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April 10, 2014

Warlock Masters: Ow, ow, ow!

Unknownby Madeline Iva

Here’s the short version: Warlock Masters by Domingo Rhodes is packed with amazing descriptive language, is big on hard core gay masochism and short on paranormal/fantasy.  Buy it here.

Long version: Brace yourselves, ladies, because there is some really explicit stuff below.  Super explicit.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, I have an acquaintance who is a straight guy DJ around town. He has a regular gig at this gay bar where with some frequency the drunken gay guys—thinking he too was gay–would hit on him.

 What was that like? I asked, all agog and thinking here was some research I could maybe use one day.

“Aggressive. Guys slamming me against a wall. I mean, I’d almost have to fight a guy off. For real. Feel all jittery afterwards. I feel sorry for women now, having to put up with that kind of thing.”

And guys like this stuff? Well, I guess they do.

At least some do. Step into another world for a minute, as we explore WARLOCK MASTERS.

“They could hear him grunt, that mean grunt he likes to do that says I’m gonna hurt that hole, Bitch you gonna know I been in you,”

To which I say: Ow!

One time in college I asked my queer gal pal:

Why if you like girls do you like a girl dressed up as a cute boy? Why not just like cute boys? I’m confused… 

And she said a girl dressing up as a guy was transgressive. What she was attracted to was a women who was transgressive, thus she was attracted to women dressed as a cute guy but not cute guys themselves.

Okay—so I’m thinking maybe this rape-y talk, you know, (my white liberal guilt is talking here) maybe this is being transgressive in ethnic-y gay world? Yes? Like they like guys to talk that way, but maybe not actually hurt their hole???????

(And for more evidence of our love of this transgressive submissive stuff– See Elizabeth Shore’s post on The Ultimate Down & Dirty Bromance–Why Ladies Love Gay Porn.)

So combine the aggressive sexual thing with the transgressive gay thing and put it in a book…and I’ll still say “Ow, ow, ow!”

I couldn’t help it.  I mean, I’ve been thinking for awhile about writing a post on butt sex. Something with more butt positivity and a less waving of hands like they have had on Dear Author here here here here and here.

My understanding of anal sex in the real world is that some women do and some women Definitely Do Not. Guys seem much less wired up about the topic.

The erotic romance/romance world seems mostly full of women who are not up for back-door sex. In the way that once upon a time having sex before marriage signified something, and then giving bj’s signified something–there always seems to be this dividing line between ‘good’ girls and ‘dirty’ girls.  Anal sex has perhaps become that dividing line in our modern age.

Good girls do not have anal intercourse. Nor do they really understand why anyone else would want to.

Which is interesting if you think about it, because:

A)  Everyone knows that M/M romance is a strong seller in erotic romance. I assume, meanwhile, almost all m/m romances include at some point some anal intercourse.

B)   Meanwhile, good girls (well, women) are often pro-gay. Gay men have anal intercourse—and they like having anal intercourse. So why do I almost never get the feeling that good girl women are like “Why-oh-why would my gay friend ever ever want to do THAT?”

Well, at any rate, Warlock Masters is never going to convert any butt-shy romance lovin’ ladies out there into trying a little back-door fun.

Yet certainly, the use of literary language is transgressive:

“…a bottom boy’s ass, promising succulence, melon ripeness, pungent odors trapped in a deep dark trench which beckons the passionate parting and the loving attention of a sedulous tongue.”

Wow! And it’s like that all the way through– that velvety language cushions the harsher thrusts to the narrator’s bum, which is even at one point called his ‘pussy’.  These stories just don’t pull any punches. There is plenty of, um, porn-masochistic-ish action going on here:

“…and before I knew it Trajan had yanked his dick out hard, making my hole sigh and spasm up a ream of his cum, and he’d lifted himself up on his knees on the bed, said weight release allowing me to turn and raise my head just enough (despite exhaustion and the still reverberant echoes of intensely pleasurable pain from being so masterfully fucked down like the whore I am)”

—At this point my eyes are almost popping out of my head–

“…to espy a long, well-muscled and heavily hairy white torso beside me, and even furrier trunk legs with a half-hard left-leaning thicker-near-the- head baton of a pink uncut dick that—blink and it happened—let loose with a few hard sprizzles followed by a stream right at my face. 

Yes: The bottom boy was me, and all that I really got to see was Andre Metzelder’s thighs, flat stomach and glorious forest of a treasure trail (being more or less hairless, you see, j’adore les poilus), though I wish I’d seen more. Trajan was right, though: I was a slave and he was fucking me just the way I liked it (hard/fast/hot load in my chute). Piss I wasn’t necessarily so into, not in and of itself at least; but nothing makes me happier than big handsome dicks on handsome men, and therefore I pretty much groove on whatever happens to be coming out of said dicks at a given time.

“Open up, bitch,” Karim sort of whispered, but with just enough meanness to give me an instant erection (not having been at all able to maintain one with Trajan’s monstrosity lodged in my rectum).

So began a lovely lovely summer, my own summer of love.”

Ow. Very ethnic guys talking about being slaves. Ow.

At the same time Rhodes is alternating phrases like ‘open up, bitch’ with j’adore les poilus. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed whimsical French phrases tossed off in erotica before. I gotta love it, even while I’m scratching my head.

The magic stuff is there in these stories, but it’s always thrown in as a bit of an afterthought.  A few stingy chocolate sprinkles on one fu**** up cupcake. It’s not really paranormal the way you and I know paranormal. Just sayin’.

The last eye-crossing shock appeal in reading Warlock Masters is that it has a quote by Samuel R. Delany. If you’re not a total sci-fi geek (guilty) the name might only sound vaguely familiar to you. But having Samuel R. Delany review this book is like showing up at your hair salon to discover that Gisele Bundchen is the one who’s going to cut your hair. You feel kind of faint at the same time that you’re saying to yourself, “Wait a minute—what does Gisele know about cutting hair?”

I'm Samuel R. Delany, and I endorsed this gay smut.
I’m Samuel R. Delany, and I endorsed this guy-smut.

Here’s what Samuel (Chip to his friends) has to say about Warlock Masters:

“Four wonderful inventive tales, as only Domingo Rhodes could write them, that appeal to the darkness within us all.”

Okay, then. I say these stories are written by/for someone who’s gay, by/for someone who likes guys all the colors of a café au lait rainbow (really the descriptions of guys—their junk and their legs mostly–is the best part,) and by someone who can write like the dickens.

Chip if you’re out there reading this post, please think about following our blog. You too reader. Just push that little follow button to get yer ever lovin’ Lady Smut, seven days a week.


  • Post authorBarbara Mikula

    All I can say is WOW! And you are right! OW! I have on a few occasions put a little exploration into anal sex in a couple of my books, but I do write erotic romance and so I thought I really had too.

    Here’s a short snippet from Hannalore’s Treasure that is coming out in June. It’s not extreme and these scenes don’t have to border on the sadistic to be erotic. It can also be done with a little humor! What’s funny about that, you say? If anyone wants the rest of this scene let me know and I’ll post it – but I didn’t want to overstep with something like that out of the blue.

    “Hush, sub. Trust your Master.”
    Ummm, I don’t think so. She knew she had tightened her body at the intrusion of one of his fingers a short way into her anus. She jumped again when she felt the trickle of something cold over her butt and smelled the strong fragrance of cherry. That must be lube. The vibrator zipped again as she felt a hard item that didn’t feel like his finger bumping against her rear opening.
    “Relax and push back. This is just a butt plug used to stretch that cute little flower of yours so I can play back there.”
    “Master, I would really…”
    “Sub, you really don’t know that you won’t like this until you try it. Relax and trust me. You can always use your safe word if you need to.”
    That was comforting, but did not go a long way toward allaying her anxiety. She had always assumed that anal play would be painful and humiliating. Ty put his arms around her in a brief but comforting hug before he tugged her hips back to tip her bottom toward him and gently but firmly popped the plug past the tight rim of muscles surrounding her anus. Once the plug was seated in her bottom, he thumbed it twice apparently to be sure it was inserted fully.
    “Now, relax and let the plug do its job.” The feeling of fullness was different but not painful…at least not yet. He lightly smacked both cheeks and said, “I told you to try to relax. Tightening your muscles will only make this more difficult for you.”
    “How would you know?” Hanna knew she sounded snarky, but hoped he would let it pass this time.
    He laughed and caressed her bottom again. “Let’s just say I have some experience in this area, and I know.”
    Hanna had to think about that a moment before she felt her face turn pink with embarrassment. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “You are going to love this. I promise.” She had her doubts about that, but she had to admit that she had loved all of their other play so far. She guessed she could give him the benefit of the doubt on this one—at least for now.

    Reply to Barbara Mikula
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Hmmm. Wow. I’m not even sure what to say. (although I’m laughing about your “conspiracy theory”). I suppose different strokes for different folks. Literally. (heh) Warlock Masters is not something I’d be in to. It’s too . . . idk . . . coarse. Yeah, I guess that’s the best word. It’s funny, I feel like I wouldn’t want to read it because it’s not something to which I can relate, but at the same time I do like m/m romance. Perhaps, at least from the snippets, it just doesn’t seem all that romantic. Seeing as I write erotic romance, I’m all for the sizzling sex. But there’s always always gotta be the romance …

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      Yeah, it’s erotica — not erotic romance. I think that *some* Lady Smut readers would be into it, but not all.

      Reply to Madeline Iva
      • Post authorElizabeth Shore

        Totally agree. No matter how fringe or weird or out there something is, there’s always someone who’s into it!

        Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      It does sound coarse. And vulgar. And I am very into the coarse and vulgar from time to time! I love romance as much as the next erotic romance writer, but it is such a rush sometimes just to unleash a torrent of coarse vulgarity on an unsuspecting page.

      I don’t know. Something about writing the sex outside the relationship context is immensely freeing to me. 😉

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorAlexa Day

    I read this post a lot earlier, before I went to work, and I got to thinking about the whole POC/slavery thing in the consensual sexual context. I’ve got a story coalescing on the back burner that toys with these themes in a way I’ve found surprisingly interesting. I’m enjoying all the different ways my characters are dealing with the Elephant in the Room (Twelve Years An Elephant?). But I love seeing POC/slavery talk in the consensual sexual context because I know there’s a huge contingent of people who find pleasure in this way and don’t know how to go about bringing it into their sex lives. The presence of consensual POC/slavery sex play in erotica is an important first step — it’s a short walk from that bent place in the spine (I know, I’m a paper book dinosaur), to leaving the book open on a lover’s pillow with a note: “Hey, can we try this?” If that’s happening, then consensual POC/slavery sex play might be on its way to join so many of the other things we write about, the things we hope our readers will think about and talk about, or think about and maybe try, or just think about. That’s the sort of thing I can get behind — ha ha, heyo!

    Reply to Alexa Day
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      Ultimately, we can wave our PC flags around or be very accepting of whatever floats someone’s boat — in the end it really comes down to if you find the writing arousing or not.

      I can’t help it, the lack of a deeper connection meant that the writing did not flip my switch with one big exception: the big except was for the physical descriptions of the men. Brown men, black men, the legs and asses and balls of men etched with fresh realistic detail. I bow down to how well that was done, but yeah, (shrugging) other than that, What can you do?

      Reply to Madeline Iva

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