Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello Sexy! Ever wonder how to keep your sex toys safe? Or who has the best condom? Hmm? We at Lady Smut try to round-up the most pertinent blog posts of the week for you. Keeping it lively, entertaining, and just a little informative. Enjoy!

From Liz Everly

Is Apple the ringmaster in e-book price fixing?

Strong is the new skinny. Huzzah!

Rebuffed woman bites the penis of her boyfriend. Yep that’s right. As in give me some love or I’ll bite it off. heh.

Ever tried to have sex with a hornet’s nest? Why not? Maybe it’s not such a good idea (ya think?)–as one gent in Sweden found out.

From C. Margery Kempe

There’s a new issue of Safeword Magazine, full of fun stuff!

In spite of doom and gloom, the five biggest traditional publishing conglomerates all had healthy profit margins  in 2012–helped by ebook sales.

An Ingram exec says Barnes & Noble could survive if it got rid of the Nook, which is dragging down the entire company. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble is (bizarrely) launching Nook Press.

Creative people say NO.

From Elizabeth:

So you think toilet seats are gross? They’re nothing compared to your purse.

This girl never takes it off. Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury about why she sleeps in her makeup.

Keep your sex toys safe. City Girl teaches us about dildology.

Scientific research shows, this is the best condom.

From Madeline:

We love Misty Deitz.  Here’s her great 3 part advice blog post on realistic kink for the girl next door.

Ah-ha! Sex advice from Cougars

News from crazy-town: Let his wife tell you he’s married—even if she’s not at the bar when you meet him. This is a wedding ring that imprints the word married on his finger.  

Love this guy! Mattew Hussey gives you tips on how to instantly tell if a guy really likes you.

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