Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello, sexy! We’ve got a fascinating group of blogs lined up for your weekend reading. Once again, we bring you a group of diverse and lively topics. Yep, we’ve got posts on penises, vampire facials, and the psychology of love. Where else are you going to see Kim Kardashian’s name in the same post with Brain Pickings? Hmmm? Kick back and enjoy!

From Liz:

Do you still need an agent?

Bella Andre and her story.

Why you might choose NOT to self-publish.

Great post from Misty Dietz on seeing and loving yourself.

Science proves women want men with bigger penises?

Growing a mid-list author. Robyn Carr.

From Elizabeth:

In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, a beautiful article by Time Magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger on why heroes risk it all for strangers.

Need a little comic relief? The annual results from the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest are out.

Lighten your hair the natural way, using cinnamon.

Say it isn’t so! Death of the cupcake.

From Madeline:

I was definitely saddened and even felt anxious after the horrible news from Boston this week.  If you find it hard to get out of that anxious/sad mode once you’re in it–here are 16 ways to feel not so sad.

Still worried about what photos you can use on your blog without getting sued? Not to fear, the answer is here.

Are you sexy and you know it?

I love guest blogging–here are 9 tips for being a good guest.

No she didn’t–did you hear about Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial?

From C. Margery:

The best muse EVAH! She’s fierce.

Frida Kahlo: not just a great artist, but turning everything around her into art.

I reviewed a gorgeous book of fairy tales aimed at YA but totally satisfying for grown-ups too; this is why print books will not disappear. We want beautiful books!

From Brain Pickings: 5 Must Read Books on the Psychology of Love

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