August 20, 2013

Top Ten Obsessions

By Liz Everly

Madeline Iva wrote about the ten things she was obsessed about yesterday. So I decided to take a stab at it. Here’s what I’ve been obsessed with lately:

  1. Call the Midwife. I became hooked on this PBS series about midwives and nuns in impoverished neighborhoods in London in the late 1950s. When I found out it was based on a true story, I became even more obsessed. I’ve gotten the first book and want to read more. As a storyteller, few opportunities to hone in on the human experience can top being a midwife, let alone in a community like this one. Fair warning: you will probably cry whether you read the book or see the series. I’ll write a bit more about this in my post next week.images-20
  2. Art journals. I love to scrapbook and have done it for several years. But art journals have recently taken hold of me—this sort of cross between images and words. I’ve bought my own sketch book and can’t wait to get started. My obsession so far has been mainly in looking at them. Now it’s time to try it!
  3. Pesto. On pasta. On tomato sandwiches. On pizza. And yes even toast. (Now, c’mon, wouldn’t you know food would make it into my list of obsessions?)
  4. And blackberries. I have been tending a little patch for years and this year it’s gone wild. I’ve made pies, smoothies, and had berries in my oatmeal. Now, I’m thinking about making jam.
  5. Stevie Nicks. I’ve been to see her in concert several times. I LOVE her. I’ve been seeing her around a lot lately and she rocks my world. The High Priestess of rock and Roll. Yes, indeed.images-1
  6. That 70s Show. Okay, I used to watch it on a regular basis. Now my kids are watching it. It’s a funny show—but a bit nostalgic for me. I used to relate to the character Donna. Now, you know who I relate to the most? Kitty! The mother character in the show. She takes care of her motherly and wifely business—but is no pushover. And she enjoys her wine. She is awesome. But I love the opening song and the way they treat it. Click here to see it.
  7. House of Cards, the Netflix version. I saw the British House of Cards several years ago and enjoyed it. Now there is an American version and of course, it’s quite different because the political mechanisms are so different. But it’s so amazingly good—the writing, the acting, well everything. Then there’s Kevin Spacey, an intriguing and sexy guy, though not overly sexy. Do you know what I mean? The woman who play his wife Robin Wright Penn is much more sexy—and definitely a fine actress.images-3
  8. Yoga. I’ve had a major love affair with yoga off and on for years. At one point, I taught class once a week. Then I started running, which took over. But these days, I’m finding my way back to my Yoga practice and it’s taking over.
  9. Bram Stoker and Dracula. I picked up a book at the local library that looked fascinating “Who was Dracula? Bram Stoker’s Trail of Blood” by Jim Steinmeyer. It’s gotten me to think about these characters who are so imbedded into our culture that they just keep resurfacing in many forms and venues. Sherlock Holmes is another one. The book has really delved into Bram Stoker’s influences.images-4
  10. Arrested Development. Once again Netflix-produced. (I’m noticing a trend here in my TV-watching.) If you’ve not seen the TV show, you should probably start at the beginning, then watch the newest version. But my editor was right when he said it was brilliantly done, especially the way all of the threads come together at the end. And what can I say about Jason Batemen?images-19

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  • Post authorcpmandara

    Well – I’m with you on Pesto, Stevie Nicks and Vampires! I love these types of posts 🙂

    Reply to cpmandara
  • Post authorcmkempe

    I still haven’t seen the latest AD! Sob!

    Reply to cmkempe
  • Post authorLiz Everly

    You’re in for a treat, Margery! Thanks Christina. I love me some Stevie!

    Reply to Liz Everly
    • Post authormadelineiva

      Yes — Pesto & Arrested Development. Jason Bateman rocked–but the whole cast was fricking amazing….

      Reply to madelineiva
  • Post authorkathrynkjohnson

    Yes to Bram Stoker, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes! Both Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle were supposedly influenced/inspired by the notorious serial killer of the Victorian era, Jack the Ripper. And Jack is who I’ve been obsessing over lately, in part because he supplies the conflict in my WIP, The Princess and the Ripper. Hopefully finished and available before the end of the year…but who knows when if I keep diddling with it. No, I don’t find Jack at all sexy, but I do find the detective-inspector stalking Jack very bed-worthy.

    Reply to kathrynkjohnson
    • Post authorLizEverly

      Yes, the book I’m reading goes into the influences and Jack the ripper is definitely there. LOVE your title–The Princess and the Ripper. Great! Thanks for commenting.

      Reply to LizEverly
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Fun post, Liz! I know what you mean about art journals, because I feel the same way with Paperblanks writing journals. I can’t get enough – and they’re so beautiful! And blackberries . . . yummy! Must be a bumper crop this year.

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorLizEverly

      Yes, I’m enjoying my bumper crop. I LOVE writing journal, too. And paper. 😉

      Reply to LizEverly

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