Sexy Saturday Round-Up

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It’s Saturday! So it’s time for a Sexy Saturday Round-Up on Lady Smut. I’ve got a bit of writerly advice today from blogs and writers I love to watch and read. Have fun checking them out.

First, on dialogue and being verbal, Ms. Grace Burrowes.

Tara Fuller writes about the hot, hot, genre of YA romance:

Okay, so this applies to all writers, including us romance writers. And I don’t know Chuck Wendig personally, but I admit that I do have a bit of a writer crush on him. He’s a man who knows his shit and is not afraid to say so. I like that. Here’s his current writing rules that he lives by.

Here’s a great post on world-building. Kaily Hart says it’s not just for fantasy authors dontchyaknow.

Very interesting piece on self-publishing by Tonya Kappes.  

Allison Brennan on writing what you love.

Kathryn Magendie and I have never met. I swear. Yet we must know each other from another life. Or maybe we are on some weird mind-melding wave length. I dunno. But she expressed exactly the way I’ve been feeling lately in this post.

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