July 31, 2013

Rocker Dudes – Hot Or Not?

by Elizabeth Shore

Rock starLast Wednesday I was two days into a new office job and the sterile atmosphere of corporate America had me pining for my thrill-a-minute, adventurous and most decidedly glamorous fantasy life as a rocker chick. I imagined the cool clothes, the awe-struck fans, and the hot rocker guys drooling over me as I jetted off to far away places for awesome concerts packed with hordes of adoring mobs. (hey, I can dream, right?)

Expanding on that theme, I decided to feature some sexy hot rocker guys in today’s post. But ho and below (as my dear friend’s mother would say), I ran into a snag. I couldn’t find a lot of hot rocker guys.

What happened? thought I. I remember the heady days of the 80’s and the metal “hair bands” as they were sometimes called. Those guys were hot, right? I mean, in that 80’s kind of way, but still. Presumptive logic convinced me that it would be easy enough to find today’s version of hot rocker dudes. Turns out, not so. At least, not the type of guys I’m typically drawn to. But hey, that’s the beauty of taste, right? One gal’s George Clooney is another’s Pee Wee Herman. Nonetheless, I gamely trudged on, determined to dig up a few hotties to share. Reviewing several “hottest guys in rock” lists and with help from my rocker savvy sister-in-law, I present for you a panel worthy of your consideration, along with a few whose inclusion on the lists downright stumped me.

Oh, Adam. We can't go anywhere without seeing you!
Oh, Adam. We can’t go anywhere without seeing you!

Let’s start with the pretty boys. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is EVERYWHERE  these days. Even CBS Sunday morning, which I’m guessing skews toward an, ahem, older crowd, had a feature story on him just last Sunday. He’s featured for his music, of course, he’s featured for his looks, and now he’s getting an acting career going. He appeared in the second season of American Horror Story and, according to his IMDB page, has a role in an upcoming movie called Can A Song Save Your Life? He’s hot, I suppose, although to be completly honest, he’s a little bit clean for me. I’m getting nit-picky, though. OK, he’s hot.

Jared Leto
Wanna go swimming with Jared?

Speaking of rockers-turned-actors, here’s Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars. Leto’s been in a ton of films and his film career goes back all the way to 1992. I almost didn’t include him because I almost think of him more of an actor than a rocker, but maybe that’s because I’m more familiar with his film work. I thought he was great in American Psycho, for example, and I think he earned a strong following after appearing in My So-Called Life. Anyway, he makes my hot list so get a good look, ladies.

Gets naked for animals - and that's hot.
Gets naked for animals – and that’s hot.

I’m including Dave Navarro on my list because, well, he made other lists so that’s something. He’s a member of Jane’s Addiction and has also worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dave’s got really great tats and is currently the host of the tattoo competition show Ink Master. He’s got kind of a cool, almost exotic look to me. I also really like that he’s done anti-fur and anti-animal testing campaigns, stripping down to the bare nothing in support of animal rights. Thanks, Dave. 🙂

Ville Valo
Ville Valo from HIM. Likes eyeliner.

Next there’s a surprising duo of Finnish rockers who appeared on several lists. If you’re into the goth rock scene, you’ve no doubt heard of Ville Valo from HIM. If you’re not into the goth rock scene, well, now you’ve heard of him courtesy of Lady Smut. Certainly Ville’s music genre isn’t for everyone, but apparently he’s also drawing attention for his kinda dangerous kinda cool look. He tends to wear a lot of eyeliner when he’s in performance mode, but I found more of a clean picture of him to present for your consideration.

Mathias Nygard
Mathias Nygård. Warlord.

Second on the Finn parade is Mathias Nygard. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’d not heard of him, but in doing my research I found some interesting tidbits. HIs band, Turisas, is named after an ancient Finnish God of War. Mathias and his band mates hail from Hämeenlinna, Finland, which is in the southern part of the country and happens to also be the place where classical composer Jean Sibelius hails from. Mathias likes to perform in some pretty crazy costumes in stage, and is an active Tweeter under his name @warlord_nygard.

Sergio Pizzorno
Molto sexy Serge.

Sergio “Serge” Pizzorno, from the band Kasabian, is another guy I’d not heard of before researching rockers for this post, but, well, darn. Can you say Italian ancestry? Fantastico!

Lenny Kravitz
Give me a tall, cool glass of Lenny anytime.

Last, but in no way least, I bring you Lenny Kravitz. Some say he’s the hottest of the hot. I’m inclined to agree. Lenny’s got it going on. He’s been on the scene since the early 90’s, has worked with all kinds of musicians, and won the Grammy four years in a row for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. He’s been married a couple of times but is a spiritual guy with a tattoo on his back proclaiming “My heart belongs to Jesus.”

Myles Kennedy
Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge
Ben Burnley
Ben Burnley – Breaking Benjamin

These next two rockers I’m including on my “honorable mentions list.” Cute, but didn’t quite make it into hot category for me. How about for you?

Lastly, I give you two dudes – Joey Jordison and Travis Barker –  who appeared on several “hottest rockers” list and I just scratch my head in wonder. I mean, seriously? And by the way, I know Travis Barker was in an airplane accident which, of course, is tragic. But I’m not discussing his personal life here. This is just a superficial post about hot rockers and I gotta be honest, they’re not.

Joey Jordison
Joey Jordison. Call me crazy, but I prefer my guys with eyebrows.
Travis Barker
Travis Barker. No. Just, no.

Love to hear from you all. Who’s hot? Who’s not? In the meantime, rock on!

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    “One gal’s George Clooney is another’s Pee Wee Herman.” Ain’t that the truth? Lenny Kravitz is HAWT. The rest of them? Eh. I used to really like David Lee Roth from Van Halen, Wonder what ever happened to him? Then of course there’s Bowie and Mick Jagger. Oh an Bruce Springsteen. I guess I’m showing my age here. 😉 Fun post!

    Reply to LizEverly
  • Post authorM.A. Taylor

    Yes. Definitely yes. Only some are HOT!! But as a lover of all things Rock n;Fucking Roll lead singers are the best. Myles Kennedy and Jared Leno are a rare but sexy league. The lead singer from Bullet for my Valentine is not bad either.

    Reply to M.A. Taylor
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      Lead singers, yes! I agree! Struttin’ their stuff across the stage, screaming into the microphone . . . hot hot hot. Thanks for stopping by!

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorKemberlee Shortland

    Another age-revealer here. Agree with Liz on Lenny, and Bowie. Not so much Jagger (sorry). I still have the hots for Robert Plant. Sad but true. He’s the inspiration behind a story I’m working on called Rock God.

    Back home, ‘hair bands’ was also called ‘glam metal’ which crossed over into ‘glam rock’ . . . Ratt, KISS, Cinderella, etc.

    I liked David Coverdale and Kip Winger (remember him? he reminded me of Vincent from the tv series, Beauty and the Beast, another big hair dude). And Rod Stewart. And David Gilmour.

    I think Adam Levine is lovely! He’s like rock’s David Beckham 😉

    I can talk rock all day long. Just don’t ask me about David Cassidy {hangs head in shame}

    Reply to Kemberlee Shortland
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      Never fear, Kemberlee. Misery loves company. I’m cracking up because I’m part of the Cassidy crush genre, except for me it was Shaun. Ach!

      Those 80’s guys in their heydays had it going on! And I’m with you on Robert Plant. “Hey hey mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove!” Yowza! Love that song. 🙂

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
      • Post authorKemberlee Shortland

        It was David for me. Shaun was too young for me when he made it. I had painfully straight hair growing up and told my mom I wanted a David Cassidy hair cut (a shag cut back then). The instant the scissors touched my hair . . . SHPROING! Been dealing with an out of control mess ever since. However, it gave me 80s big hair which was the envy of everyone around. Was like Plant’s 70s hair. Sort of still was until I had it whacked off last year. Slowly growing back though. My personal big hair story 😉

        Plant is only around 6’1-2″ but he was so skinny that his legs looked a mile long. He was great to watch strutting around. And the voice! And it was kinda cute 😉 I really admire the man though. He’s going into his 70s and still has the voice. Incredible.

        Today, I’m really liking Ireland’s Jack Lukeman. Love his deep voice. Sexy eyes! I crushed on him pretty hard over the years, it being fed by the hubs o.O who buys me concert tickets. lol

        Reply to Kemberlee Shortland
  • Post authormadelineiva

    I agree Kravits is hot. Funny enough, I was wondering if David Navarro would make the grade. The rest for my money are just pretty boys, but I’m going to check out Ville Vallo for sure…

    There’s a part of me that wants to respond to this post with a hawt guys of punk rock post — we’ll see. Sometimes with the musicians I want to say that you’re only as hot as your last song made me feel. And then I end up see-sawing back and forth, because someone is so obviously not hot, but their song made me feel all woogie so….

    Deeply conflicted here…but ain’t that what music is about?

    Reply to madelineiva
    • Post authorKemberlee Shortland

      YES! (someone is so obviously not hot, but their song made me feel all woogie)

      Reply to Kemberlee Shortland
      • Post authorElizabeth Shore

        OMG, your hair story had me choking on my lunch! Sooo funny!!

        Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      Exactly right. And about Dave Navarro . . . I think he’s hot, but his animal rights campaigns just add fuel to his hot fire. So in this instance it’s not his song making me all woogie, but the fact that he helps out our furry friends. Awwww .. . .

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorjess topper

    Great post! My room was plastered with the requisite 80s metal posters, back when spandex and eyeliner ruled the day. There’s just something about a guy up on stage, oozing with creativity and dripping with sweat, LOL Some of them have aged very well, like fine wine (Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden comes to mind.)

    Jeff Buckley, RIP, pulls at my heartstrings every time I look at a photo or I hear a song. It’s the whole tortured artist thing – I fell in love with him back in the early 90s while living in NYC and had the good fortune to see him play live a few times before he died. Truly left me breathless.

    When writers talk about ‘identity vs essence’ I can’t help but think of rockers – I love writing about their persona (which can change on stage nightly, depending on their mood) and then stripping it all away…

    OK, gonna go back and look at ALL those pictures again now (except for the scary no-eyebrow guy at the bottom.)

    Reply to jess topper
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    It’s truly the sad part of the rocker world, isn’t it? Live fast, die young. Some of them are gone waaaaay too soon, and certainly Jeff Buckley is among them. How great that you were able to see him perform live!

    There’s definitely something about that tortured soul – I couldn’t agree more. Beautiful, complex, artistic personalities, and hotties to boot!

    Thanks for stopping by, Jess!!

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorKemberlee Shortland

      Yes, too young. Jack Lukeman, as above, is doing concerts now called the 27 Club. All top songs from the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Brian Willson, Kurt Cobain and others. Have been to the concert. Awesome stuff (though I would have picked a better Janis song than Ball and Chain). I’ll see him any chance I get. He’s on The List {wagging eyebrows}

      Reply to Kemberlee Shortland
  • Post authorcmkempe

    No room for punks here, I guess. I’ll be over here with my cadaverous Brits.

    Reply to cmkempe
  • Post authorterriaw

    Great post! I should have remembered you would post about someone from HIM… from Finland 😉 I am sheltered and only know the music played on American radio.

    Great to see a variety of discussion in the comments. It’s interesting to notice the generational opinions. I wouldn’t have considered Jagger, Bowie, Dickinson or Plant “hot,” although I do like their music, but to each his or her own. I guess when I think of “hot rockers” I think of current, modern rockers, guys who are still playing rock music and who are hot, IMHO.

    Hot Punkers would be a different category. And yes, I prefer my guys with eyebrows too! (that’s just freaky)

    Reply to terriaw
    • Post authormadelineiva

      I still haven’t gotten over that moment in The Matrix where Keanu Reeves was without eyebrows. Eeeesh!

      Reply to madelineiva
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      I think of current guys, too, although in the “older” category, a story comes to mind. I was at a sleepover once when I was in grade school, and the girl whose bed I was in had a gigantic poster of Peter Frampton on the ceiling right above her bed. I guess she wanted his face to be the last thing she saw before falling asleep each night. And to be honest, he was kinda hot with that long, flowing hair. He’s also a rocker who’s aged quite well.

      As for the Finns . . . you’d be right for thinking that I just kind of snuck them in, but they actually appeared on several “hot rockers” lists. Who knew!

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorBella

    Does David Garrett count? I realize that he is a violinist, but he does play a hot violin and he has several rock albums. He’s hot to me, let me say that. It’s that beautiful, long, hair and the open shirt.

    Reply to Bella
    • Post authormadelineiva

      He counts for hotness, most def.

      Reply to madelineiva
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      David Garrett is absolutely gorgeous and definitely has a place in the hot category. And, if he rocks your world, well then that counts as a rocker, right? 😉

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorSami COghill

    Drowning Pool’s Jasen Moreno!!! Yummy!!!!

    Reply to Sami COghill
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