November 7, 2013

F*** My Brains Out: Why Smart Guys Are Soooo Sexy

by Madeline Iva

Hi girrrrrrls!

I’ve been thinking lately. Some women like a guy who plays guitar.  Some women like the guy with a hot car.  Some women like the guy who gives that little smile and says, “I love kids.”

Arthur Miller you hottie you.
Arthur Miller you hottie you.

Not me.  No sir.

What turns me on?

Oh, preppy glasses.

A guy in a tie.

Cute dorks.

Large foreheads.

I don’t know people, for some reason I just find intelligence highly attractive.

Add to that a guy who’s very articulate and I’m almost panting.  You see a pocket protector, I see someone so brilliant he’s transcended fashion all together.

Who said sex is all in the brain? I have no idea, but there’s definitely some massive erogenous zone lurking in my cranium.

We aren't supposed to like you as Charles Idris, but we do...we do.
We aren’t supposed to like you as Charles Idris, but we do…we do.

Egon from Ghostbusters –I definitely had a crush on him the first time I saw the movie.  (The genius-guy who is otherwise totally oblivious—utter catnip for me.)

Keanu Reeves — no, wait.  Not a man known for his punishing intellect.  But he does have a nice forehead.

Doesn’t that sound so idiotic? Being into foreheads? But I am.  I noticed lately on my pinterest board all my inspirational guys I use to physically model heroes on have these really nice, large foreheads…

Please don’t judge.

Jeremy Renner–some might think he’s sorta meh in the looks department.  But he plays smart.  And look at that forehead.

So why preppy glasses? Well, they are an obvious signal of someone who isn’t afraid to look intellectual.  Who is too busy reading to put in contacts. (?) I don’t pretend to understand it–all I know is preppy glasses just send me.

Ties — well, I’ve always had a bit of a tie fetish.  Even in high school–I joined the debate team just so I could hang out with a lot of guys in ties on Saturdays.

Great voice, great glasses.  I'd do him.
Great voice, great glasses. I’d do him.

Perhaps ties signal to me that here is a guy who in some way works with his brain for a living.

In fact, I remember walking up to a guy at a party simply because he was the only guy there wearing a tie and asking him about his work.  He looked pretty startled for a second.  It turned out he investigated insurance fraud.  Most people would already be in a coma, but I was fixated on his loosened tie so I said, really, that sounds fascinating…and found out that he–I mean it–was.

(BTW, don’t use your local gas station to load up on gas before torching your car across town.  Each gas station has it’s own unique blend. They can trace the gas from the burned car back to the convenience store, look at the security cameras and…uh-oh!)

Won Bin -- looking like the sensitive intellect you are.
Won Bin — looking like the sensitive intellect you are.

Ultimately this guy was a real detective dealing with the criminal mind.  His job involved crunching the grey cells to catch the bad guys…which to me made him surprisingly yummy.

So there you have it — are you a smart guy? Show it off — get that hair off your prodigious…forehead.  Wear those glasses with pride.

I think the only thing sexier than a super-smart guy is the guy who really is turned on by super smart women. ;>

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  • Post authorKemberlee

    I think it’s the forehead supporting great eyes. I’m an eyes gal. My ‘preferred’ male type has always been tall, biker type, horse rider type (though not cowboy if that makes sense), but I ended up marrying a guy who looks more like a banker . . . glasses, prematurely grey, and a little belly which has been growing steadily with my cooking (hangs head with embarrassed shame) Hey! Don’t judge me. It’s my concerted effort in keeping him home 😉 And he does have a forehead. He’s a total brainiac with a mostly eidetic memory and he blows me away with his smarts all the time. And he’s Irish so the accent helps too 😉

    Curious where you get your info on gasoline though. My family has been in the business for over 70 years and we never had our own special blend. The company as a whole does — Shell, Texaco, BP, etc — but not your local dealer if they’re trading with a big brand. Your corner shop, like 7-11, often buys where it’s cheapest so they could have one brand this week and another next week. One would only be able to trace the gasoline to a specific place if there were only one place selling it in an area. If a car had traces of a particular blend, and there was only a Shell, BP and 7-11 in the greater area, then yeah. But if there were multiple BPs in that same area, then no, you couldn’t trace it because tankers will often carry 2-3 loads at a time and deliver it all locally.

    Reply to Kemberlee
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      Kemberlee you sound right on the same page with me.

      The deal with gas –what he said is that a lot of gas is mixed with “adulterants” — and there’s a legal percentage of how much they can. But it varies. Plus there’s a certain amount of ethanol in a lot of gas in certain states. Meanwhile, water can get in the storage tank when they refill it, there’s dirt that gets in them etc. All that makes a very specific concoction — though you’re right, strictly speaking it’s not like they’re trying to do that. But it’s apparently a very easily traceable thing to a specific gas station… so he told me. And usually people just aren’t that smart. They go to the place close to home. So if they check the gas from the with the local BP around the corner, there you go. I see your point about 7-11 though–but for someone to get away with that, he’d have to get the gas from the 7-11 and then wait awhile…which I’m thinking most people don’t do…

      Reply to Madeline Iva
      • Post authorKemberlee

        My family was with S-Hell for over 70 years. I pumped gas weekends and after school for years (best pump jockey in town 😉 ) and eventually managed for a while before coming to Ireland. Well familiar with that whole set up. And yes, there’s all kind of junk that can get into the underground tanks. But they’re doing much better with that with digital read-outs so the tanks don’t have to be dipped to check levels. That’s the biggest way water was getting into tanks. Nowadays, if water is getting in, it’s that short time between opening the tank and attaching the hose from the truck, AND whatever gunk is in the truck tank to start with. And the gas has stuff in it too which eventually silts at the bottom of the tank. That’s why stations will close down if they ‘run out of gas.’ They don’t want to start sucking that stuff out of the tank into your car. Every few years, stations are required to have their tanks totally cleaned to remove that silt.

        All that time in the business and even now that I’m totally away from it and the family has retired, I still watch gas prices everywhere I go. We just rented a house sort of beside a gas station and people are like, ‘Why rent there? There’s a petrol station next door.’ I don’t see the problem. I was raised in the business. Plus this one has a great little shop attached if I need milk or whiskey 😉

        Reply to Kemberlee
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Well, OK, so here’s the deal-o with me. Smart: yes. Absolutely. Talk to me about stuff I like on an intellectual level and I’m panting. I love it. But . . . well . . . not that I like dumb guys. But, um, I have this gladiator-type fascination. And I couldn’t really say that they’re renowned for their intellectual brilliance. But oh, the muscles . . . 🙂

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    You and your gladiator fascination Elizabeth! I know you’ve already posted on gladiators, but maybe another post is due? ;>

    Meanwhile, Kemberlee we used to live a few doors down from a gas station, and I confess I always sort of liked the smell of gas. It’s nostalgic for me. And Ireland! — Oh I envy you so much!

    Reply to Madeline Iva
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