Ready For Love?

11 Apr

Ready For LoveIn the midst of final edits for a requested manuscript, I realized two things at the same time. NBC’s Ready For Love was on and I needed a blog post for Thursday. Now, normally, I know we shouldn’t ditch the tedious task of editing for trashy reality TV, but you know, since I HAD to blog….I took a break. ;>

Surprisingly, Eva Longoria is an executive producer of this show.  She starts things off by coming out on stage and  admitting that these reality love show couples don’t make it mostly. But not on this show, of course.

Tim LopezReady for Love starts off in good–a very, very good–direction by picking out this guy Tim Lopez from the band Plain White T’s.  Tim Lopez is a ball of crush-worthiness.  You don’t see him coming.  Sincere, self-effacing, with a drop of dork/geek but with this kind of quiet player charm.  Geez (fanning myself.)

Sure, I can get into a frenzy about watching a really good guy trying to find love as much as the next girl.  Yes, I empathize deeply watching a young woman leave her comfort zone as she tries to avoid old unhelpful emotional patterns.  But let’s face it my friends, we watch these shows for the crazy.  Bring on the cray-cray.  We watch these emotional car crashes half gawking half wondering the whole time how much money people are getting.

Now Ready for Love is definitely trying to avoid all that crazy.  At least at first it seems that way.  There are no obvious porn star wannabes, no obvious party girls gone wild.  There’s no cute girl singer/songwriter who –hey where’d that guitar come from?–happens to serenades her date with her original song over national television.

The show is sort of a hybrid.  There are matchmakers–great looking match makers–who are on hand to pick out women for each guy.  They also give the women sound advice after each group date.  So one can come away from the show with little gold nuggets about relationships. Classy, right?

For instance, Amanda says “Most women see men as someone to conquer. But really, they’re creatures who just want to be loved.” Preach it, sister!

matt husseyMatt says “We deal in emotion, not logic.  Don’t talk about facts on a first date.  When we talk about what we do , how old we are, the first date goes nowhere.  Try seeking for an emotional connection instead.”  I’m nodding.  That sounds so smart.

Tracy suggests her gals think about utilizing their spirit of play for first date, and be in the moment. Yup.

So at this point I’m thinking the show seems to be working for the more sincere side of love and family.

I’m not necessarily missing the crazy, because Tim Lopez is so interesting.  The more the show goes on, the more sophisticated and layered he seems to be.  At this point on The Bachelor some woman would already be on her back, showing the bachelor how she can wrap her legs around the back of her head and then inviting him to spin her like a bottle.

They even make Tim wait for the first gander at the gals.  He stands behind a wall and chooses the women according to what they say not what they look like.  The freaky part is he seems to always pick the blondes out first.  What’s even more bizarre is that later on he admits he has a thing for blondes.  Let the love doctors puzzle that one out.

LeahOne of the blondes actually does look a little…well…trampy. She has these crazy pumped up lips and has a real grade “A” groupie vibe.  It turns out that she’s been a long term admirer of Tim’s back in Austin TX.  I don’t know, she seems sort of like a stalker.  She’s also very overtly aware of her lips and pouts or twitches them around a lot.

Spoiler alert! At the end of the show he has to decide between one girl and the super pooty lips stalker, Leah.

There are two fascinating things that happen here.  Leah puts it all on the line.  Tim is very aware that this is the first time someone’s taken the big risk to woo him.  She’s wooing alright, she’s making the Big Grand Gesture.  He’s evolved enough to be impressed.  But he’s always been the chaser before in relationships.  Hmmm.

He respects her move, but it’s not clear that he responds.

Meanwhile, there’s something a little, um, f*****-up about Leah.  Her story goes like this: I met him when he was married and was like shucks! Then we were friends for six years.  Then I found out that he was doing this show and I had to tell him how I feel, because I’m in love with him.

Okay….but we also find out that she has a son.  Who looks like he’s, um, three.  So, that part in the middle there? Her story doesn’t quite add up. Especially since he’s become much more famous in the last year or so.

So I’m appreciating the show when –hey, where did that guitar come from? Suddenly Tim is playing his big song with his band.  Then he’s singing for the girls.  Is he promoting himself or what? I kept waiting for one of the girl’s faces to register this ‘hey dude, is it always going to be all about you?’

Ultimately, Tim’s problem is that he’s on the road.  These women have various jobs like spa manager, real estate agent.  While they’re fairly smart, interesting, and deep, their work ties them to a location.  Tim obviously needs someone who can take her work with her anywhere.  Someone who does something like * cough *  write romances.

One may leave the show with question marks hovering around Tim, (How did he pick all those blondes first? How?) but the truly desirable guy in my opinion is Brit metro matchmaker Matt Hussey.  He knows how men think.  He knows how to relate to women.  He’s yummy.

See what I mean? Melt.

7 Responses to “Ready For Love?”

  1. jessiel62 April 14, 2013 at 11:00 pm #

    I enjoyed reading your take on last week’s premiere episode. I happened to stumble upon it by accident. Hadn’t even seen any previews for it. No, I wasn’t living under a rock. Just seemed to miss them. But, oh my, did I watch the whole thing?? Yup. I don’t normally go for the reality shows that are out there, but seeing Tim & yes, Matt, I just had to see what the show was going to be like. Thank God, my husband was away on travel & I could watch the show. Think I’ll be watching it this week in another room.

    I was a little thrown when Tim kept picking blondes, too. It was odd, since he didn’t see them because of the wall. I got a wierd vibe with Leah though. Yes, I get they were friends for six years. And Tim was married and all, but was he married the entire time? And wasn’t the question thrown out there asking if they had ever been intimate during those six years? Did I miss the response to that question? No, I think it was never answered. I am looking forward to seeing how this show turns out. I’m curious to see who Tim picks & I also want to see the other two bachelors. I’m also hoping that Ready for Love doesn’t have all of that crazy drama bull that the other shows do.

    The matchmakers are an interesting mix & I did pick up some tips (not that I’m looking) but as to what guys look for, etc. etc.

    Thank you for your post. I hope you comment again on this show in the future.


    • madelineiva April 15, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

      Hey Jessie — I’m glad we agree on the blonde phenom and how odd Leah was. I’m an inveterate matchmaker at heart, so I love hearing those tips. You can be sure I’ll be posting about this show in the future. 🙂 –M.


  2. Liz Everly April 11, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Love this post, but I don’t watch these shows because they kind of freak me out. I feel so embarrassed and sorry for these people that I can’t enjoy the show. Like the stalker, Leah…man I just feel like what’s up with that? Like get a life, woman, and leave this man alone. And how desperate do you really have to be to put yourself through this kind of thing? Then I wonder what kind of childhood she had, how mistreated in her life she’s been that she has this really low self-esteem, and so on. I just can’t handle it.


    • madelineiva April 11, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

      I think it’s the writer in us that fills in a massive back story for these folk. There’s a way in which the tricky turns and shifts of their relations inspire me as a romance writer. They just remind me of these certain intense moments you have in romances/relationships. (But some I know would say it’s because they ARE written by people credited as editors.)

      Yet they’re really raw and squiddgy in a way that you don’t see on a typical television show. I like that — if for no other reason than because it breaks the barriers of what women are supposed to behave like, or it represents class in a way you don’t normally see represented on television.


  3. Elizabeth Shore April 11, 2013 at 6:58 am #

    Hmmmm, I haven’t heard about this show but I’m intrigued enough to catch a peek. Fun post, Madeleine!


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