February 19, 2013

In Praise of Justin: Can He get Any Sexier?

Some men really grow into themselves as they age. Justin Timberlake, for example, gets hotter by the scorching second. Me-ow!


The whole Insync boy band thing? A real turn-off for me. Always has been. According to Wikipedia the times span for their popularity was 1998 to 2002. I was a young editor, newly marred, and I was not concerned at all with boy bands as my husband and I went to the opera, symphony, and other various and sundry music  events in the DC area. (Not all of them high brow—there was Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones. You get the picture. No boy bands for me.)

I think I first started to pay attention when SexyBack came out. I was like Who is THAT? His dancing really impressed me. Attraction for me can be all about  movement…

In any case, I watched him on Saturday Night Live, too, playing some very funny characters. Good dancer, singer, and a man that can make me laugh? HAWT! images-4 images-3 images-2

(Okay at this point I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a dirty old lady because he is MUCH younger than me. But…this is Lady Smut and what wrong with an older woman and younger man? Hmmm?)

For me, it’s all culminated in his newest video for Suit and Tie, which reveals much more mature and, somehow, even sexier Justin Timberlake.

Here’s the thing,  I admire and respect about him, along with lusting after him. A child performer  (starting as a mousketer) who has been smart in growing his career and making the right choices and developing his talent and his life. So many of the rest of them could take lesson from him. Justin is the whole package and his brains just serve to make him that more appealing.

I can’t wait to see what he does next. But God helps us. He couldn’t possibly get any sexier.

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  • madelineiva

    I got sucked into the J.Timberlake thing when he started acting. I’ve also followed his romance with Jessica Biel. She seems so smitten by him–they make a great couple. And I loved her pink wedding gown!

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  • LizEverly

    Thanks for commenting. I’ll have to check out that pink wedding dress. 😉

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  • Elizabeth Shore

    Justin is indeed a sexy young thang, and so funny in SNL. Who knew?! And you’re right, Liz – what a dancer! I’m with you on this one. Downright delicious.

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    Reblogged this on Liz Everly and commented:

    Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back, Front, and All the Way Around

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