July 23, 2013

The Firth, Mr. Darcy, and Me

By Liz Everly

So last week, I responded to our own Madeline Iva’s post about Collin Farrell. I said in the world of Colins, I prefer the Firth. And yes I do. (But I adore Mr. Farrell, as well.) But after thinking it over, the reason I love the Firth so much is because of one character he played. That would be Mr. Darcy.


It’s interesting how the mind works. As I was connecting my thoughts form one Colin to the next, then to Mr. Darcy, I immediately thought of Gray McGhilly, who is the male lead in LIKE HONEY (the new title for what I was calling MASTER BEEKEEPER). Turns out, I’d been thinking a bit of Firth when I wrote Gray. Even though Gray’s personality is really nothing like Darcy’s on the face of things, he, um, kind of looks like him. And Gray’s tough-guy resolve melts away (a bit ) by the end of the story. That is true of Mr. Darcy, as well, isn’t it? (Although I would never use “tough guy” as a description of him.) But those very strict morals and society rules are the trapping for Darcy that he sheds ( a bit).

In any case, I can’t wait to share LIKE HONEY with you. But first, I have another book coming out in November, CRAVINGS. Come to think of it, that male lead (Sanj) is kind of the Indian version of Mr. Darcy. Oh boy. I really need to get Darcy off the brain. But as for the Firth, I’ve got a new board on Pinterest dedicated to him. Check it out. What do you think?

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  • Post authorSofie Couch

    BWA HA HA HA! I just realized that Madeline’s post was about COLIN Ferrell – and here I was trying to picture Will Ferrell in the romantic hero roles she was describing. NOW I get it! Yeh! I’m totally on board with you, Liz, (and Madeline Iva). Colin Firth. Mr. Darcy. Totally. (Just don’t try to picture Will Ferrell in that role.) Okay, go ahead. Try to picture WILL Ferrell in that role. What a hoot!

    Reply to Sofie Couch
  • Post authorLizEverly

    Bahaha! You scared me. I thought I wrote Will Ferrell instead of Colin. I need another cup of coffee. Obviously. Thanks for commenting.

    Reply to LizEverly
    • Post authormadelineiva

      Colin Firth walks into any movie and instantly makes it better. He’s got serious chops. Bravo! Love the pinterest pg too. xo

      Reply to madelineiva

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