Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello, Sexy! Welcome to Saturday, where the long day stretches before you with countless possibilities. The Lady Smut Bloggers are hear for you. We’ve combed the Internets and are bringing you some fun and informative posts.

From Liz:

Need help starting your sex toy collection?

Sex and the plus-sized gal.

Ten things I hate about sex scenes.

From Madeline:

Heroes & Heartbreakers presents you with a list of romance books just published in January.  Fun!

A movie review of her that unfavorably compares one subversive romantic hipster movie to another subversive romantic hipster movie.

Why do Eastern Europeans fall in love more quickly than us?

From Elizabeth:

Want fabulous hair? Stop shampooing it. What one woman learned after ditching shampoo for three years.

A guy’s perspective on the problems with online dating.

Want to touch your partner but he’s in another state? Don’t worry – you still can! Check out these sex toys of the future.

Gigolo Vin Armani says that in his profession, it’s not all about the sex.

From C. Margery Kempe:

For no reason at all: stormtroopers twerking (thanks, Kem)

20 Things that Make a Man a Gentleman

Don’t worry: people still read print books

Stay Hungry.


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Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up


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