Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Greetings, sexy! What a week. I’m still in lala land over my blog post on USA Today’s Happy Ever After column. It’s been so busy at home that I barely have time to eat! The next thing ya know it’s time to round-up some blog posts. So we have a group of very interesting posts this week. Sit back, grab a cuppa or glass of whatevah, and enjoy!

From Liz:

Jody Hedlund on tips for finding competent, compatible critique partners.

Forced seduction and its place in romance (or not).

The value of a writer’s life experience.

From Madeline:

Stephanie Frasco tells us how to Market like a Kardashian. Hate them if you will, but you gotta admit–this is their one true area of genius.  (Thanks to Alma Katsu for the blog rec.)

It’s not too late to vote for your favorite ROMANCE CRACK.

Older woman, younger man–yes, it’s a hot sub-genre in erotic romance, but how well does it work in real life? 

Yet again Cosmo gives the worst sex advice EVAH.  (I still recall with helpless giggles the column on trying out BDSM. “take a fork and stick him with it all over.” Hahahahahahaha! ) This one is on how to take that hot new sexy relationship and make it awkward as F***.  (Who are the people who write this stuff and what’s wrong with them???)

Margie Lawson give great examples of writers injecting their words with emotion at Writers In The Storm Blog this week.

From Elizabeth

Is your voice affecting the way others perceive you?

You. Being sexy. In 3D. Oh yes, ladies, it’s here.

Make your break-ups that much more perfect with these handy suggestions for break-up wine pairings.

From Margery:

Book marketing ideas that will change your life.

James Patterson thinks the sky is falling!

How some devious editors tried to remove all the “lady writers” from Wikipedia pages.

An amazing artist who never shared her incredible photographs.

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