August 1, 2013

Rev Up Your Joy: Q&A with Bawdalicious Author Joy Daniels

A treat for us all today! Author Joy Daniels is here to discuss with us the multi-varied joys of Nascar, bellydancing, and the A-rod.  Oh, and she’ll also wink at us about her latest erotic romance books published by Samhain and Riverdale Ave. Books.

Zoom-Zoom! Love this cover.
Zoom-Zoom! Love this cover.

MADELINE IVA: Tell us about your conversion to Nascar fandom.  What exactly does this include? Any special foods people eat at a Nascar rally?  Any key expressions a Nascar fan should know by heart?

JOY DANIELS: The NASCAR thing happened when I decided to turn the car mechanic hero of Revving Her Up (Full Throttle, Book 1, Samhain) into a NASCAR engineer. As a girl from Long Island I knew precisely zero about stockcar racing so went to Dover International Speedway for a race. Hot damn! I loved everything about it: the drivers, the noise, the crazy crowds. Did I mention the noise? It’s impossible to have any sort of conversation at a race – you need earplugs just to hear yourself think. But really it’s the cars that get me. All that power. All that speed. Well, I’ll let Cole, the hero of “Revving Her Up” say it for me:

“There’s something magical about racing. The freedom. The speed. It’s a rush unlike any other…. Well, maybe one other.” :>
MADELINE IVA: You BELLYDANCE!!!! Wow.  So how has that changed your view of all things sexy? What’s the dif between the skanky bellydancers and the classy ones? Is it all in the shimmy?
JOY DANIELS:  Honey, it’s ALL in the shimmy! Relax your knees, release your belly (no sucking it in in bellydancing!) and let yourself go. Bellydancing is so feminine and positive, and celebrates real women’s bodies in all their jiggly shapes and sizes. It’s also the sexiest dance form there is, a moving narrative of sex and seduction set to music. Seriously, I can’t practice bellydancing with my husband around. We get all kinds of distracted…
Hide and Seek is a novella in the THREE IN A BED Anthology published by Riverdale Ave. Books
Hide and Seek is a novella in the THREE IN A BED Anthology published by Riverdale Ave. Books

MADELINE IVA: What’s led you to explore the different kind of genres you’ve been writing — Nascar, menage…? And where are you headed next — any new sub-genres you’re gearing up to tackle?

JOY DANIELS: What led me to explore the different genres…?  Wow that makes it sound like I planned this career. What a concept!  I started out writing straight contemporary romance. It wasn’t until I showed my work to my crit partner (now agent) that I learned that my writing was hotter than the “mainstream” stuff. That’s when I decided to aim for the erotic romance market. It feels more authentic to me to write explicitly. By showing my characters at their most vulnerable moments – naked, having sex – I can show who they really are and what they’re made of. In a menage story I get three characters to play with – even more fun!
I’m a pathologically voracious reader – romance, fantasy, mystery, historic fiction, science, philosophy, current events, psychology. Given all that it’s not too surprising that I like to write all over the place. Right now I’m working on book two in the Full Throttle Series, a short story about a succubus, and a menage novel that takes place in Nashville. (Yes, all at the same time). After those are done, I have a cool idea for a paranormal series about sea-people (I was an oceanographer in a past life), a novel-length story in the succubus world, and about a million other things. I’m planning to turn a most of these stories into series so I can revisit the worlds.
MADELINE IVA: What’s the fantasy about being an erotic romance writer and what’s the reality? Is there a future fantasy you like to indulge in?
THREE IN A BED: a collection of Menage A Trois Novellas--including one by Joy Daniels.
THREE IN A BED: a collection of Menage A Trois Novellas–including one by Joy Daniels.

JOY DANIELS: The reality of writing erotic romance means that I’m pretty comfortable talking about sex (yes, I will embarrass my kids someday) but I’m not really out there – I don’t wear leather or skimpy clothes or go to strip clubs on a regular basis. Just blew my image, didn’t I? 🙂

That said, I have been known to watch Internet porn to see how bodies actually move during sex (I’m a very visual person) and went to a strip club with my agent and editor just for the hell of it. I also own two gorgeous corsets and have thrown sex toy parties for my friends and fellow writers. 🙂 While my sex life has always been good, writing about sex, i.e. thinking about sex, all the time does wonders to keep a marriage fresh. My husband like to tell people he’s my research assistant.
MADELINE IVA: Your favorite story so far? — I mean out of what you’ve written yourself.

JOY DANIELS:  Hide and Seek, the MMF menage released by Riverdale Avenue Books in June 2013.  I love Evie, the heroine, and both of the heroes are HOT. On top of all of that I added a sexy mystery. I chose to set in a mansion during house party because I’d recently read a story that took place on an English estate and liked the idea of trapping a bunch of people together for a weekend. Then I tossed in a bit of a fun twist and, voila! “Hide and Seek”.

MADELINE IVA: There’s a gun to your head and you have to have sex with a Yankee.  A-Rod or Jeeter?
A-rod or Jeeter? No.  A-rod AND Jeeter! :)
A-rod or Jeeter? No. A-rod AND Jeeter! 🙂

JOY DANIELS: Oh yeah, like you’d have to put a gun to my head to do that! (Sorry honey, you know I love you but…) It would have to be A-rod. So sexy and those eyes! He’s the model for Luis Campbell, the hero of my next Full Throttle story. Gorgeous and Honey, with a nickname like that I’m sure to have a very satisfying night… (You didn’t think they called him A-rod because of his name did you? 😉

But seriously girl, I write menage. Who says I gotta pick just one?
MADELINE IVA:  (Smacks her head) Right. Thanks so much for stopping by Joy–You are too much fun! Love your energy and can’t wait to hang more with you!
JOY DANIELS:  Same here Madeline!
Check out Joy Daniels’ website here.  You can order her books here or directly from Samhain and Riverdale Ave. Books.

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