Lick Me Here: Q&A with our own Liz Everly

14 Feb

choc guy 2Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a treat for you all—Liz Everly’s book SAFFRON NIGHTS  is out at Kennsington.  A fellow Lady Smut contributor and a good friend, her new book is the first in a culinary romance trilogy highlighting exotic foreign locations.

MADELINE IVA: Hi Liz! Give us a little synopsis of SAFFRON NIGHTS to start us off.  Who are our hero and heroine and what are they doing together?

LIZ EVERLY: Here’s the cover copy, which I really like.
Brazil…Hawaii…India….As a food writer, Maeve has just been handed the
hottest opportunity of her career. She’s being sent on an
international research tour for an aphrodisiac cookbook. The downside
is that she has to travel with rock star photographer and womanizer
Jackson Dodds. And the upside is that she has to travel with Jackson
Dodds. Because once they meet, Maeve understands why he’s been named
“America’s Most Eligible Bachelor”—and despite her best intentions,
all she can think about is putting their arousing recipes to the test…

Sexy and talented, Jackson can have any woman he desires. But lately,
the thrill is gone—until he lays eyes on Maeve, who exudes sensuality
like no one else. She’s determined to keep things professional, but he
knows the attraction is mutual. And as they travel the world, sampling
warming saffron, juicy papaya, silky avocado, rare herbs and teas—and
a mushroom whose very aroma sends women to heights of ecstasy—both
discover a hunger they’ve never known, and don’t want to resist, even
amid unexpected danger…

MADELINE IVA: In your other life how did you get involved in food writing and how did that experience lend itself to writing culinary romances?

cherriesLIZ EVERLY: The cookbooks and food stories I wrote are narrative. There’s a lot of food journalists and recipes writers out there. What I did was a form of journalism, but it was more storied, otherwise known as creative
nonfiction by some folks. I love writing about food. It’s something everybody can relate to and that many people are interested in.

MADELINE IVA: You seems pretty orgasmic about food, but I know you, and you’re not EVER going to qualify for The Biggest Loser.  How do you know when to say when, Liz?

LIZ EVERLY: I exercise just about every day, which helps to keep the pounds off. But I have to say that being pregnant, carrying an extra 60 pounds, and having a difficult time getting it off, really influenced me. I didn’t feel good about myself and I felt uncomfortable moving around. So I went on the South Beach Diet and lost the weight–most of which I’ve kept off. Around that time, I began to see how food really affected my mood as well. If I eat a lot of junk food, I just don’t feel good. Also, I had a bit of a paradigm shift in that I began to see dieting as not denying myself something, but rather I was giving myself a better self. I hope that answers your question. I do LOVE to eat. But on a daily basis, I watch it, which allows me to splurge from time to time.

saffron nightsMADELINE IVA: Do you think you can tell anything about how a person has sex from their appetite? For instance, do you think an adventurous eater (say someone who’s willing to try chocolate covered grasshoppers) might be more adventurous in the bedroom as well?

LIZ EVERLY: I think so, yes. I think an adventurous person might be adventurous in just about every part of their lives. Many people find chefs really sexy and think they are adventurous. Maybe they are, once they are well rested and so on. But many of the chefs I know are such hard-workers and lacking sleep and good food (seriously a lot of them don’t eat right themselves!), so I’m not sure how sexy, let alone adventurous they are really. LOL.

MADELINE IVA: People often eat for reasons other than hunger—such as eating for comfort.  Obviously we don’t always have sex just to procreate.  Do you think having sex for comfort and reassurance is appealing?

LIZ EVERLY: Absolutely.

MADELINE IVA: Are there other kinds of sex that you like to write about–angry make-up sex, etc?

courtesy of creative commons.

courtesy of creative commons.

LIZ EVERLY: Well, in my next book, CRAVINGS, I write a little about BDSM–a very light take on it. I liked learning about and writing about it.I don’t think I’ve written very much angry-sex or make-up sex. But maybe I will. I’ve written some “stranger” sex with people wearing masks and some menage sex. I really enjoy all of it. But I don’t go into a story thinking about what kind of sex my characters have. I let them take the lead.

MADELINE IVA: This is SUCH a personal question, but: have you every actually involved food in having sex? Any tips for the folks at home? ;>

LIZ EVERLY: When I was much younger I experimented a bit with whipped cream. Hasn’t everybody? My advice is always just to do what you are comfortable with. I think that just feeding someone (or being fed) can be a very sensuous experience. But a little research is a good thing in this area, the wrong kind of food on sensitive areas might not be sexy at all!

MADELINE IVA: Tell us about your series:  SAFFRON NIGHTS is out now, what’s the next book?

LIZ EVERLY:  CRAVINGS is the next book. I can’t go too much into here because I don’t want to give away the huge surprise. But the culinary focus is on chocolate, not chocolate bars, exactly, but it takes place in Ecuador and Saint Lucia, where cacao plantations are. It gives a glimpse into the industry that I think many people are not aware of. And as I mentioned earlier, there’s a bit of BDSM in it. My main male character, Sanj, begins to explore a side of himself he didn’t know existed until he meets this woman, “Mary.”

honey lipsMADELINE IVA:  SAFFRON NIGHTS focuses on aphrodisiacs.  What’s the focus in your second book?

LIZ EVERLY: As I mentioned earlier, it’s chocolate. The heroine’s had a wild life. She’s become used to rough sex.  The hero, Sanj, doesn’t know if he should trust her. They are brought together because a mutual friend has been kidnapped.

MADELINE IVA: Any hints about the subject of the third book?

LIZ EVERLY: Honey. Right now, I am in the research mode.  In the third book, Jennifer–who is the ‘best friend’ in both SAFFRON NIGHTS and CRAVINGS–finally gets her chance to shine as the heroine.

You can find Liz here at www.Lady on Tuesdays, and catch her Sexy Saturday Round Up  Saturdays each weekend, or find her at her own website, or twitter.  Order SAFFRON NIGHTS here or click on the photo image of the book.

5 Responses to “Lick Me Here: Q&A with our own Liz Everly”

  1. madelineiva February 14, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    I’ve read it–I loved it! 🙂


  2. Elizabeth Shore February 14, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    I can’t wait to read Saffron Nights! The interview also gave me insight into what influenced you and how you approach your books. Nice! Thanks for the great interview, Madeline!!


    • LizEverly February 14, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

      Thanks so much Elizabeth. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  3. LizEverly February 14, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

    Reblogged this on Liz Everly and commented:
    My interview with the naught Madeline Iva.


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