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November 27, 2012

Coffee Klatsch: Sexy Desserts

Photo by Sarah Robinson.

Welcome to Lady Smut’s first Coffee Klatsch, where in we discuss important topic, like, um, sexy desserts. Wherein our email conversations morph into our blog posts. And vice versa.

To me chocolate says indulgence. And when I think of indulgence, one of the things I think of is romance and of course, sex.

When I thought about writing about my top five sexiest desserts, it wasn’t surprising then that all of them have chocolate as a center piece. Through the years, I’ve become quite the chocolate snob, preferring to indulge in good dark chocolate, rather than a Hershey bar–though I have to admit there are times that only a Hershey bar will do.

And I have chocolate on the brain these days because while I’m writing CRAVINGS, I’m researching chocolate, which is the culinary theme of the book. Not sweet little chocolates shops, of course, but more cacao plantations and tropical settings. (Though by the time I’m done with them, my characters might be wishing for a nice little air conditioned shop in Paris.)

Here are my top five sexiest desserts. Well… sort of.

  1. Chocolate mousse. I love everything about it—the light, creamy puff in my mouth and the explosion of chocolate flavor. Sir in a raspberry or twoand I am yours.
  2. Chocolate covered fruit. Dark chocolate, of course. Strawberries, cherries, bananas. Dipped and eaten by hand—or even better yet, fed to me.
  3. Hot fudge sundae. Because well. C’mon. Cold. Hot. Vanilla. Chocolate. Indulgence.
  4. Brownies. Moist, thick, with or without nuts. Now some of you might think as brownies as more a “family” dessert. But I think a good husband is about as sexy as it gets. Imagine your hawt hubby with an apron on pulling out a batch of brownies from the oven. Yes, indeed.
  5. Okay. I couldn’t pick between chocolate cheeswcake and chocolate pie. I am a pie girl all the way. But cheesecake is near and dear to my hubs and me. So I mentioned this to the ladies and opened up a whole discussion.

From Madeline: Chocolate pie is sexier than chocolate cheese cake, for sure. Especially if you call it Chocolate cream pie, or silken pie, or something like that. 🙂

And this from Elizabeth: My secret confession is that I’m not really a fan of chocolate. I like it, but don’t love it. I do love pastries, though. I had an apple streudel in Munich once that was covered in vanilla sauce to thick and decadent that I wanted to lick the plate. Would have if I hadn’t been in public . . .

(Which reminded me of this cannolli I ate in Little Italy, but that’s another story.)

From Madeline:
See, this is what I was thinking.  Outside of chocolate the first thing that came to mind were custards–a naughty creme brulee beaten with the back of a spoon until it cracks, that kind of thing…. A thick vanilla sauce is exactly right in line with this.

But why custards? Why vanilla? Why, Elizabeth n Liz, why? Is it that mouth feel of silky fatty joy that bespeaks sex?

And final thought from me in answer to Madeline?

I think it’s about comfort on the one hand and decadence on the other hand. Creamy + comfort = love/joy/sex. And the fat joy is like “We don’t give a fig about the calories in this, we are just going for it!” Almost any kind of food can be sexy it someone is feeding you. I mean how intimate is THAT?

So readers, what are your thoughts on sexy food? Chocolate or not? And so on and so forth.

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  • madelineiva

    Desserts can really bring out the obsessive passions in some folk. We emailed about the whip cream obsessed manager I once had (TMI for sure) as well as the stranger who once ate a slice of my chocolate marble cake and said “This cake is grounds for marriage!” I love tarts, so for me the sexiest dessert is a tart of pate sucre with a thick layer of dark chocolate, and upright strawberries on top with an apricot jam glaze. So good, so rich, so tart. Yum!

    Reply to madelineiva
    • Post authorLizEverly

      Both great stories. When I think of tarts, I’ll always think of you! Grin.

      Reply to LizEverly
  • Elizabeth Shore

    At heart I’m a pastry girl, especially if it’s accompanied by some kind of cream sauce. I love to squish the pastry in the sauce and then take a marvelous, decadent bite of cakey creamy heaven that melts on my tongue and leaves me happy, happy, happy.

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorLizEverly

      I like pastry if it’s not too sweet. I love home made creme puffs when the dough is not too sugary. I am so with you on the cream. 😉 One of the reasons I love dark chocolate is the flavor in so intense without being too sweet.

      Reply to LizEverly
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