Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello, Sexy! Welcome to your weekend. Have one more cup or coffee or tea, snuggle up to

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

someone special, or not, and enjoy this weekend’s reading pleasure. We’ve got you covered—from posts on anal sex and cheating to kissing and hooker school. Hmm. I wonder if they teach kissing in hooker school?

Anyway, enjoy!

From Liz:

A guide to anal sex.

Are you alienating Facebook fans?

Reviewing erotica.

Are women hardwired to cheat?

Those amazing Amazon alogorithms.

From CMK:

From one of our favs, Jane Friedman: Writing on the ether.

Online romance writing program.

Scaling new heights.

From Madeline:

So that’s why I look so young! ;>

What is this thing called New Adult?

Boys DO Cry – girl disguised as boy during sex gets jail time.

Tales from the front lines:  an account of lessons learned in agent assisted publishing.  Courtesy of Alma Katzu.

Lady Smut loves a guy who’s done his research on the orgasmatron.

From Elizabeth:

Back to basics: Kissing 101.

A sex worker gives a first-hand account of what she learned in hooker school.

Yeah, it’s hot out there, but that doesn’t mean your guy has to look like a dork. Here’s the lowdown on the best men’s shorts, British style.

They jump! They play drums! They’re the amazing Acro-cats!

Sure you’ve got a little black dress, but what about a little white jacket?

Stay Hungry,


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