October 23, 2012

Nora’s Inn and My Little Shop. Word.

So I have this good friend and neighbor who is a big Nora Roberts fan. I tried reading some of her romances and, well, what I read (so far) were okay. But I LOVE Nora’s JD Robb books. If I had the time to analyze Nora/JD’s writing, it would be a fun project. Just on the face of it, the books seem like they are written by two different writers and that, my friend, takes talent.

Nora is once of the romance writers I admire most. She has an incredible work ethic and has given back to her community in many ways.  One thing she did was put an economic spark back into Boonsboro, Md.  when she renovated an old building and made it into an Inn. Of course, she has written about renovating the beloved building and now fans can stay there and experience, even touch, some of the things she writes about it her books—like the iron work and the cashmere throws in each room—a just like in her books. She’s written a whole series, of course, based on the Inn BoonsBoro.

My friend was impressed with the devotion to detail throughout the Inn. If you’d like to read more about it, check this out. She stayed in the Penthouse room, which had huge bathtub and shower, along with a heated toilet that’s lid opens for you on approach. Talk about being pampered.

How cool for my friend and her husband to experience all of this that she’d read about for years. And how cool that Nora Roberts is offering this. Cool and smart.

I started to think, as a writer, what part of my work would I like to offer readers to touch, feel, maybe taste? In SAFFRON NIGHTS, Maeve visits a shop in Hong Kong “Suki’s Little Shop of Aphrodisiacs,” where she purchases potent ginseng, among other things. I think that might be more fun than an Inn—though maybe the most fun would be an inn with its own shop of aphrodisiacs?

For CRAVINGS, I imagine a huge chocolate shop with exotic spices and fruits thrown in for good measure. And in the back room? Some light BDSM play things, like collars, cuffs, and leather of all sorts.

Writers have you ever imagined your books, or parts of your books like this? Readers, what do you think? Would you come to my little shops? Hehehe.

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  • madeline iva

    I really like the exotic chocolate shop idea.

    For me it would probably be a flower shop—very narrow and long. The kind where sumptuous blooms dominate the front of the pale green store, but where you can wander through, turning around corners to discover that you’re no longer actually inside, you’re in outdoor rooms. One is an alcove where an antique brass bed has a mattress of soft cool moss and the pillows are a covered in corsican mint. Another is a grotto where a large fountain made of blue glass is filled with bright orange koi. The fountain is surrounded–on all sides and even on the ceiling by one massive angel trumpet’s vine. The fragrant blossoms hang down over a wide plush red velvet chaise lounge beside the fountain.

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    • Post authorLizEverly

      You’ve obviously given this some thought.Thanks for responding. 😉

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  • Elizabeth Shore

    Hey Liz,
    I’d come to your little shops – most definitely! I really like the idea of incorporating into the every day what we read about in books. I imagine this has contributed handsomely to the Stanley Hotel in Colorado hotel that inspired Stephen King’s setting for The Shining.

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    • Post authorLizEverly

      Oh yes. I bet it has! I’m glad to know you’d come to my shops.

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