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Gothic erotic romance at Bookstrand.
A Gothic erotic romance offering at Bookstrand.

Can’t take the heat? Try retreating inside with a smoothie and some hot erotic romance.  I trawl the erotic romance publishers checking out the different categories or themes they offer.  For instance, I’m always interested in Shivers which is an erotic horror imprint at Ellora’s Cave.

The premise of erotic horror sounds great–if it’s done right–so I eagerly check out each of their new offerings, even if I’m very choosy about what I buy. (Probably because gothic erotic romance is really more my thing.)

In addition to Shivers, I regularly check out these other Ellora’s Cave offerings: sci-fi (Aeon), fantasy (Xanadu), BDSM (Taboo), Interracial (Fusion), erotic (Exotica)–which is an imprint. Another line  Ellora’s Cave has that I love the idea is called Sophisticate–which are older woman/younger man storylines. Some erotic romance publishers offer a lot of categories or themes–and some don’t.

If you’re familiar with the usual offerings, I’ve dug around for some pretty unique themes that maybe you haven’t explored. NOTE: I’m sure I’ve probably overlooked some publisher & their unique kind of category. Please let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed something.

This is the book that launched the Maya revolution.
This is the book that launched the Maya revolution.

There are some themes/lines at Ellora’s Cave that I don’t see elsewhere.  These are: Urban FantasyGen Edge/New Adult (but am I crazy or did Loose Id offer a similar imprint at one point?) and Marital Heat (Branded).

Branded is definitely a unique line. These stories feature brides, newlyweds, or married folk heating up the bedroom.  They’re almost always spanking stories–perhaps in an appeal to the Christian Domestic Discipline crowd? [Liz was rolling her eyes about them the other day in Sexy Saturday Round Up.]

Meanwhile, over at Samhain I regularly look at their Comedy, Red Hots, and Voluptuous themes.  However, they also have  Angels & Demons and  Men In Uniform themes. And! They have a free reads section.

Right now you can get free reads by Maya Banks, Shiloh Walker, and Loraleigh James.  Click on any of their names above to go to the free read link.

Yaoi --it's a Japanese Manga thang.
Yaoi –it’s a Japanese Manga thang. has GOTHIC erotic romance.  Love gothic!

Phaze publishes some whack stuff.  For instance, they have  dark erotica, which is a brilliant move because dark erotica has a real strong readership. Even though the relationships in dark erotic are intense, they often also go outside the boundaries that women-friendly publishers usually put in place, so you don’t see it at Ellora’s Cave or Samhain.

Phaze also has some eesh stuff (Breast milk erotica? I mean, not to be judgemental, but ick.) In addition to that, Phaze has YAOI.

What is Yaoi you ask?  Well…it’s a Japanese version of Slash fiction.  But now some of you are scratching your heads saying: Slash fiction? What’s that? Well, I will tell you.  Slash fiction is fan fiction written by women online in which popular icons like Kirk and Spock fell in love and got it on.  The whole m/m thing came out of slash fiction. Yaoi does the same thing — but the cult figures in these m/m romances are drawn from Japanese manga iconic characters, not American pop icons.

Venus in Furs--what a great title!
Venus in Furs–what a great title! Yet this cover has no venus and no furs. I had to stare a long time before I figured out what body part this is.

Finally, while Mischief serves up mostly straight contemporary romance (including my favorite author Charlotte Stein) they have an erotic classics imprint.  Have you read Venus in Furs? I haven’t, but I’ve certainly heard of it.  Now I can get it at Mischief.

Is there any category or line or imprint that you wish was out there? I mean, why no Scottish historical line?

Anyway, explore new boundaries and check out some of the free fun.  Find something that will get you into a sweat and then let it cool you off.  ;> If you know what I mean.  And I think you do. And please follow our blog by pushing the follow button just to your right. 🙂

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  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Such great suggestions! Thanks Madeline. Now I have new places to look when I’m up for hot reads. 🙂

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authormadelineiva

    I think so many of us readers have fairly eclectic tastes, don’t you? ;>

    Reply to madelineiva
  • Post authorAlexa Day

    Love this post! The broad array of flavors is one of the things I love about reading erotica and erotic romance. I guess it’s the idea that everyone has an equal shot at finding a place in one of those hot stories. 🙂

    Reply to Alexa Day
    • Post authormadelineiva

      Hot stories, yes, but just kinda crazy-unexpected stories too.

      Reply to madelineiva

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