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February 22, 2014

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

cropped-banner9601.jpgHello Sexy! It’s Sat-ur-day! Woo-hoo! How about a little vibrator talk? Or masturbation-myth talk? What’s with New Yorkers NOT wearing condoms? Find out all of this and more with our weekly round-up.

From Liz:

A free e-conference for indie writers and publishers. IndieReCon looks fabulous. Check it out.

Research in the 21st Century by Jennifer Robson.

Masturbation myths that men have about women. (This is a Youtube clip.)

From Madeline:

Who’s hotter? Gay porn stars or straight porn stars?

And a thoughtful analysis ;> of what we all can learn from comparing gay and straight porn stars.

I simply couldn’t resist this blog all about love Canadian Style called Romance, eh? 

You KNOW you need these tips for the weekend! We Women.com’s 20 sex positions for partners with a huge penis.

From Bitch: The question is not “Are we ready for a Star Trek vibrator?” but “Is the Star Trek vibrator ready for us?”

From Elizabeth:

Are people forgetting about STDs? Majority of New Yorkers no longer wear condoms.

Well, this is just weird. Mattel’s not selling enough Barbie dolls. The solution? Put her in Sports Illustrated.

Information you don’t need to know: the name Barbara Walters gave her vibrator.

But here’s information you do want: what you should know about Kama Sutra.

From C. Margery Kempe:

Tom Hiddleston sings ‘Tinkerbelle and the Pirate Fairy’

Happy birthday to the legend, Nina Simone!

A short but haunting film on Scottish folklore and music

Stay Hungry,


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