Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Compiled by Liz Everly.

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello Sexy! The beginning of summer is full of such possibilities. Great weather. Great fun. And great reads. Check out some of these blog posts for your weekend reading pleasure.

From Liz:

The how-to’s of SEO.

Writing lessons learned from reading a book.

Phillip Reeve on gender in story. An man writer’s point of view.

A good post for writer about identifying your target market.

Deep point-of-view.

Life Beyond Erotica, from One-Handed Writer’s Blog.

From CMK:

Amazon’s Storyboarding

The truth about getting Facebook likes

Famous writers’advice on writing

From Madeline:

The secret Cosmo Superlift Twist! – and other sex positions that we just gotta try.

“Just say SAID,” Lexi Walker cried in her guest blog post about dialogue tags.

TMI? Stars talk about their sex lives.

Hey jaded erotic romance writers—see if this video doesn’t open your eyes to a whole slew of possible gender/sexual/romantic combos: Are asexual people just ugly unattractive losers?—and other really frank discussions about asexuality.

From Elizabeth:

Men’s Fitness tells the guys how to make the right online impression to get the girls. See if you agree with their tips.

Sweep the floor with a kitty!

The hot new sexy thing in Japan? Eyeball licking.

Like BDSM? According to psychiatrists, that just might mean you’re A-OK.

Stay hungry,


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