July 29, 2013

A-Rod You’ve Been Replaced.

Jose Iglesias.  (Wow.)
Who is this hot new guy on the Red Sox? And why isn’t he sporting an ugly-freaky beard like the rest of them?

by Madeline Iva

There are parts of summer I love.  Days spent on a river that’s lazy-slow, and long hot nights where you itch to be out late having drinks and people watching.  These are the kind of evenings where you can give in to baseball.

It’s not always a fast game.  But it’s an excellent game for winding down after a long day.

It’s certainly not a violent game. (Unless you’re David Ortiz and there’s a phone handy.)

Okay, Jeeter I admit sometimes you are a leetle cute.
Okay, Jeeter I admit sometimes you are a leetle cute.

Yet it does suffer to some degree from those funny little pants they wear and from a sometimes significant lack of male hotness.  At least I think so.

For instance: what’s with all the Amish beards the guys are sporting lately? Is hipster fashion creeping into the dugout? I don’t get it.

Some of you would protest this.  You ladies like—love!—the A-Rod.  Some have the hots for Derek Jeter.

Look at that hair! You hope he's as sweet as he looks.
Jose Iglesias. (Wow.)

I’ve never gotten it myself–with either guy, but maybe that’s just the Red Sox fan in me.  I have serious blinders on when it comes to Yankees.  But where Madonna leads, many will follow.

Ladies, there’s a new kid on the block.  A Red Sox rookie having his first year at The Show.  His name is Jose Iglesias.  He plays 3rd base. (Fanning myself.)  Whoo-boy.  I’d never before realized how sexy playing 3rd base is.

Poor A-rod. Not.
Poor A-rod. Not.

It’s just really…hot.

He’s from Havana, Cuba.  He’s right handed.  What more do you need to know about a guy? (Shrugging.)

A-Rod, I think you’ve been dethroned.

Jose, you're so cute when you're thinking.
Jose, you’re so cute when you’re thinking.

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  • Post authorMichelle

    Baseball hotness. Yes, please. I’m a lifelong baseball fan, and while I can recite the rules of the game and how to calculate some of the player statistics, there is ALWAYS room to admire the eye candy.

    However, I’ve always drawn the line at “liking” the skankees. Yes, they have some beautiful men on that team. And, yes, they play well. But, I look upon them as I do a cobra snake – nice to look at, but I don’t want to be anywhere around it. LOL

    The phone. Big Papi. OMG. Add the fuel of my TB Ray David Price’s t-shirt holding up the tin can phone and we have what I like best about the game – the ability to have FUN. As a fan, I’m happy to see players enjoying the game, and each other, after too many years of the “business” side of baseball rearing its ugly head.

    I wish, however, that MLB teams would hire team stylists. Maybe some of the rejected designers from “Project Runway,” or retired dressers/wardrobe managers from Broadway or Hollywood. Hairstylists and a good barber should also being included on the staff, because, you’re right, Amish-style beards only work with the hat, horse and buggy. 🙂

    I hope my Rays keep doing as well as they have been!

    Reply to Michelle
    • Post authormadelineiva

      Your Rays are killing it! Argh. We’ll see what happens tonight.

      I mean, they may be doing a little something with stylists. Look again at Jose Iglesias’s eyebrows. That freaking perfection didn’t come from nature, I’m thinking.

      You know, I do feel a little for Ortiz — that ump was kinda messed up. But the phone thing! At least they can laugh about it pretty quickly after. Well, what can you do? The guy seems to be a man of very big emotions — laughing and hugging teammates one minute and going gonzo the next. And if the big emotions are making him slug it out of the park–I repeat–what can you do?

      Cheers Michelle! :>

      Reply to madelineiva
      • Post authorMichelle

        Jose’s always been so well groomed, that I’m sure he’s got a team of threaders ready to keep his brows looking camera-ready. 🙂

        Let’s just kick and watch. Enjoy the rest of the season!

        Reply to Michelle
  • Post authorLiv Rancourt

    Sometimes the handsome-factor is the only reason to watch the Seattle Mariners…like, say, Mark Morris and Franklin Gutierrez come to mind…you know, Cutie-Guti-with-the-Bootie…

    Reply to Liv Rancourt
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