Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello , Sexy! This week it’s just Madeline Iva and myself coming up with a few awesome blog posts for you to check out. But still the variety is fun, yummy, and fascinating. So sit back and enjoy!

From Liz:

Elizabeth Naughton on why she self-publishes. (And she make a great living at it. Check it out. You go, girl!)

Talli Rolland asks to Blog or Not?

Pondering writing erotica.

Vaginas of Science and Justice.

News of the weird. Getting nabbed having sex (after church) in the Kroger parking lot.

From Madeline:

What’s a Review Crew? Sarah Wendell explains it all for you. commentary on Reddit’s guide to a rape-y teeth gritted first kiss.  No, I couldn’t look away, I read the whole thing.

Alma Katsu waves bye-bye to Google Alerts and points you towards a brave new social media world.

Is it tacky to sing at your own wedding? What if it’s Oh Canada!? Avril Lavrine lays down her wedding do’s n don’ts.

Stay hungry, my friends,


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