July 15, 2013

Silver Foxes

Older, hotter, better?
Older, hotter, better?

by Madeline Iva

Clooney’s single again.  Any takers? ;>

Even with a relationship shelf-life of two years, Clooney is still tragically hot. You know your subconscious is whispering “Me, George.  Over here.  Pick me.”

I mean, it could happen.  He’s had waitress and bartender girlfriends that he presumably just happened to meet.  He’s also dated actresses, dancers, and whatever that Italian woman was. (Besides anorexic, I mean.)

You know, it’s unfair. Some guys just don’t get old, they get indescribably hotter.

Boy George when he was young.  Meh.
Boy George when he was young. Meh.

I have a friend who’s fifty.  A very fit and attractive fifty. He was recently seduced–he swears he was seduced–by a 21 year old.  You’re cringing, I know, I am too.  But the thing is–I actually believe him. He’s a nice guy. He’s not ready to plop in front of TV and says he’s done with life.  He’s still very active and vibrant.  Face it, I said to DH, he’s hot. There are those guys–those maddening guys–who only get better with age.

They’re good fathers.  Their voices are deep.  They’re not bothered by much.  Because let’s face it–young guys often gripe a lot–and their irritable demeanor hides a super-sensitive interior. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

Whereas older men–well, by now they should have a clue about the clitoris–where it is, and what to do with it.  They’re not going to freak out because you’re not wearing a thong.  It’s soooooo soothing to be around them.

Here are some more getting-hotter older guys.

Hugh Laurie, of course.


That guy from mad men –

His name is John Slattery.  He only gets more attractive as he ages.
His name is John Slattery. He only gets more attractive as he ages.

Jeff Goldblum

Most under-appreciated hot guy in Hollywood
Most under-appreciated hot guy in Hollywood

Javier Bardem

Hot enough to make you shiver.
Hot enough to make you shiver.

And a lot of others, including:

Morgan Freeman

Bruce Cambell

Liam Neeson

Jeff Goldblum

Johnny Depp


and…my number one He’s-Just-Getting-Better-As-He-Gets-Older icon: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

This guy has paid his dues.  He didn’t just hop out of the blue as Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones.  No, he’s clawed his way up from Denmark in the early 90’s and it’s been a twenty year year slog, mastering an American accent and developing his acting chops–which are very good by now.  He was in BLACK HAWK DOWN ten years ago, he showed some nice personality in WIMBLEDON, and then finally, got the chance in HEADHUNTERS to show he could be a dynamic, sexy, bad guy.

I’m convinced it’s that role that landed him Jamie Lannister.

Great DVD -- check it out.
Great DVD — check it out.

That and a fantasy realm thick with mid-atlantic accents.  Nickolaj was nice eye-candy when he was young.  Yet like a sword tempered in the fires of an international acting career, he’s just gotten stronger, better, and hotter.

So. Older men.  What do you think? Is there some Dorian Grey price these guys pay for being so hot? Maybe George is right to steer away from kids and a family so late in life. After all, racing after a young child in your sixties and raising a teenager in your seventies–that’s a lesser ring in hell, right? ;>

Say you had to choose: who among us would take a hot older guy over a hot younger guy? Show of hands below in the comments section.

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