January 9, 2014

Venus in Faux Furs

by Madeline Iva

snow branchOh, baby, I love it when it’s cold outside. It’s brrrrrilliant.  Snow hides so many landscape flaws.  Big sweaters hide so many bulges.  In fact, I have no problem becoming hands and a face for months at a time.

Hats are charming, as are gloves and mittens.  Your face looks better pink, and the cold boosts your metabolism.  What’s not to love?

I remember the first time I was driving in the snow.  Kind of skidded into a ditch and got stuck.  First car that passed by stopped.  Guy got out, pushed me out.  It’s that kind of neighborliness that makes my heart go pitter-pat.

I remember the first time a guy tackled me into a snow drift.  That was so hot.  The first time a guy loaned me his jacket because I was cold.  So sweet.

Hi hot Swedish guy!
Hi hot Swedish guy!

Also, I love all things Swedish.  All things Icelandic.  Oh hell, might as well throw the Finnish in there too.  (But Norway, I’ve only got the stink eye for you.)

My big dream is to one day get to someplace really cold where they’ve built an ice castle.

I loved going to this winter solstice art show (outside, but they also had mulled cider and mulligatawny soup –yum!) where you could make your own ice lights and put candles in them and put them in a field.  It was sooooooooo cool.

Ice castleBasically, the reason I love the cold so much is that I’m a real home body.  When it’s cold outside it’s perfectly appropriate to stay indoors.  To huddle up–or even better cuddle up–in front of a fire, space heater or what have you.  I’ve made use of dogs, cats, and giant mugs of hot drinks.  Whatever works.

Okay, the show I went to wasn't *this* cool.  But it was still fun.
Okay, the show I went to wasn’t *this* cool. But it was still fun.

You’re perfectly okay reading a book, taking a nap — doing whatever it takes to stay warm. ;> If you know what I mean.  And I think you do.

FauxThe one thing I haven’t liked about the recent cold snap is the sight of older women suddenly dragging out their furs.  🙁   While I adore a kicky little faux fur fun, the real stuff is blech to me, once I learned how they killed the animals.

SleighSo here’s to the arctic vortex!  Here’s also to reliable heat, hot drinks, and awesome sweaters.  Here’s to endless hats, scarves, and one day bringing back enough snow for pony sleigh rides.  I’ve got about a million free reads on Book Bub to check out.  Will report back to you soon with whatever gives me ssssssssteam heat. ;>

Stay warm,



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  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    That’s the thing I love about cold weather, too – it’s the perfect excuse to stay inside and do nothing but watch movies and read. You’re taking a deliciously optimistic approach to this cold snap. So fabulous!

    And I’m with you – fur is horrible. Skinning animals alive just isn’t my thing. Not into torture. And anyway, who needs fur when we can stay inside and snuggle under blankets. 🙂

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorAuthor Charmaine Gordon

    Delightful post. My daughter bought a faux fur jacket at L&T about ten years ago; paid a bunch of dollars as I stood beside her and said, You look beautiful, honey, I’ll buy it for you.” “No,” she said paying for it and handing me the bag. “Merry Christmas, Mom.” I still wear the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned and love it.
    My son and his bride live in Denmark. NO snow-just a lot of rain. He wants to come home and show her how to make snow angels.

    Reply to Author Charmaine Gordon
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      What an adorable gesture. Long live faux!

      Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorAlexa Day

    I love nesting at home for the winter! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for this introvert to spend some more time at home with hot beverages and warm thoughts. 🙂

    My father gave me a faux fur that I rarely have occasion to wear. Maybe one year, I’ll be able to take it out on the town.

    Reply to Alexa Day
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      Better once a year than never! Have a party to go to Saturday night and you’re making me think about my dress up options…hmm….

      Reply to Madeline Iva

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