Most Glamorous Couple, 2012

17 Jan

tom n giseleThey’ve got the world in their pocket.  A life of luxury.  They’re so pretty.  Hard working too, of course.  Career minded–definitely, both of them.  But they’ve gone out and conquered in their careers and now seem to exist in a golden glow.  They truly seem in love.

Which couple would YOU nominate for Most Glamorous Couple, 2012?  Have I missed anyone?

My nominees are:

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Because we’re winding up to the Super Bowl, and Tom’s team The Patriots are still going strong, Tom is in my mind these days a LOT.

Tom, you god, you

Tom, you god, you

My inner nerdy girl l-o-v-e-s a guy who can rock glasses.  Tom is like a god on the football field.  It’s unbelievable that his massive talents on the field actually match his crazy-unbelievably good looks.  I think he doesn’t want to retire from football, because he knows that his golden aura can only diminish from that point on.  The Patriots flay their men alive for speaking, so he’s probably not going to make the jump to commentator after he retires.

His super-being powers may end six years from now, but who cares? He and his Goddess-On-A-Mountain-Top have heard the cha-ching! Their super-earnings could bail out our U.S. treasury.  Gisele, meanwhile, the woman when pregnant seems to suck in power from the rest of the world.  The two of them have an aura that could cure cancer.

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski: Never has envy bitten into my heart so deeply upon beholding another couple. Glamour involves the creation of envy and a sort of mystery.  emily n johnFor me, these two have all that in spades. I hate her for having him.  I hate him for being so into her (since she’s tall, skinny, shapely, British, brunette–exactly unlike me).  She seems unknowable and ridiculously cool.   The only knowledge that dampens the flames in my breast is that a)they must have no time at all to have fun, because she’s pushing out four movies a year these days and b) what’s going to happen next? The Office is ending, and Johnny-boy doesn’t seem to be making the transition to super-successful movie actor or to be able to direct.  What direction is his career going to take? Will he land another TV role? Will he become Mr. Emily Blunt?

tatum n jennaChanning Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum: I’m all for Channing, but I don’t know Jenna that much.  She looks like she could tip right over into that Hollywood plastic-y/cheap/scary place. Knowing she was getting cozy with Adam Levine in American Horror Story makes me think a little more highly of her.  Don’t know why…other than the fact Adam Levine who works crazy hard all year seemed to think she was another professional hard-working fiend.  She’s not sitting at home eating bon-bons being Mrs. Mike.

Michelle & Barack Obama: Obviously.  Obama 2017? Yeah, I’d vote for her.michelle n obama

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom:  They are more on the crunchy-granola side as a couple nomination.  Her dimples kill me.  They seem a little more innocent than the other couples, a little less sophisticated.  But where did all the break up rumors come from? She tweeted a photo of her hand with some jewelry on it and without her wedding ring.  You have to wonder if this was actually meant to stir up news–and if maybe she’s a little more disingenuous that I originally thought.blake shelton miranda lambert

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert:  They’ve got the world on a string and more country music awards than you could shake a stick at. Only problem is:  they only see each other for half the year. Which sucks.  They’re very up front about it, at least.  They’re honest about the price they pay for being massively successful and famous.  And how much fun can you be having in Oklahoma on your precious few days off anyway?

I wonder how much John and Emily see each other, or how much any of these couples really get to sit back and enjoy each other and all the luxury they have?   orlando and mirandaCan you really enjoy the tiny amount of time together on that Cabo vacation if you’re making sure that People Magazine is there to see you enjoying it?  Can you enjoy getting all dressed up for the awards show if you’re trying to ruthlessly stamp out rumors of your break up–or flame them higher? Who knows? Part of what makes each of these couples have that glow is that they do seem to be enjoying themselves–for now.

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