Sexy Saturday Round-Up

19 Apr

Lady Smut Sexy Saturday blueHey Sex Bunny! We’ve got your hip-hop hippetty-hoppity weekend of fun links right here.  Check it out —

From C. Margery Kempe:

Dear columnists romance fiction is not your b*tch (or we have plenty of romance-writing feminists RIGHT HERE, you morons)

Party Monster Club Kid Paroled

National Library Week (US): 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Librarian

From Madeline Iva:

It’s news that a female celebrity doesn’t want to have children????

What’s so bad about looking fat?

Like your guy all warm and fuzzy? The beard trend is apparently guided by evolution.

Gross! Beauty queen has plastic sewn on her tongue to lose weight.

Here’s a great place to find new romance books & authors to check out: The 2014 Rita Finalists.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Weird things men do that women just don’t get.

The ultimate splurge: a $500, 24-karat gold manicure.

Who says Easter’s just for kids? Get in on the fun by giving your special someone an adults’ only naughty Easter basket.

All alone this weekend? Don’t worry, with this guide to female masturbation, you’ll be feeling just fine.


Happy Easter, everyone!



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    […] Sexy Saturday Round Up included a link to an article I’ve been retweeting the heck out of over the last few days: […]


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