November 23, 2013

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello, Sexy! We’ve been scouring the Internets to find the most provocative blog posts for your weekend and upcoming Holiday reading. Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter my chocolate giveaway.


Photo by Dollen.
Photo by Dollen.

From Liz:

Objectification of women goes deeper than pictures.

Ten steps to make Goodreads work for you.

The girl myth.

A new sex app.


Avon goes back to school.

No tears outlining.

When woman wanted more sex than men.

From Madeline:

First time with a girl? Don’t worry, SugarButch has the answer for all you queer virgins out there.

Indians & Pilgrams? Janga rethinking the whole Native American romance novel thing.

Feminists wrote about women as “the second sex.”  Now there’s a third sex.  In Germany.

How are women getting ahead?

You pluck them, but why do you have them? BBC gives you the nitty-gritty on eyebrows.

From Elizabeth:

Think Cupcake Wars are silly? In Japan, they have orgasm wars.

Here’s the #1 spot to get off in the office.

Katniss is gay? Book characters in the closet.

Introducing the 2013 National Book Award Finalists and Winners.

Keeping a belt in place when there are no belt loops.

Celebrating the phallus! 26 things that look like penises even though they’re not.

Stay Hungry,


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