December 19, 2013

Visit to the Land Down Under: Q&A With Hope Tarr

Jenna Jameson’s bio “How To Make Love Like a Porn Star” talks about the upside and downside of stripping and the porn industry. Wonder if Jameson is as sweet to work with as she’s portrayed in her bio? (which is sometimes not very sweet at all.)

by Madeline Iva

Greetings, kittens! We’ve got Hope Tarr with us today, talking about the land down under, ahem! in more ways than one.

MADELINE IVA: Hope, you write historical, contemporary, and you’ve written for Harlequin.  Are these the three faces of Hope, or will readers find a similar style/voice/point of view in all your books? How naughty do you get with your romances–or does that depend on certain factors?
HOPE TARR: I’d say I have two facets of my writer’s voice. My historicals are more stylized and subtly sensual. In the contemporaries the prose and overall vibe is shorter, snappier, ballsier, if you will. But they’re both still me.  :)Whether I’m doing an historical or contemporary, I tend toward the spicy side of life. SUGAR is the most explicit I’ve gone to date but that’s likely not going to surprise anyone. 🙂 We have HONEY and SPICE to follow so the challenge will be to keep the heat level high, and the connected stories cooking, throughout a trilogy.
MADELINE IVA: Aussie-Aussie-Aussie–oy,oy,oy! How was going down to Oz, and what’s Anna Campbell like? Was the Australian romance conference landscape similar to that at home (plus accents) or is there anything unique/distinctive about how Aussies like their lovin’?
TemptingHOPE TARR: Attending the 2013 Australian Romance Readers Conference last March marked my first time in Oz and I loved it! I actually got to kick off the conference by holding a Lady Jane’s Salon® prior to the Friday night welcome reception. It was the first Lady Jane’s held off US soil–and we had a blast. Anna Campbell was one of my four guest authors reading that night and she’s phenomenal, the nicest person with a great sense of humor and a laugh that lets you know she enjoys life.
There were two distinctive differences from the American romance conferences I’ve attended throughout the years. The first was tea time. There was a morning and a midday tea, which was really quite lovely. The second difference is the decorum of the sessions. Specifically, when you are on a panel, and I was on a few, you are to wait until the moderator calls you to the stage. In one of my sessions, I saw the four empty chairs on stage and just sort of trundled on up. Everyone was very nice about it but it took a while to get the blush burn out of my cheeks. 🙂
MADELINE IVA: Whoops! You’re a co-founder of Lady Jane’s Salon®. Can you explain to our audience what that is — and how has it played a role in helping to inspire and sustain your romance writing career?
Need a hot Xmas read? Hope's got you covered.
Need a hot Xmas read? Hope’s got you covered.

HOPE TARR: Lady Jane’s Salon® is New York City’s first, and still only, monthly romance fiction reading series. We’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary this February, which feels like a huge accomplishment as well as hard to believe.

The Salon meets on the first Monday of the month, 7-9 PM at Madame X in Soho. A typical program comprises four guest authors with a mid point break for attendees to purchase books from our onsite bookseller, Posman Books, and to meet and mingle with authors, fellow readers, industry professionals and, not infrequently, members of the media. The free flowing style of interactions sets us apart from traditional lecture style readings and book clubs. At Lady Jane’s we don’t have Q&A, we have conversations. We don’t have coffee. We have cocktails, or mocktails, as the case may be. 🙂
Along with the NYC Salon, we have seven satellites across the country, all of which follow the national model we’ve set of donating their net proceeds to a 501c(3) charity. The NYC Salon supports Women in Need (www.winnyc.org), a wonderful charity established on February 14, 1983 (yes, Valentine’s Day!) that serves disadvantaged women and children in NYC.
Visit us online at www.LadyJaneSalonNYC.com as well as on Twitter and Facebook and well, join the party.
By way of an advance plug, I am launching a digital first charity anthology this February 2014 to benefit WIN. Styled along the lines of the popular Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul series, SCRIBBLING WOMEN AND THE REAL LIFE ROMANCE HEROES WHO LOVE THEM will feature 28 nonfiction essays by popular romance authors, one for each day of February 2014 on how they met, wed, and love their real life significant other. The essays are in now and they’re just…fabulous. I think readers will really enjoy reading a bit about some of their favorite authors’ behind the scenes, and of course it’s all in support of a great cause. 🙂
MADELINE IVA: I know you have a contract to publish romance with Entangled. There are a lot of very exciting things going on with this new publisher.  Can you share your latest news with us?
operation_2013_350HOPE TARR: Would love to! OPERATION CINDERELLA, the first book in my Suddenly Cinderella series has been optioned. By Twentieth Century FOX. As a major motion picture. Needless to say, I’m pretty over the moon and of course casting madly in my mind. 😉
MADELINE IVA: Thanks so much for visiting us Hope!
Readers, you can find Hope’s work by clicking on any of the pictures above.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for that movie, but in the meantime please follow our blog!  I’ll see you all in the New Year–
love & gingersnaps,

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  • Post authorLizEverly

    Welcome to Lady Smut, Hope, and big congrats on that movie deal. I love to read about writers doing both the contemporary and the historical. I love writing both. This interview gives me hope that someday I will get my historical romance published. Cheers!

    Reply to LizEverly
    • Post authorhopetarr

      Hi Liz! Hi Madeline!

      I am just back from London and playing catchup but so *thrilled* to be guest blogging at Lady Smut.

      Liz, I like to say that talent is great but talent + tenacity = unstoppable. I wrote for six years before my first book, A ROGUE’S PLEASURE, got picked up by Berkley/Jove and like most authors have weathered my fair share of ups and downs. If getting your historical pubbed is your absolute dream, then you keep at it. 🙂

      Reply to hopetarr
      • Post authorLizEverly

        Thanks so much! xo!

        Reply to LizEverly

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