February 15, 2014

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Photo by Dollen
Photo by Dollen

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

Hello Sexy! Happy Saturday. Many of us are snowed in across the U. S. and so we at Lady Smut hope to provide you with some entertainment today. Check out these fabulous blog posts and stay warm .While you are at it, please check out our SHOP page, where many of us have our sexy books listed. It’s a great time to curl up with some HAWT reads. (To that end my first book SAFFRON NIGHTS is now only $1.99 on all major e-book retailers. )

From Liz:

Boy toys, girl toys and other cuckoopants gender assumptions by one of my favs, Chuck Wendig.

Point of view in erotic fiction.

Sex positions to try to spice it up!

Feast your eyes on the art of Francesco D’ Isa.

From Elizabeth:

You’re not alone if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day.

It still has the power to shock when said aloud, but should it? Perhaps we need to reclaim the C word.

On this Valentine’s Day weekend, give yourself some “me” time and read up on ways to fall back in love with your life.

It’s possible that this dress of Paris Hilton’s is the ugliest piece of clothing I’ve ever seen in my life.

From C. Margery Kempe:

Mills & Boons Little Notebook

Play Candy Crush? Want to feel the real crush?

Finally, some statistics on book sales that look at the whole market

From Madeline Iva:

Bizarre Stories of Victorian marriages

This video is all about how facebook is sorta defrauding people.  Plus the journalist telling the story is pretty darn cute.

Does sex addiction even exist? 

Forced cuddling?

How to freshen your writing? Margie Lawson sez by using looks, glances, & gestures.

Book Bub knows what turns you on when it comes to choosing a book.

Stuck in the snow: dial up these 10 movies with terrific teen heroines.  

Stay Hungry,


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