Sheik It Baby

14 Jan

1 kidnapped brideHidey-ho, romance enthusiasts! Rock the casbah with us today as we discuss the early romantic works of Susan Mallery and her sheik themed Desert Rogues Series published by Silhouette.

If you follow our Lady Smut blog or my own blog, (and please do follow us–there’s a button on your right) you’ll know that I, Madeline Iva, have an obsessive interest in two things:

1)   crazy romance novels*

2)   all things bride-ish & crazy—since I’ve written a bridezilla inspired romance.

* and by ‘crazy’ I don’t mean anything pejorative.  I adore the cray-cray.  Larger-than-life romances that sweep you away are what it’s all about.  It’s only when you stand back and squint that you see it’s all kinda crazy.  Like your favorite part of the book–you know, the part where the hero and heroine while stranded on a deserted island raise an orphaned penguin?

9 bride who said noWell! In the interview I did awhile back with K.M. Jackson, (check it out here).  During the interview we discussed what she likes about crazy romance novels.  In passing, Kwana mentioned that Susan Mallery wrote some great crazy stuff.

So I looked up Susan Mallery and behold! Mallery wrote sheik romances.  Not just sheik romances either. What I found on Goodreads was the mother load of all sheik/BRIDE romances. In her Desert Rogues Series published by Silhouette, she created thirteen gloriously amazing sheik/bride/ or princess/pregnancy/virgin/secretary fantasies to thrill and delight.

Number Three — The Sheik and the Secret Bride seem to be extra popular.  Here’s a blurb about this special book:

Single mom Liana Archer has read her share of romance novels featuring dashing, passionate Sheiks. Despite her fascination with the genre, she is astonished when sinfully handsome Malik 3 Secret BrideKhan, Crown Prince of exotic El Bahar, hijacks her and her young daughter off an airliner and into his lavish desert palace. What does this sexy prince want with a passably pretty, slightly overweight schoolteacher from San Bernadino?

Dazed, breathless and mesmerized with desire, Liana quickly becomes Malik’s royal bride after an intimate desert ceremony she does not understand. When she learns she is in fact married, she must face whether she can entrust her daughter, or her heart to a man would give them everything…except his love. How might a caring American mother and child finally move this proud, imperious monarch and make his kingdom complete?

10 virgin secretaryOh yes! And there’s more–many, many more.  Mallery wrote enough of these Sheik-bride thingies to form her own romance sub-genre.  I love the tiles.  I love the covers.  They rock my world.

So here’s to Susan Mallery!  Sadly, she’s left her sheik days behind her, but has also become more massively successful in the process.   The woman even has her own “Susan Mallery” phone app.  Yet we salute her early foray into the world of cray-cray and hope you enjoy these delicious titles as much as we do.

Here’s a Goodreads link to the entire series, including blurbs. They’re all still available in print on Amazon.2arranged marriage6 prince pregnant princess12 sheik and the pregnant bride11 christmas bride

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