September 11, 2012

Dessert First—A Good Amazon Freebie

Ya have to wonder about some of these Amazon freebies. Sometimes they are so bad that I resent the digital space they take up, as well as the time I will never see again that  I’ve wasted on reading.

I’ve gotten a few good novels and short stories as freebies, most notably books from India Drummond and Talli Rolland—not erotic romance writers, but damned good writers.  Recently, I downloaded a freebie that I thought was different and I want to bring it to your attention. It’s called “Dessert First” and its author is Maggie Blackburn.

My favorite apart of the story is not even the kinky sex dream, which is hawt, hawt, hawt, but it’s the fact that the main character, Annie, is over 40 and is just now discovering herself and perhaps, her libido. There really are so few women like this in erotic romance. Yet, we all know that women over 40 still have sex and romance in their lives. Um, er, at least we hope so. Anyway, you really feel for Annie and by the time she actually has sex you are rooting for her.  Will she summon up her courage? Allow her sexuality to be freed with the younger guy?

The tension builds nicely in the story. It starts off with a reflection about a dream. Usually I don’t like this technique—but this kinky dream tells the reader a lot about the character, who is at a lodge with a group of women who have won a baking retreat with a famous chef. Once again, unique in erotic romance fiction.

This short read is definitely worth checking out and Maggie has several others in this “Whet Your Appetite” series, including a compilation with a bonus story called “Delicious,” a ménage story full of surprises. I’m not certain how long Dessert First will be free—so check it out today!



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