December 8, 2013

Seduction Served Tableside: Food Gets Sexy

Photo by Smathur80
Photo by Smathur80

By Alexa Day

On our way to Romanticon this past October, I pointed out a place called En Su Boca to my favorite road trip buddy, my mom.

“That place used to be a pornographic bookstore,” I said.

“Interesting,” she said. “Is it still?”

“No … although I guess it could be, couldn’t it? With a name like En Su Boca.”

Mom gave me the way-to-go-grasshopper look and went back to her book.

That sensual promise – in your mouth – lends itself equally to pleasures culinary and sexual. The mouth is central to four of our five senses; only sight is inaccessible to it. And yet our mouths water when we see something stimulating, no? A spectacular meal is the most sensual experience a woman can have with her clothes on. The fragrances and tastes, hushed conversation with a date, devouring both food and handsome companion with one’s eyes – it’s easy to elevate the basic dinner date to the stuff of legend. Today, as we kick off a week-long feast of sexiness celebrating the release of Liz Everly’s CRAVINGS, I’m looking at three ways to take seduction tableside.

Dessert first … or dessert only. If we’re focusing solely on the pleasurable things we can do with our mouths, then why do we need anything other than dessert? Dessert’s only purpose is to make you feel nice. I think that’s reason enough by itself to have dessert, but if you have to be responsible, then eat dessert slowly. Let it melt in your mouth. See what it tastes like with the wine or that nice, strong coffee. Play-fight over the last morsel of it. Good male friends tell me that they will only eat dessert if they’re on a date. So in a way, you’re doing him a favor by leaving a little room for something sweet.

Finger foods. A full meal, consumed without utensils, strips away all the formality that can keep two consenting adults from really getting to know each other. You’ll get to watch each other’s hands and each other’s mouths at the same time. I think that’s the real reasons oysters are such an aphrodisiac. After checking out his long fingers cradling the shell, the motion of his mouth as it embraces the oyster, it’s easy to start imagining his other talents, right? Plus the mingling of liquor and mignonette with the supple flesh of the oyster – yeah, don’t get me started. You’ll know you’re in good company if you feel okay licking your fingers. You’re in great company if you feel okay licking each other’s fingers.

Baking. I dated a baker once. You know how men used to invite women to see their etchings? This one told me that at any given time, he had bread dough ready for the oven. Any time was bread time. Then he showed me a picture of some everything bagels all ready to be baked, but honestly, he had me at sourdough. The oven kept the house warm and very, very fragrant, and of course, while all those wonderful things were baking, we had to find some way to occupy the time. What a wonderful time that was. In my mind, I can still see the dusting of flour on his beautiful hands.

Why fight CRAVINGS, when you could lie back and enjoy them?
Why fight CRAVINGS, when you could lie back and enjoy them?

If the successful seduction engages all the senses along the winding road to ultimate pleasure, then hot culinary romances make the best kind of sense! Be sure to score your very own copy of CRAVINGS. The blurb alone is making me hungry.

And do follow Lady Smut. You won’t go hungry.

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    I do love your three ways at taking seduction tableside, but there IS something very hot about a man who bakes. I love watching a man with great hands work bread dough. I’m just sayin’ ! Great post!

    Reply to LizEverly
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      It was really hot. *sigh* But I would probably have ended up letting out all my clothes before it was over. Daggone consequences. 🙂

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    My grandparents owned a restaurant and it was my grandmother who did all the baking, which may be why I traditionally think of the woman as the baker, the guy as the maker . . . of the other food. But I think both of you are right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy who can work some dough. Pastry dough, in particular, can be fragile so a delicate touch is required. And yet with bread dough it’s kneaded and punched, so strength is needed. Sounds like “strong and sensitive” is part of the baker job requirements, and that’s A-OK by me. Fun post, Alexa!!

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Strong and sensitive is right — dating a man who cooks is dating a provider, which is hot in a very interesting way! And the whole process is fascinating to watch.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Excellent post Alexa! Fresh bread, sensuous food — this is going to be a fun week of posts! 🙂 Congrats Liz on your new release…

    Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Yeah, I’m no foodie, but I do love to eat! I’m excited about this week and Liz’s new release, too!

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorLizEverly

    Hey thanks, Madeline!

    Reply to LizEverly

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