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July 27, 2013

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

Hello Sexy! We’ve got some great blog posts lined up for your reading pleasure. We give you advice on sexting, along with cures for hot flashes. And where else are you going to see the names Jody Hedlund, Jennie Crusie, Jane Austen, and VC Andrews all in one place? Read on, my friends. Enjoy!

So honored by being asked to guest post on Chick Swagger. Check out my post on sex and food.

Book promotion tips.

Jennie Crusie on what we can learn from Sharknado.

Practice safe sexting.

Why do hybrid authors want?

Jody Hedlund on why favorite authors sometimes disappoint.

On the Happy Ever After.

From CMK:

Jane Austen on the £10 note.

VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic covers through time.

10 Rights of a Reader

Censorship redux

From Madeline:

This swimsuit gives new meaning to the words bite me:

Stephanie Dray shares her method of managing copy edit madness.

Sex is the best cure for hot flashes?

The link above is from TRUTH a new line of EROTIC MEMOIRS by Riverdale Ave Books. Check out the 2.99 special every Tuesday.

A new take on LOCKS OF LOVE.

Taking ‘friends with benefits‘ to a whole new level: 40 Days of Dating. (Warning–this site will SUCK YOU IN.)

From Elizabeth:

Boy band One Direction makes us beautiful with their songs and now with their new makeup line

The best of Tumblr porn

Writer Laura Bogart’s honest, moving story about why she chooses to be fat.

Feeding your need for sexy male eye candy at Hunk-O-Mania.

Keep chugging that jumbo cuppa morning joe. Study says it’ll help you live longer.

Stay Hungry,


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