These Shoes Are Made for Sexy

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

Let’s face it: the idea of a woman having a shoe obsession is now so mainstream, it’s now like ticking a box on a Facebook profile. Went to high school. Live in hometown. Have a shoe fetish. Imelda Marcos immortalized the concept of shoe plunder with her infamous closets of shoes. But quantity doesn’t always mean quality, especially when you reach a number that can’t possibly be worn in a lifetime without a devised campaign of attack. Actually, that gives me an idea…

Met quartet

J’adore shoes. Truly. When I visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the shoe exhibit in the Costume Wing is at the top of my Must See list right next to the Temple of Dendur. Shoes are not merely utilitarian covers for our feet, but the artistic expression of every woman who wears them.

Casual or formal, simple or ornate, a woman’s shoes express personality, attitude, and a prospective heel/pain ratio.

big girl boots

Shoes make a statement. They show off a woman’s legs at their best and instill self-confidence in the wearer. They offer a chance to show off the wild side of a woman’s personality even in conservative environs. Each step taken in them declares an announcement of intent. I’m working out. I’m on a date. I work for a corporation. I have a secret sex dungeon.

Okay, maybe that last one takes a more specific kind of shoe.

I once had a pair of ankle boots I called my “attitude shoes”. When I wore them, I walked with surer steps. I stood stronger. I had renewed confidence.

My four-inch, black suede formals are embroidered with black swirls and when paired with my black velvet formal halter dress, well, I make a statement there for sure. I have a pair of black leather sandals whose straps crisscross in a way that made me christen them “Shoes in Bondage,” a wink and a nod to Jennifer Crusie’s great Bet Me. One of my all-time favorite pairs of shoes are a pair of red and black leather, leopard print, open-toed slides. Man, I love those shoes.

do me obi wan
Star Wars F-me heels.
Do me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Women in our culture are riddled with body issues and when asked to name their favorite piece of clothing, shoes top the lists. This is mostly because high heels make women appear taller, which can make them feel, if not look, skinnier. Lengthening the leg makes for a more attractive silhouette to both men and women.

But while heels make us stand up straighter and walk with more care, they’re not, in fact, good for posture. High-heeled shoes take the spine and hips out of alignment as a woman’s center of mass is thrust forward. Each additional inch up puts increased pressure on the forefoot. Yet for the right pair of shoes, we shoe lovers will happily suffer and that’s for one specific reason.

red shoesShoes are damn sexy. It’s not only that they lengthen the leg to provide an more enticing image. Stiletto heels also raise a woman’s rear and arch her back into a shape called lordosis, a position some mammals assume when they’re ready to mate. The term is also used to describe male mammals’ urge to mount.

heels and cuffs 2So from an anthropological perspective, standing tall in heels subconsciously broadcasts a woman’s readiness to bang. Add to that the fact that the area of the brain that deals with feet is right next to the area of the brain that deals with genitals and suddenly sexual shoe fetishes make a lot more sense.

Love On A Spoon by CM Kempe - 100

Want more sexy play with a shoe fetish? Check out Lady Smut blogger, C Margery Kempe’s, Baby Pink Lipstick Heels novella in her Love on a Spoon anthology debuting this week!


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  • Post authorC. Margery Kempe

    Thanks, Kiersten! I find it ironic that my first published erotic story focused on shoes when I spend the majority of my time barefoot. I hate shoes!

    Reply to C. Margery Kempe
    • Post authorKiersten Hallie Krum

      It’s funny, I’m actually the same way. I mean, I love, love, love shoes, but I’m pretty much barefoot whenever possible from March to October

      Reply to Kiersten Hallie Krum
      • Post authorKel

        Barefoot is the best way to play in puddles… or show off your pedi if you’re being all sophisticated instead. *grins*

  • Post authorAngela V

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm LOVE my stilettos! In fact last week at work my leopard print 6″ heels got hit on lol

    Reply to Angela V
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    If you’re wearing heels, go big or go home. My motto is “You can never be too tall.”

    Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorKel

      Having hit my head on too many things without the help of footwear to make me any taller… I disagree.

      Or perhaps the world is simply populated with humans who are too short? 🙂

  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Love, love, love shoes! And I adore being in high heels, even when they’re hurting my feet and I’m cursing them as the cause of my discomfort, I love them nonetheless.

    Fun post, Kiersten!

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorKelly Janicello

      Right on sister! Love shoes. Wore an awesome silver and black pair to a wedding this weekend. I lasted about three hours before I was forced to ditch them but damn if I don’t want tk be buried in them!

      Reply to Kelly Janicello
  • Post authorKel

    I like looking at shoes, but hate wearing them. Which is strange, since I do enjoy boots to some extent. I think it’s because I seldom need to feel taller, or desire to make my legs be longer but sometimes I do need to protect my feet from things. Because of this, I find myself drawn to either very functional and funky shoes, or very minimalist shoes.

    My favorite shoes manage to combine comfort and functionality. I also have to admit to owning a pair of Vibram five fingers. Ugliest footwear on the planet, but wow, are they comfortable. (They’re for “running barefoot” with shoes on.)

    I’m fairly well known for kicking my shoes off under my desk at work, or leaving my shoes next to my chair at weddings.

    Having said that… I’m all about socks. Knee highs, Thigh highs, bamboo socks with intricate lace patterns, striped socks in funky colors… I adore socks.

  • Post authorKiersten Hallie Krum

    I went to prom in a pair of black heels with huge silver bows across the toes. Wore those shoes until the heel literally broke off from too much dancing.

    Reply to Kiersten Hallie Krum
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