Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen

Photo by Dollen

Hello, Sexy. Whew. What a week. I’ve squeezed in a few delicious nuggets for you to peruse.

Lexi Ryan on choosing beta readers.

Rachel Kramer Bussel on erotic romance, what else?

Jody Hedlund writes about what makes a romance novel truly romantic.

And I’d like to take this moment to pause and say where else are you going to Rachel and Jody’s name together, but on Lady Smut? Hmmm?

Elizabeth Staab on the need for speed in your books.

Six ways to stand out at a writer’s conference.

Two just for fun:

Where are the most terrible places to have sex?

Health science/lore on aphrodisiacs. Ya know how I feel about this one.

Stay hungry,


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  • ellaquinnauthor
    February 16, 2013 at 10:36 am

    These look like some great links. I’ll check them out. I tweeted.


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