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April 4, 2013

Devilish Fun: Q&A with Samantha Kane

devil theifHello lovely readers! Today the daffodils are blooming, the cherry blossoms are ravaging the blue sky, and at Lady Smut we’re continuing to talk about melt-the-dress-right-off-ya steamy historicals.  Today, my guest is Samantha Kane who first burst onto the scene with pulse pounding m/m/f historical erotic romance.  She’s going to tell us about her most recent work and who else is out there writing erotic historical romance.
MADELINE IVA: I first became aware of you as an author at Romanticon two years ago. At that point you were writing menage historicals which totally engrossed me.  I see you have a new book published by Bantam Loveswept/Random House.  Is it an erotic romance historical? Are you still writing erotic romance historicals, or has your writing branched out into other less *ahem* explicit genres?
SAMANTHA KANE: THE DEVIL’S THIEF, my Loveswept release, is the first book in a new series called THE SAINT’S DEVILS. THE DEVIL’S THIEF is out now, and the second book, TEMPTING A DEVIL, will be out July 8.
They are not erotic romances, but they are pretty steamy. I’ve been told by readers with more traditional tastes that they’re very erotic for mainstream books. Let’s just say it’s pretty obvious I wrote them (lol).
CourageI’m still writing erotic romance as well. I just finished a novella for my erotic historical series BROTHERS IN ARMS, from Ellora’s Cave. DEFEATED BY LOVE will be out later this year. And I’m currently working on yet another Brothers in Arms, LOVE BETRAYED, which will also be out later this year. Both books are about Daniel Steinberg, a recurring character in the series since the first book. 
MADELINE IVA: We at Lady Smut Luv luv luv erotic romance historicals — what drew you to writing them in the first place?
SAMANTHA KANE: As a reader, I like sex in my romance. I discovered erotic romance through Ellora’s Cave, after reading some reviews in Romantic Times magazine. I was advised by Mary Kay Andrews at a book club meeting to join RWA. I saw through the RWR, RWA’s magazine for members, that Ellora’s Cave was taking submissions. I’d read Lora Leigh (who hasn’t?!) and thought, I can write that. So I sat down and wrote THE COURAGE TO LOVE. I couldn’t believe how easily it came to me. I knew then that that was my niche. So long story short, I write what I like to read.
Kate Pearce writes erotic historicals too.
Kate Pearce writes erotic historicals too.

MADELINE IVA: Any thrilling erotic historical romances by other authors that you’d recommend to our readers? (Especially books that motivated your own writing?)

SAMANTHA KANE: The truth is I don’t read a lot of erotic historical romances. First of all, there aren’t a lot out there, or weren’t when I started writing them, so there was no influence at work. Lora Leigh’s contemporaries influenced me in terms of writing menage, but I took that a step further and wrote m/m/f menage, where you have a m/m love element as well as m/f, which Leigh’s book didn’t have.  Sahara Kelly was writing them before me, one of the very few erotic historical authors out there at the time, and her books were some of the first erotic romances I read.  Kate Pearce began writing erotic historicals soon after I did, of course, and Elizabeth Amber as well.
MADELINE IVA:Tell us about The Saint’s Devils series.  What inspired this series?
empting devilSAMANTHA KANE: The Saint’s Devils series was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, the latest movie version with Robert Downey Jr. I love his Holmes. So I created the character of Sir Hilary St. John, an amateur sleuth and rake extraordinaire. He’s brilliant, hedonistic and tons of fun to write. The Saint’s Devils are his old friends from school, rakes in their own right and prone to trouble.
I’m working on book three right now, which is Sir Hilary’s book. His sleuthing skills will be put to the test in THE DEVIL AND THE DAMSEL, as he tries to keep his lady love from hanging for murder with the help of all of his friends.
MADELINE IVA: But you will keep writing drool-worthy erotic historical? 
SAMANTHA KANE: DEFEATED BY LOVE, the Brothers in Arms novella I just finished, is about Daniel Steinberg, a popular and well known character from Brothers in Arms. After seeing him in action in the last nine Brothers in Arms books, I thought the readers would appreciate a look at what exactly he did in the war and how he got where he is now. I’ve alluded to his background as a special agent for the War Office, and to his lost love, Harry, and this is that story. Readers should be advised that Defeated By Love is a m/m story, not m/m/f like the rest of the series. I have always said in the books that Daniel prefers men, and is not attracted to women. That is not going to change.
love n warMADELINE IVA: So are you content to stay in the historical genre?
SAMANTHA KANE: I have entire series planned that I haven’t even started, including historicals, contemporaries, thrillers and erotic romances. I think you’ll see me exploring some new genres in the future and taking some chances. It’s important not to get into a writing rut, and once in a while it’s nice to do the unexpected.
MADELINE IVA: Excellent! I noticed you were sashaying around at Romanticon in a dashing steam punk outfit, & I see you belong to a group of steam punk writers.  Have you been published in any steampunk anthologies we might have heard of? 
Samantha is on the right, Mari Freeman on the left.
Samantha is on the right, Mari Freeman on the left.

SAMANTHA KANE: Thank you! I’ve co-written a steampunk with author Mari Freeman which our agent has diligently been shopping around. I love, love, love the genre! The book we wrote is titled ENGINE NO.9 and it’s about a group of female secret agents in 1869 in the American West. There’s adventure, train chases, mystery, romance, and the British Navaho airship fleet.

MADELINE IVA: Sounds like so much fun–thank you Samantha for being with us today. 
Readers, you can find Samantha Kane’s amazing Brothers In Arms series at Ellora’s Cave.  You can also find The Devil’s Thief here, and if you love her work like I do, please give Samantha Kane a shout out in our comments section below.

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  • Samantha Kane

    Thanks so much for having me at Lady Smut today! You all are a fun bunch here. My kind of peeps. 🙂

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    • Post authormadelineiva

      Like Ella said — hot regencies are totally where it’s at. I LOVED that sherlock movie as well.

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    I love hot Regencies. I’ll have to pre-order your book. Tweeted.

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  • LizEverly

    Welcome to Lady Smut, Samantha! I’m totally checking out your books. I’ve recently been reading Kate Pearce, too. Very enjoyable.

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