August 19, 2013

I’m In a Mood: My Top 10 Obsessions, Aug 2013

I’m in a mood people.  I like what I like, I love what I love.  So sue me if I’m all over the place, from movies, to art, to books, to (where my mind should be) on writing butt kicking erotic romance.   Today let me share with you my mood, and my obsessions.  Later, when I get over myself, I’ll break it all down into the why’s and wherefores of who’s inspiring.

Here’s my hit list:


I could not wait for KICK ASS2 to come out. I went, I saw, I came away obsessed.

Kick Ass Up CloseI’m having quite an Aaron Taylor Johnson fanatic fan moment as a result of seeing it.

AaronMore on that Thursday.  For now I’ll just say that it feels so wrong/so right.


More often than not these days her music is creeping back into our soundscape.  I want to be her, I want to live her music.

Joan JettI want to be the girl that plays her guitar and then smashes people over the head with it, etc. (Not that she ever did that.  If anyone ever was the classy queen of the 80’s rock beat, it was Joan.)


Hit Girl, you are  officially my idol now.

MovieWhile the KICK ASS2  movie is all over the place—check in on Thursday, when I’ll have a review–I have a solid conspiracy theory about how Hit Girl’s character played out & why the KICK ASS2 plot unravelled the way it did.

KickAss & Hit GirlI’ll also share in a raging fan fic moment the story arc I would have done between Hit Girl and Kick Ass in KICK ASS2.  It’s what you might call a plot-spoiler-counter-plot.


She’s mega-awesome.

Eva Green 1She needs her own blog post from me.  Really, why haven’t I done this already?


Where have you been Eva?  So glad that you didn’t sink into a Bond-girl worm hole after playing Vespa in Casino Royal.

Eva Green 2Eva and Lena are in the sequel to 300 — a very iconic awesome/disgusting film.  Will have to talk about it and the sequel and its impact on American boys, their sense of masculinity, etc.  soon.


I think a story (unpublished yet) by C.M.Kempe has thrown me back into my obsession with this amazing film.

wedslabyrinth2  Everyone still seems to know it–even folk who weren’t born when it came out.   David Bowie as Goblin King blows me away along with the ephemeral ball scene – I just can’t get it out of my head.


Rhage, Rehvenge, John Matthew & Xhex,  Qhinn & Blaylock.  Rawr.  It’s not even how their overwhelming urges and passion plays out.  Sometimes it’s the possibility of how their rough n tough love might play out that makes me so incredibly happy.


This one is my fav —

WrathNormally I would say I’m not so into beefy guys, but (see Kick Ass2 on Thurs) lately, something has turned my head, and these covers are delicious.

9 RED VELVET & ABSINTHE – I like what they say here: “Although the greats such as Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, and Daphne du Maurier are long dead, these contemporary authors keep the Gothic spirit alive…” Nice!

Red VelvetIt’s a paranormal erotic romance short story collection.  There’s a story by my favorite erotic romance author Charlotte Stein included.  More discussion to come.

10 PRB & THEIR MUSES – No, not Paps Blue Ribbon–I mean the Pre-Raphealite Brotherhood.  Where would they be without their iconic muses/models/lovers?  Henrietta Garnett has written a book called WIVES AND STUNNERS.


In it we get the fascinating over the top dramatic lives these people lived as they broke the laws of Victorian culture like they were so much tinder–then heaped the flames high.  I especially relate to the depictions of Rosetti’s crazy home life and writing no routine/no routine —that’s me right now!

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    My daughters and I loved Kick Ass–we’ve not seen the second movie yet. And I LOVE Joan Jett, too. I’ve been listening to a lot of older music. And what an awesome title: Red Velvet and Absinthe. Great cover, too!

    Reply to LizEverly
  • Post authormadelineiva

    That’s exactly what I was feeling — there’s so much fun stuff to love out in the world right now, my cup runneth over. Joan Jett was one of the few bad-ass role models out there that wasn’t self-destructive, and was brave about not being girly, not being conventional, not being a conformist. I don’t think the world was ready for her then, but maybe we’re a little more ready now…and that’s why I keep hearing her music everywhere.

    Reply to madelineiva
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Red Velvet and Absinthe sounds like a definite download for me. As for Joan Jett, she’s awesome. I even liked her haircut! Of course, you know me with my hot rocker chick fantasy . . . 🙂

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authormadelineiva

      Yes indeedy! Did you see that bio-pic about her — The Runaways? Loved it !!!

      Reply to madelineiva
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