July 4, 2013

Erotic Spy Thriller: Agent of Desire

AliasI miss ALIAS, don’t you? That show was equal parts daffy and awesome.  I was going through a bit of a rough patch when I started watching the show.  I had the flu really bad.  For three weeks straight and all I could do was lie in bed, feverish and miserable, sipping oj and ginger ale while soaking up Sydney’s sad brave march through her dangerous but totally glamorous life on DVD.

Vaugn, you're so cute.
Vaugn, you’re so cute.

I thought Vaughn was to die. I wanted Sydney’s father to be my father, and I never liked her roommate not for one minute–I was so glad when she turned out to be evil.  Even typing this I can hear the pta pta pintingle-pingle of the opening music.

After I was up from my sick bed, I was in this state of perpetual intimidation with my new surroundings (I’d just moved to a new city) and found it hard to get motivated.  So I did every day what Sydney did at the beginning of each mission–I’d get dressed up in some jazzy outfit and march on out there to kick ass.

AgentIf you’re missing ALIAS too, and you like erotic spy thrillers, you might want to check out the first book in the Jessica Booker series by Charlie Evans: AGENT OF DESIRE.  As the book opens we’ve got Paris going on, there’s a sexy boy named Lincoln, and a handler named Sims — and boy has Sims got secrets.  There’s even the rival girl agent who sometimes gets there first and seems a hair more competent than Jessica, our heroine.

Evans is able to neatly introduce these characters, present the mission, as well as the present that turn-on-a-dime twist that has Jessica suddenly doing a 180 and taking off in another direction.  It’s smooth, it’s fun, and the sex…the sex is good.  Jessica’s cold cold heart does not get in the way of her strong attraction to men.  She’s getting off plenty, breaking some hearts, and moving too fast to have her own heart broken…at least at the beginning.

Here’s a blurb for the book–

Francie evil.
Francie evil.

Adrenaline junkie Jessica Booker joined the CIA to take on bad guys and flirt with danger. And with perks like sleeping with hot foreign men added into the mix, well…it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Now in Paris, she’s about to take on her second assignment as an official agent but is caught off guard when her new handler turns out to be Sims, a sexy CIA instructor. Sims was hard enough to resist in the classroom—in the field, he’s a dangerous distraction. To make matters worse, Jessica’s target is a gorgeous Frenchman who manages to put her in the most compromising positions—positions she doesn’t Costume 1altogether mind.

Oh and hey! It’s on sale today for 99 cents this week. You can find it here.

Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of Sydney disguises.

Have a Happy firecracking Fourth of July! Costume 2Costume 3Costume 4

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