September 7, 2013

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

549682299_e3a33119cc1Hello, Sexy! I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday. I’m out of town–so the other bloggers are taking over. Ta!

From Elizabeth:

So you think you know your man? Not so fast!  Essence magazine lays down the top 9 myths.

Office love can be fun – or not. 

How to have the perfect one night stand.

Blogger Gennifer Albin’s insightful post on why women shaming other women is so harmful.

From CMK:

From The Onion, the kind of headline that makes most writers cry.

Because it closely mimics the real thing  over and over

Would you invest in a “smart vibrator”?

From Madeline:

Are you creeping? The problem with facebook post-break up.

Aimee Bender talks in Oprah Mag about a contract to write every day.

Skeezy or just cold hearted? Ask Men lays down the rules in these tips for having sex with an ex.

British Toys-R-Us stores are phasing out gender categories for toys.

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