Sexy Saturday Round Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello Sexy! Ahhh, summer is here in all of it’s glory. What better way to relax on the weekend than catch up on your blog reading here at Lady Smut? This week, we have some fun posts about things like sex toys, masturbation, and blow jobs and some fabulous posts about writing and writers.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

From Jody Hedlund’s blog,  creating swoon worthy heroes.

The Elephant Journal on ways to pleasure yourself.

From Erotica Everywhere, the importance of kisses.

For writers: How much description is too much?

Feast your eyes–for a good cause. A British rowing team strips down to fight homophobia.

The ravishment fantasy from Aurelia T. Evans.

From Madeline:

Horniness and your circadian rhythms or “Why We Have Sex At Night” (to which I say speak for yourself).

Make a music CD together and other fun ways to keep the romance alive without sex.

Happiness is thinking you get laid more often than your neighbors.

This in the eeesh! Category: a new sex toy–the fake tongue wheel!

From Elizabeth:

Are you wasting money on deodorant? Check your ears.

Twenty-five ugly nasty swimsuits. Stay away.

You never forget your first . . . sex scene. Romance authors reminisce on the first sex scenes they ever read.

Here  it is, ladies (or guys. Hey, it’s all cool at Lady Smut). Five tips for giving great blow jobs.

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger shares what she’s learned about love.

From CMK:

Showing your political admiration with Amazon reviews.

Sexual quirks of a few (mostly male) authors.

The Art of Joy: a lost masterpiece of sexual adventures.

The first Pride parades in photos.

Helen Keller and holding on to hope.

Stay Hungry,


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