January 19, 2013

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello sexy! The Internets have been mighty busy with a great deal of some good writing advice. Most of the links this week are writer-related, but I threw in some fun, sexy posts for you, too. Enjoy!

You know my little foodie heart loves this one. The Goddess Blogs on weird food.

One of my favorites, Joanna Bourne, leads a discussion on writerly anxiety on Word Wenches.

Steven Pressfield’s blog is  go-to blog for me. Check out this post, “Have A Body Hit the Floor.”

On of of the best writing blogs out there, Embrace the Naked, on Writer Unboxed.  (Not THAT kind of naked, you and your lovely dirty  minds.)

Loved this post. You don’t see this praising of older heroes often.

Florence Witkop on the most important working writer tip of all. I quite agree.

A couple of fun and informative posts:

On Life After Porn.

Sex Moves that Women Hate.

Waxing? One writer’s first time.

Stay Hungry,


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