April 16, 2014

And The #1 Sexiest Feature Of A Guy Is …

Couple woman hugging man from behind

By Elizabeth Shore

I had a blast this past weekend hanging out with writer friends from my local RWA chapter at our annual writer retreat. We talked about books, writing, plotting, characterization, and held an extended critique session. But when the work was done and it was time to play, naturally the conversation progressed to things a bit more, well, naughty. And, in the spirit of naughtiness, I asked for their comments on something I’d just read from TheRichest.com about the top 10 sexiest features of a man’s body, as rated by women. The interesting thing about the article was that it included polling results from the women, as well as tidbits from the men on how they thought we’d rate them. To no one’s shock and surprise, disparities abound between the women’s results and the men’s assumptions.

The most obvious discrepancy pertains to a certain male, ahem, appendage. As you might imagine, guys thought that ol’ Mr. Johnson downstairs would rank much higher on the sexy scale than it actually does. Women, in fact, ranked it #9, just ahead of chest and shoulders (which, curiously are combined as one unit). So, chest and shoulders #10, junk #9.

Men thought their tushes would come it at #8 – butt they were wrong! Instead, making its debut at #8 on the sexy male features hit parade  is neck.  We gals like a guy’s neck, at least according to that poll. It is indeed a nice masculine part of the body, especially when grazed with a bit of stubble. A very subtle hint of cologne’s not a bad thing, either.

When my romance writer gal pals were putting forth guesses on what they thought would be included, eyes were figured to be #1. And why not? Eyes communicate so much between people. You can gauge another’s emotions strictly by the expression in his eyes – happy, sad, afraid, pissed, turned on – it’s all right there. And who doesn’t enjoy obvious looks of appreciation from the opposite sex? His eyes burned with desire as they roamed every inch of her body? Sounds a-ok to me! Logic would suggest that with all that going on, it’s enough to rocket eyes straight to the top. TheRichest.com poll, however, puts the peepers at #4, behind flat stomach, slimness, and the number one hottest feature of a guy . . .  (drum roll, please) . . . his butt!

As mentioned earlier, guys thought their derrieres would come in at around feature #8. Gals, however, ranked it right at the top. We’re no different from the guys in how much we like a good bum. Also, according to the poll, shape is more important than size. Small, large, or somewhere in between doesn’t matter, but a good tush has gotta have that curve to really make us swoon. Or drool. Or something.

To recap, here’s what the poll revealed to be the top 10 sexiest male features according to women:

10. Muscular chest/shoulders
9. Penis
8. Neck
7. Hair
6. Height/tallness
5. Long legs
4. Eyes
3. Flat stomach
2. Slimness
1. Butt

More than what was on the list, I have to admit (with my pals backing me), how surprised I was by what wasn’t on it. Where, for example, were hands? I always always notice a guy’s hands. Good hands are such a sexy feature (and I’m not even talking about what those hands can do!). Hands, like eyes, can be so expressive. People talk with their hands, work with their hands, caress with their hands. Men with nice hands – straight fingers, not too long, not too stubby, cut nails (a MUST), skin lightly tanned . . . for me that’s a sexy feature indeed. A fellow writer friend would add arms to that. Where were arms on this list, she wanted to know. It seems like a glaring omission.

Where were brains on this list? As Madeline Iva pointed out in one of her posts, smart guys are damn hot. And last – but in no way least – what about smile? Who doesn’t notice a man’s smile? Personally, I also notice his teeth. Yeah. Teeth. Hey, teeth can get really close to you in place few are ever allowed. Do you really want teeth the color of morning pee nipping at your skin? I rest my case.

This list, like many of its ilk, is really just all in good fun. It’s not as if scientific data is baked into the formula with consensus on definitive conclusions. And really, perhaps the sexiest feature of all is when a man is really into you. That’s enough to make any girl swoon.

Sound off on what you think are a guy’s sexiest features below, and don’t forget to follow us at Lady Smut. We bring you sexy features every single day.




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  • Post authorBarbara Mikula

    Yuikes! All of the above and a double helping of butt, neck, chest, arms – oh forget it! I want it all. That’s what is so much fun about writing erotic romance. I have the SIXTEEN, yes SIXTEEN handsomest, sexiest men in THE WORLD living in my head. If God said, Hey, Skye, I’ll ’em up alive in front of you, and you can choose – but just one – I don’t know what I’d do! LOL – Skye Michaels

    Reply to Barbara Mikula
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      Thank goodness, we don’t have to choose, right? Geez, Skye, 16 of the sexiest guys in the world? II wanna be in your head. 🙂

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
      • Post authorBarbara Mikula

        Come on in! They are all in my books. I never can give them up when the book is done!

        Reply to Barbara Mikula
  • Post authorKel

    Hmm… I wonder who they actually polled. I mean, I agree that a well-shaped butt is nice, but eyes and hands are so far above that… and I know I’m not alone in that. For hands not to make the list makes me shake my head and question their process.

    My personal preference never even makes the list because… well, I look at movement. It’s something past a specific physique and takes into account way too many intangibles for most people; the set of his shoulders, how he uses his hands, where his focus is, how his balance is, his stance, his walk, his attitude. I am a sucker for a man who can actually dance, and martial artists and fencers make my hormones jump. Slimness tends to go along with that, but it’s almost incidental. Flexibility is much more interesting than BMI, so runners often get a pass, while swimmers get a second look.

    Ironically, many young men think being on a motorcycle will make then instantly interesting. I find it merely highlights the ones that shouldn’t ever have contemplated twisting a throttle… They’re like sacks of meat waiting to fall off… very unattractive, no matter how curvy their posteriors.

    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      You know, Kel, I had the very same reaction. I tried finding out who the respondents were, such as age and geographic location, but no such luck. And the hands thing was huge for me as well. I can’t believe it wasn’t on the list. Honestly, it’s among the first things I notice.

      Love what you said about movement. It’s an intangible that you just can’t capture in a bottle and declare this or that is attractive. But boy do you ever know it when you see it.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorBarbara Mikula

      LOL – You hit the nail on the head. In horses we look for a “good mover”! – Skye Michaels

      Reply to Barbara Mikula
  • Post authorSue Ellen

    All these things are important. I suppose that is why we choose our men based on the sum of their parts and not just one piece. What good are great arms if his belly is bigger than my pregnant sister’s. And teeth? Definitely can be a deal breaker for me. Who wants an old snaggle puss staring back at you when you come in for that close up shot. Hands would be another must – nails in particular. A guys nails cannot be longer than mine. And dirt under those nails? Forget about it.

    Reply to Sue Ellen
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      Absolutely with you, Sue Ellen. A guy with long nails is instant turnoff in my book. And a snaggle puss? Yuk. No. Just . . . no.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Okay, let me confess: I was hit on by a skeezy guy when I was REALLY young and he had extra perfect teeth. Since then, I have to admit, I do not mind less than perfect individualistic teeth. British guys for instance–so hot.

    Anyway, I agree with you all. Yes, a graceful well-coordinated guy is hot.
    Yes, good hands are nice, but a beer belly not so much. I hate it about myself that I like slender men, but hate it when men like slender women.

    I’m baffled that eyes aren’t higher up in the list, and basically the entire torso is unbelievable important to me in a guy — but not so much a super-beefy chest.

    Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorBarbara Mikula

      I always give my guys beautiful bodies – this is erotic romance after all. But I never make them overly muscled. I don’t care for that myself – Conan doesn’t turn me on. It’s interesting to read other authors’ work and see what kind of guys they put in their books – after all that is what they must personally like. Although I prefer dark haired men I occasionally use a blond or tawny haired guy – I like to give all the ladies out there something to enjoy. Factoid: It’s blond for men and blonde for women! Tip from my editors. LOL – Skye Michaels

      Reply to Barbara Mikula
      • Post authorElizabeth Shore

        Really?? Blonde women have an “e”? I didn’t realize that. Thanks, Skye!

        Reply to Elizabeth Shore
        • Post authorBarbara Mikula

          Yes, according to the editor on my first book who corrected that error! LOL – I never forgot it.

          Reply to Barbara Mikula
  • Post authorKat Attalla

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. I like big strong wallet filled with money.

    Reply to Kat Attalla
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      Heh, yeah. That feature seems to have been left off the list.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore

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