Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen

Photo by Dollen

Hello, sexy! We’ve got an interesting line-up of blog posts for you this week. Once again, a wide variety of writers and reads. The Lady Smut writers have covered much ground this week—blogs posts from Kristin Higgins, Rachelle Gardner, and Kathy Kulig. (Not sure where else you’d see those three names together!) We also have some advice posts on vibrators and how to make a million dollars from your writing.


From Liz:

Kristan Higgins on upping the stakes in your writing or “just kill someone already.”

Fun list from the Washington Post about some hot new romance novels for spring.

How not to write smut.

Rachelle Gardner on what happens when the sales guys run the company. Great responses on this post.

On respecting your process.

From Elizabeth:

Erotic romance author Kathy Kulig on why erotica is not a dirty word.

Shop talk on the best vibrators.

A video (!) on what guys think about cleavage.

From Madeline:

On the kindness of strangers in Paris when you need some lube.

Jennifer Armentrout made a million dollars from her writing.  Here’s how.

We romance folk aren’t writing “rape-tastic” any more.  How Romance Embraced Feminism.
From C. Margery:
Stay hungry, my friends,

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