats on glasses porn.

It’s not just for the ladies! One man waxes poetic about his experience getting a “boyzilian.”

Talkin’ dirty. 15 erotic fiction quotes that are sure to get your motor revved.

Why some people are better suited than others for consensual nonmonogamy.









How to succeed at writing when you feel clueless

19 Aug

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I’m getting a head start on Second Chances week in honor of the release of our own Lady Smut author Elizabeth Safleur’s new erotic romance, Perfect, which you can read more about on her website, including an excerpt.


But what I want to talk about today isn’t so much fictional second chances, but real life ones, though if you are looking for a fun foodie romance all about a second chance career, I highly recommend the hilarious Nuts by Alice Clayton.


I’m going to focus on my own second chance career as a writer, which started off when I was flailing my way through one of the worst time periods of my life: law school. When I was in college, I thought I knew everything about everything, including what I wanted my future job to be. I did consider applying to journalism schools, because I’d been writing letters to the editor throughout my teens, getting them published everywhere from The New York Times to Vogue, but because I thought I would be the next big activist lawyer type, I focused on law schools. Also, I was 19 and 20 when I was applying, because I graduated from college in three years and my birthday is in November, which in hindsight at 40 years old seems very young to have to know what I want to do for the rest of my life.

So there I was at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, NYU Law, and I was miserable. I felt totally outclassed by my peers and kept falling farther and farther behind on my schoolwork. I was living off student loans in a dorm so I couldn’t foresee how I would be able to ever afford to leave, since I didn’t have any savings. I wound up slogging through the next three years, but using my newfound enthusiasm for indie bands and musicians as a way to escape from what increasingly felt like an utterly wrong fit.

I had been reading erotica since college, but one day I decided to see if I could write my own. I had no fiction writing background and had never even considered writing short stories before; I was more of the impassioned, fiery, opinionated essay writing type. I saw a call for submissions for an anthology about celebrity sex fantasies called Starf*cker and went about crafting a story based on my own crush on a certain famous figure which became my first written and published erotica story, “Monica and Me” (you can listen to it on The Kiss Me Quick’s podcast).

"Monica and Me" image from The Kiss Me Quick's podcast

“Monica and Me” image from The Kiss Me Quick’s podcast

Around this time, just as that story was being submitted, I realized that the jig was up, and law school wasn’t for me. In 1999, at the end of my third year, when I should have been graduating, I slunk into an administrator’s office and confessed that after dodging my classes and basically flunking out, I would be taking a leave of absence. I never went back.

From there, I went on to write more short stories, which led to be asked to co-edit and then edit anthologies. At first, those books were conceived of by publishers who would present possible subjects such as spanking or exhibitionism and voyeurism, and later, I started pitching my own anthology ideas.

What started on a whim eventually became my second chance career, and even led to a full-time job when an adult magazine editor in chief was looking for a new senior editor, and approached me about it. At the time, I was making do as a typist at an insurance agency, an utterly mind-numbing job that left me feeling utterly bored.

Over the next seven and a half years, I learned a ton about writing, editing and publishing at that job, while also delving into new projects, such as writing a nonfiction sex column for famed alt weekly The Village Voice and running an erotic reading series.

But even though I loved all these opportunities, I carried around a huge amount of guilt about dropping out of law school. I felt like it was this giant black mark not just on my finances (I emerged with over $150,000 in student loans, and while I don’t have the exact amount I paid over the next 14 years, I’d estimate that Sallie Mae ultimately got around twice that from me in payments), but also on my reputation. No matter what I achieved in my writing career, whether bylines or awards or speaking engagements or packed rooms full of people at readings or new books published, I felt like a failure. That only started to ease once I finally did pay off those loans in 2013, with some help on the final payments from an inheritance from my grandmother.

Even now, I still sometimes wish I could go back in time and get that degree, not because I wish I had stayed on that path and become a lawyer, but because then I would feel like I had accomplished what I had set out to do. I’ll never know what opportunities that would have led to, but I do think dropping out had a silver lining, because it made me that much more dedicated to my new career. I threw myself into writing, editing and promoting my work with gusto. I said yes to almost any opportunity to do live readings, to write for new publications, both paid and unpaid, to work with various publishers.

This year all of those skills came in handy when I faced a major depression for several months, slogging through each day listlessly. I was stuck mentally, emotionally and, it seemed, in my career, which didn’t feel like it was moving forward in any way. I worried each month that I wouldn’t have enough money to pay the rent, and didn’t know what to do. Eventually, I asked those closest to me for help, not with my mental health issues, but with potential jobs.

With some guidance from my therapist and my depression naturally running its course, life started to seem brighter and a bit more worth waking up for, and those friends I asked for help have launched me into what I consider my next second chance writing career, as a part-time copywriter for a retail company. At first, I felt like I was giving up my freelance writing life that I’d built up since my magazine job ended in 2011, but over the past few months, I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy copywriting and geeking out about marketing. Contrary to my concerns that I was unfit for office life after working from home for so long, I love having coworkers I can turn to with questions and get an immediate, face to face answer. I’ve also started doing entertainment blogging for a site called OMJ (Oh. My. Jersey.), which has provided its own learning curve, but also showed me a whole new way of being a blogger I’d never considered before.

My point in sharing all this is that it’s never too late to start writing, or return to writing, or try a new way of writing. Maybe you’ve written technical manuals but want to try writing a mystery. Or maybe, like science writer Emily Nagoski, author of the much buzzed about sexuality tome Come As You Are, you’ve also got a romance novel in you. Nagoski, writing as Emily Foster, has a new romance novel out called How Not to Fall that I’m excited to take to the beach with me next week while I’m on vacation.


Or what about Jill Kargman, who prior to 2015 was primarily known as an author of novels like Momzillas, but has now parlayed that world of ultra rich mommies into one of the most hilarious shows on TV, Bravo comedy Odd Mom Out, which she also stars in? Talk about a second chance career!


I had no idea what would happen when I left law school, or when I got laid off from my magazine editing job, or when I started exploring copywriting, or at umpteen other points along my career journey. How could I have? But taking those leaps, some by choice, others by necessity, has helped get me where I am today. I didn’t have a game plan when I wrote that first story; I never said “I want to edit dozens of anthologies.” I did it all one step at a time, and I’m still doing it one step at a time, as I assess and measure and experiment and forge ahead with each new essay, article, short story and anthology.

I often find that prospective authors want a blueprint to follow, a mapped out route to writing success, but alas, there is none, because each of our journeys are different. Just as nobody can tell you exactly how to write (in my opinion), no one can tell you what chances you should be taking. That you have to figure out for yourself.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books I’ve read this year, the essay collection/memoir You’ll Grow Out Of It by Jessi Klein, a comedian and head writer for Inside Amy Schumer.


She has a chapter titled “How I Became a Comedian” which is actually a pretty serious chapter, about how we can wait and wait and wait, sometimes forever, for our big breaks, so often held back by our own fears, but that at a certain point, we have to decide whether to create our own chances, or keep on waiting for some mythical future time when we feel “ready.” Klein writes of doing her first standup comedy gigs after longing to do so for years: “The fear of trying stand-up and the fear of not trying stand-up were locked in an endless stalemate, where both sides made convincing arguments and both sides agreed it would be a good idea if instead of making a decision I just sat on the floor of the crap apartment Pete and I shared and ordered huge amounts of truly terrible Indian food.” Her path meandered toward her eventual success, including turning down a stint writing for Late Show with David Letterman in large part because her dad said to her of the thirteen-week offer, “Well, that doesn’t sound like much of a job at all.”

Contrary to my post’s headline, I don’t have a surefire route to instant writing success, because there isn’t one. I’ve done it in my own roundabout way, not by writing novels as so many of my peers have done, but by writing and editing short stories. That’s one path, the one that has worked for me so far, because it’s something I love doing even after 17 years. I think the key to that success has been being willing to adapt and grow and take risks and, via trial and error, figure out where to best focus my skills, time and energy.

If you take anything away from my words, I hope it’s that whether your thing is writing or comedy or athletics or art, you will never regret going for it. You won’t regret giving yourself a second or third or fourth or thousandth chance, but it’s very likely that you will regret never taking that chance in the first place.

Visit Lady Smut all next week for more on Elizabeth SaFleur’s new novel Perfect and second chances.

Rachel Kramer Bussel ( has edited over 60 anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, Begging for It, Fast Girls, The Big Book of Orgasms and more. She writes widely about sex, dating, books and pop culture and teaches erotica writing classes around the country and online. Follow her @raquelita on Twitter and find out more about her classes and consulting at


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