Friday Fun: Dance Revolution

Portrait_Emma_Goldmanby C. Margery Kempe

If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution! Emma Goldman (sort of)

I have a couple of friends who have a nigh on evangelical zeal for zumba. I had no idea what it was, but I too well remembered the horror that was Jazzercize (oh, tempt me in with the idea of dancing then prove to me that you could suck out all the fun and leave the strenuous effort — yes, I remember you, Jazzercize).

However I was lured in to a benefit zumba-thon for a cause very dear to my heart and as I stood sneering at the back, I started to feel the beat and it actually looked like it really was fun. So I joined in, despite not really dressing for a workout and admit I would totally do it again.

Is there a Wii version?

I’ve always loved dancing though I don’t get as many opportunities to do it. I’ve always been fascinated by ‘instruction’ dances like The Madison: the idea of trying to control the anarchy of dance intrigues me.

In school I had to perform pom-pom routines in front the of the whole school. While far from the cheerleader type I always ended up in the front row of the crowd. Why? I can dance to a beat and memorise routines. It’s all about sense memory, but when you make people move and put them in front of a crowd, they get all awkward. Maybe it was my early ballet training (I was too tall to be a ballerina 🙁 before I was old enough to know I didn’t dance well enough), but observation just made me want to be perfect.

What’s your dance? Do you have a favourite? Or would you rather just pogo madly?




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  • LizEverly

    I love Zumba! It’s so much fun you hardly realize you’re working your a** off. I love to dance and was a serious ballet student for many year. Now, my daughters are dancing. Whether you become a ballerina or not, it teaches you so much. Fun post, Kate!

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    • Post authorcmkempe

      Excellent to hear!

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