Reading Variety: The Spice of Life

By Liz Everly

I confess. I don’t just read hot romances. I mean, I know I’m a Lady Smut blogger and all of that. But, in fact, sometimes I start reading a romance (or any book) and only read a few chapters, pages, or paragraphs and lose interest. The older I get, and the more I write, I can see a bad book coming and have no patience or time for it. Sometimes, I find some good reads though. Reads worth my time—and I like to share them when I find them.

We shy away from regular reviews on Lady Smut because we have the utmost respect for anybody who writes a book. We know what goes into it—the heart, blood, and sweat most writers put into their work. Whether it’s any good or not. And the other thing is that reading is so subjective. One person’s good book might not be another’s drudge.  So with all due respect to a variety of opinions, I have been doing some reading and found some great reads to share with you.

images“Touchstone,” by Laurie R. King. The book is large and if I had edited it, I’d have cut the first quarter of it at least. I say that—but I continued to read it. It was written very well, but I just longed for the pace to pick up. Laurie King writes stand-alone mysteries and suspense novels and she also writes a “Sherlockian” mystery series that I do plan to add to my list of TBRs. This book has a complicated, nuanced plot and the characters are fascinating.

images-1“The Chocolate Rose,” by Laura Florand, is a part of a “chocolate” series. I think it’s the last in the series. I loved this book. The love story was touching and the sex scenes were hot without spilling over into the way-too graphic, and the writer knows her chocolate. Her main character is a cookbook author, just like my main character in Saffron Nights. Ni-ice. The Chocolate Rose was just a light-hearted and delightful story. I have her whole series on my TBR list, as well.

images-2“Dying Scream” by Mary Burton. Here is a writer I adore. I know Mary personally and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, yet she has way with dark stories. Some of her books have given me nightmares. This book did not give nightmares, but I think it’s one of her best. A great story told with a deft hand. I think this is one of the best romantic suspense books I’ve read in a long time. If you love romantic suspense, this book needs to be on your summer reading list.

images-3“Soul Stripper” by Katana Collins, a paranormal romance about a succubus who needs to have sex to stay “alive.” I’m not really into paranormal romances. But this book pulled me in and would not let go. Fabulous writing and storytelling. I found it difficult to put the book down—much to my children’s dismay, who were like, I don’t know….wanting LUNCH or something. Heh. Seriously. This is a fun, imaginative, and VERY sexy read. I can’t wait for book two in the series.

Have you read any good books to share with us today?

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  • Elizabeth Shore

    Some great recommendations here. Thanks, Liz! Variety is indeed the spice of life, and I think that applies to our reading lists as well. Right now I’m reading The Twelve, Justin Cronin’s sequel to The Passage, and I’m loving it. Next I’m reading the second in the Twilight series. Yes, I admit it, I haven’t read the full series yet, just book one. A good friend has prompted me to do so because she loves the books, so that’s next on my list. Then it’s likely back to another hot read!

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    Thanks for commenting. Speaking of variety, I’ve started reading the Agatha Raisin Series by MC Beaton and LOVE it. Very much the British cozy mystery, set in the Cotswolds. LOL.

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    Reblogged this on Liz Everly and commented:

    What are you reading these days?

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