Man-Love at Ellora’s Cave

11 Oct

Hi there! Taking a quick breather from packing for  a NJ tomorrow–I’m going to the NJ Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. (Woot!) Before I go, I wanted to pick up a thread from Elizabeth’s earlier post about erotic romance for couples/men.

Yes! I too have had lots of neighbors & friends share with me that they read erotic romances to their husbands. It’s a great couples activity, and one, in my opinion, without the ‘yuck’ factor of watching porn. [I beg pardon to those who think erotica or erotic romance is porn–Or who think there’s nothing wrong with porn.  I think there is a difference, and I have majorly complexicated but mostly negative views on porn.]

At any rate, Elizabeth mentioned–or I heard someone else mention–that Ellora’s Cave knows their readership is comprised of a certain percentage of men.  Which warms the cockles of my heart, frankly.  Who wouldn’t be hot for a man who wanted/needed  a romance with their smut?  Men, after all, frequently want relationships with their sex in real life, so why not in what they read?  Melt. Sigh.  So many men are caught in today’s masculinity trap.  They are expected to be in touch with his emotions, yet demonstrate muscular, tough-guy manliness at the drop of a hat.  They are held to both old standards AND new standards of behavior.  It must really suck. Plus, men’s bathrooms are so gross. I feel sorry for all you nice guys out there who have to use them.  At least you’re standing up most of the time.

Meanwhile, Entourage has ended, there’s no cure for baldness, and skinny jeans are every bit as cruel to real men as they are to real women.  Thank goodness EC has created some nice-guy options for men when it comes to reading smut.

One Response to “Man-Love at Ellora’s Cave”

  1. ellaquinnauthor October 12, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    That is strange. Especially, when men, for the most part, really don’t get off on really skinny women.


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