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October 20, 2012

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

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Hello sexy friends. Liz here, with an interesting array of some of my favorite blog posts from this week. Do check them out—they won’t disappoint. Have fun!

Interesting write-up on Scrivener. Writers: File this under tools to try.

A romance editor’s pet peeves.  Read and learn, baby.

Great post on museums of prostitution.

Selena Kitt makes it on my list this weekend with two great posts. One offering a checklist for a good editor. The other about women’s porn.

The Huffington Post on The Elusive Orgasm.

The Huffington Post again on Japan’s women-only masturbation bar. File this under strange but true.

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  • madelineiva

    I have to respectfully disagree with Selena Kitt saying we all write porn. Porn doesn’t aim to make you feel emotions, porn wants to stimulate sexual arousal and that’s it. End of story. If it’s doing more than that, it ain’t porn. Thus, you have flat plot lines with porn, and you have flat character arcs–they don’t change through a story.

    Porn is about the sexual objectification of the “other”. Who cares what they feel/experience/think? They’re disposable, like a used tissue. That’s not what erotic romance is about at all.

    Romance is not porn–I think we can all agree about that. Erotic romance is like juiced up romance, not watered down porn. That’s why you find erotic romance in the romance section of the book store, and you don’t find porn in the book store. They’re different things with different readerships.

    Erotica is different from either porn or erotic romance. It’s about a journey.

    It’s like Selena Kitt is saying all drinks are the same — coffee, tea, gatorade, they’re all exactly the same. Again, with all due respect to her, but I think she’s making a gross over-simplification.

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    • Post authorLizEverly

      I agree, but it’s an interesting, thought-provoking post. I also think that a lot of people feel that way and we need to keep fighting the good fight. You said it best: “Erotic romance is like juiced up romance, not watered down porn.”

      Reply to LizEverly

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