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By Liz Everly, with the Lady Smut Bloggers

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello, sexy! What a week. I’m done with my travels for now and back at work. Once again, we’ve gotten some fascinating blogs and even a video for you to check out this week. Sit back, relax, and happy reading.

I sat in on the RITA-nominees Shindig event on Thursday night and this post was brought up several times: Should we allow the historical genre to die?

Nathan Bransford on how publisher should empower their authors.

Writers breaking the “rules” of good writing.

This from the strange, but true. An man dies in Nigeria after being raped by his wives.

Charlaine Harris on killing off a series.

Another from the strange but true. A question about changing the sheets between lovers.

From Madeline:

Always looking for how to manage your time more productively? Me too! Here are 9 tips on managing your time from Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat posted on the Washington Romance Writers blog.

“It’s hard to explain or describe how a woman feels about her body—it’s either her friend or her enemy.” If you’re moved by this statement, maybe it’s time to call a truce.  Meanwhile, this fascinating account of post-baby plastic surgery is as soul searching as it is provocative.

How to write fast from the master of writing fast.

Kate Worth shared these links to the latest Harlequin fail– Part 1) Joe Conrath explains the backstory on the lawsuit. Part 2) The Judge Dismisses the Case. Part 3) Snarky commentary on The Harlequin Survey that followed. (You might read this if only for Bob Mayer’s response in the comments section.)

Alma Katzu’s edgy social media blog ENDPAPER NOTES is not for the faint of heart.  But her think tank expert’s take on cutting edge social media is where you’ll find the good stuff.

From Elizabeth:

Sure, Sunday’s Mother’s Day, but it’s also National Limerick Day! Celebrate by reading a brief history of the limerick.

At last, a definitive guide to buying and wearing a properly sized bra.

Beach time! Publishers’ Weekly is out with their list of best summer books for 2013. Stock up!

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  • ellaquinnauthor

    Such good links this week. I dearly want to go to the lady in Pairs who custom makes bras. The Historical genre is not any where close to going away, and the man who died may have been a paragon in public, but was clearly not so nice at home. Need to get to the rest of them now. I Tweeted.

    Reply to ellaquinnauthor

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