The Nominees For Leading Hot Men Are . . .

11 Jan

Oscar statuetteThe Oscar nominations came out yesterday, so from now until February 24th I’ll be on a movie-going frenzy trying to make sure that I see as many of the nominationed films as possible. But here at Lady Smut we’re not necessarily going to have debates over which film is the best because of plot, or storyline, or realistic characters, but rather which of the leading actor nominees are the hottest.

Colin Firth2011’s winner, Colin Firth, has always been in the hottie category for me. He’s got that serious yet sexy thing going on that I fall for every time. I mean, Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice? Somebody get me a fainting couch because I’m gonna swoon!

But in this post I’m focusing on the 2013 nominees. Let’s go through the rundown and discuss the hotness factor.

Daniel Day LewisDaniel Day Lewis is, of course, nominated for his performance in Lincoln. He’s an amazing actor and no doubt the leading contender. But for me I first noticed him in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. If you haven’t seen that movie, do yourself a favor and slap it on your Netflix queue. The very first line he says in that movie is “Take off your clothes.” Nice, right? He plays a sex addicted Czech doctor who meets and falls in love with a woman who insists on monogamy. He’s definitely a stud in that film. I also loved, loved, loved him in one of my all-time favorite movies, A Room With a View. The character is completely different since instead of the hot hunk he plays a totally uptight prissy nerd. But he’s ooooooh so good at it! And of course he’s a tortured elitist suffering under the weight of propriety in the wonderful Age of Innocence.

Denzel WashingtonMoving on, we have Denzel Washington, nominated for his role as a troubled airline pilot in Flight. Denzel is the ultimate tough hotttie. Think of him in Training Day or American Gangster. But I thought he was awesome in The Taking of Pelham 123 as well, even though he was almost kind of a nerd. There’s still a sexiness underneath that’s always present with him. Look at his gorgeous smile. Also, I give him a great big hotness vote for the fact that he’s been married to the same woman since 1983 and has four kids. No commitment issues, a proud papa, and handsome to boot. Denzel’s got it going on.

Hugh JackmanNext on our list is Hugh Jackman. I must admit, I’m struggling with this one a bit. I mean, he’s cute, he’s fit, and he surely can sing and dance. Maybe it’s the persistent rumors that he’s gay that’s hurting his chances with me on the hotness scale? Not exactly sure. Also, and this is no fault of Mr. Jackman’s, but I haven’t been a fan of the X-Men movies. I’m keeping an open mind, though. I haven’t yet seen him in Les Miz and I’m sure his nomination was no fluke. So I guess my jury’s still out on Hugh.

Joaquin PhoenixNow we come to Joaquin Phoenix. I’m sure you all remember his weird phase when he showed up on the David Letterman show with a huge beard, acting really wacked, and saying that he wasn’t going to act anymore. Not sure what was going in with Joaquin at the time, but he seems to have gotten himself together. I have to admit I don’t find him overtly sexy, but he’s had his moments for me. He was hot in Gladiator. No problems there, my fellow readers. And, perhaps oddly, I found him really sexy in The Village. The role wasn’t one that would typically get pulses pounding, but it’s that brooding thing again. Truly I’m a sucker for it.

Bradley CooperLast, though certainly not least, we have Bradley Cooper. On the surface, meaning pure looks-wise, he’s my leading contender on the hotness scale. Beautiful face, fabulous body, he’s a true taste of deliciousness. Silver Linings Playbook is on my list for this weekend and I hear he’s awesome in it. Also, full disclosure here, I’ve literally not seen a single movie that he’s in. Yeah, I know. pretty lame. But The Hangover doesn’t appeal to me, and I don’t see a lot of thrillers, either, so I missed him in Limitless. But I’ll be making up for that hole in my resume very soon with my viewing of Silver Linings.

So what you do you think? Who gets your vote for Leading Hot Man? I’ve love to hear. In the meantime, I’ve got some movies to watch!

Have a great weekend!

4 Responses to “The Nominees For Leading Hot Men Are . . .”

  1. madelineiva January 11, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    This year my heart is with Hugh Grant. I think. I like Colin Firth too though, and I also was pleased to see the inclusion of edgy Joaquin Phoenix.


    • Elizabeth Shore January 12, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

      Ah . . . Hugh Grant? Do you mean Hugh Jackman or are you writing in your vote with the adoreable Mr. Grant? lol!


  2. LizEverly January 11, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    If I HAD to choose, it would be Colin Firth. 😉


    • Elizabeth Shore January 12, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

      Me too! He’s beyond hot.


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